These Comfy, Award-Winning Heels Have Over 1,600 Amazon Reviews (& They're SO Affordable)

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Let's be real: Heels don't have a reputation for being the most comfortable shoes ever. That doesn't mean it's impossible to find a bearable pair, though. In fact, finding the most comfortable heels is totally doable if you take the right characteristics into consideration. For instance, a comfortable pair of high heels might have extra padding in the soles or rounded toe boxes. They could also feature block heels for extra balance or multiple straps for more support. With that being said, there are tons of things to think about before adding the most comfortable heels to your closet.

As you could imagine, heel height is an important factor to consider before choosing a comfortable pair of shoes. According to a 2014 survey by Edge Research for the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 92 percent of women surveyed who own heels think that 5-inch platforms are too high. Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to style and comfort — but if you also prefer heels that are less than 5 inches off the ground, then you have a lot of comfortable (and cute) options to choose from.

However, before you dismiss height completely, get this: Having a slight platform at the front of your shoe will make your heel's incline less drastic because you'll already be elevated. As a result, there should be less pressure on the ball of your foot. Therefore, a higher heel that has a small platform can be just as comfortable as a shorter heel that doesn't have one.

Still, tons of comfortable heels on the market can be super stylish and allow you to walk the runway (er, I mean, sidewalk) for hours without feeling unbearable soreness.


The Overall Most Comfortable Heels, According To Over 1,600 Amazon Reviewers

It's no surprise that LifeStride's Parigi Heels are a popular pick — they actually won #1 Dress Shoe in the U.S. Women's Fashion Footwear market in June 2018, per LifeStride. They also boast over 1,600 positive reviews on Amazon, thanks in large part to how comfortable they are.

Additionally, the heels come in 30 colors that you can choose from, along with various narrow and wide size options. Each heel also has a rounded toe box for an extra roomy fit, along with a cushioned, breathable insole and a flexible outsole (thanks to the company's Soft System technology). Plus, the heels' outsoles have traction that'll help you move with total confidence, whether you're tearing up the dance floor or romping around the office.

What fans say: "This shoe is AMAZING. When I put it on this morning I could not wait to get online and tell you about it. I have to wear good shoes because of arthritis on my spine and feet. I have been wearing another brand that starts with Aero and they are good but this shoe has them beat. I am a LifeStride convert now. It does not even feel like a new shoe. If you are looking for a classy, dressy shoe that provides awesome comfort, this is it. It is also true to size and the heal height is perfect."

  • Available in sizes 5 to 12 (including narrow, wide, and extra wide options)


Comfortable Block Heels For Extra Balance

When it comes to comfort, block heels are key. These City Classified selections feature block heels and a classic look. Sure, the heels themselves are nearly 4 inches tall (which might be a bit high for some customers), but the shoes' thick, sturdy heels should make them easier to wear and provide more balance. Similar to the heels mentioned above, these have rounded toe boxes that'll prevent your toes from sitting too tightly. However, these heels only come in four neutral shades of black and beige (not 30... sigh).

What fans say: "These shoes are great! I am a hairstylist and I was able to work on them for 12 hours! I also received a ton of compliments on them. Definitely a steal! I will be purchasing more pairs!"

  • Available in sizes 5.5 to 10


Another Pair Of Comfortable Block Heels With More Colors & Prints

If you're searching for block heels with less height and more patterns, check out Sam Edelman's 3.5-inch Stillson Pumps. Similar to the previous pairs mentioned, these block heels have rounded toe boxes for much-needed comfort. However, they come in over 15 shades that'll add even more color to your closet.

What fans say: "Quite comfortable and roomy enough in the toe box that I can wear them for a full work day. The calf hair is nice quality and the print is really chic and versatile."

  • Available in sizes 4.5 to 12 (including wide options)


A Low-Block Heel With Adjustable Straps For Extra Security

These 3-inch Mary Jane Dress Pumps by The Fix provide three buckled straps that are evenly spaced throughout the shoe (all the way up to the ankle). That's important, because adjustable straps can secure your feet into place to prevent slippage. Plus, the shoes have block heels that'll provide the perfect amount of sturdiness. Unlike other heels that I've mentioned, these only come in two shades: black and caramel.

But when it comes to comfort, the heels shouldn't disappoint. According to Amazon, each toe box is almond-shaped (which is a bit more snug than rounded ones), but they're still roomy. At the time of publication, the shoes boast only 5-star reviews, which is definitely promising.

What fans say: "These fit exactly as expected, true to size. They are great looking shoes, especially considering the low price. They are not hand made, super high end shoes, but the fit and look great."

  • Available in sizes 6 to 9


Comfortable Going-Out Heels With An Ankle Strap

The Margot Block Heel Ankle Strap Pump by The Fix is another option if you're looking for straps. However, unlike the Mary Jane Dress Pumps, these will only provide one strap around each ankle. Like some other shoe options that I've discussed, these have block heels and and rounded square-shaped toe boxes that'll provide maximum comfort.

These heels are also perfect for making a statement, because they come in two show-stopping glittery shades.

What fans say: "Love these shoes!! I purchased these shoes to go with my bridesmaid dress and ended up wearing them all night with no discomfort. Very well made, especially for the price. I’m so glad I took a chance and will try others from this brand too!"

  • Available in sizes 6.5 to 10


Platform Mary Jane Heels For Extra Hight Without The Extra Pain

If ankle straps (or multiple straps) aren't your style, check out the timeless Mary Jane High Heels by City Classified, which have been dubbed Amazon's Choice shoes. Each heel has one adjustable strap that'll reach across the bridge of your foot, leaving you with the option to make the shoes tighter or looser. Plus, the heels boast cushioned insoles for maximum comfort with every wear, along with almond-shaped toe boxes for extra room. These are available in six colors, including two sparkly options that'll add some shimmer to your wardrobe.

Unlike the other heels that I've mentioned, these actually boast a 4.25-inch heel (thanks the the shoe's extra platform). So if you're searching for high heels that are still comfortable, these should be perfect.

What fans say: "I love these shoes! The color and the design is so pretty, and for heels they are very comfortable. The quality seems fine as well, I did not notice any issues. I normally wear a size 8, but as from high heels I sometimes need half a size bigger, I ordered the 8.5, just to be on the safe side. The shoe fits perfectly, I am glad I did so. Overall, very happy with the purchase."

  • Available in sizes 5.5 to 11


Comfy, Casual Mules With A Sturdy Block Heel

Slip-on heels are cozy, cute, and convenient. These Buckle Block Heels by find. feature large, lightweight fabric straps with jumbo buckles that'll provide maximum comfort and security. Plus, they have thick, rounded block heels for extra sturdiness, as well as rubber outsoles with grips. If you find yourself rushing through your closet on the reg searching for easy heels to pop on before a night out, these are ideal.

What fans say: "These are very pretty and comfortable shoes, I wore them right away to a party and they never pinched or slipped. They show just enough toe and the toe box is comfortable. My feet don't slip or slide. The buckle is darling. The black straps are velvety. They are true to size, and neither wide or narrow."

  • Available in sizes 5 to 10.5


Dressier Mules With More Color Options

These DUNION Brody Peep Stiletto High Heels are fancier slip-on options with the same amount of comfort. The backless shoes — which boast a 4.4-star rating on Amazon — have thinner heels, but they're 3.5 inches tall (which isn't too high). According to Amazon, each shoe features a double-padded insole that's made with memory foam and a rubbery outsole that'll give you some extra grip. Plus, the heels come in 13 different color options, including super soft faux suede selections.

What fans say: "These heels are absolutely comfy! Super cute and easy to walk in. I wore them for 6 hours my first night with no discomfort."

  • Available in sizes 6 to 11


Stiletto Heels That Aren’t Too High

Whenever I think about stilettos, I think about super thin heels with unbearable height. That's not the case with these Stiletto Heels by June in Love, though. These shoes are stylish and sleek, but the heels themselves are only about 3.5 inches tall. Like other heels that I've mentioned, these have a rubber sole that'll help with grip — and according to customer reviews, they have padding inside, too. Plus, these come in nine color options that'll help you pull together your favorite outfits.

However, be aware that the company suggests buying half a size up, because the heels are a bit narrow.

What fans say: "They fit as expected! They are unbelievably comfortable. I was very surprised to see the color matched the picture. Gotta buy more colors!"

  • Available in sizes 5.5 to 11


Open-Toed Sling-Backs With An Adjustable Strap

Open-toed heels are perfect if you're looking for a breathable shoe. These 4.5-star Slingback Stilettos by JENN ARDOR are comfortable and stylish, complete with a peep-toe front and an adjustable slingback strap that'll let you tighten or loosen the shoes. The actual heels themselves are only about 3.3 inches tall, and they're a bit chunkier than your typical stiletto pump. These come in five neutral color options that'll pull any outfit together.

What fans say: "I was looking for a pair of comfortable shoes to wear at work and bought this one to give it a try. It came on time and fits really well. Feels comfortable and looks nice too! Given the price, it is definitely a great buy! Will buy one with the natural color as well."

  • Available in sizes 6 to 10


Patent Leather Heels That Are Especially Comfy For Wide Feet

If you'd rather opt for a pair of shoes that feature a wider fit, check out these Clarks' Adriel Viola Dress Pumps, which boast over 200 positive reviews on Amazon. These 3.25-inch heels come in a handful of sizes that feature specific wide selections. They aren't the only heels with wide size options that I've mentioned, but their addition of foam-padded insoles makes them an another comfortable choice. They come in eight different shades, including snake prints and glossy colors.

What fans say: "My wife ordered a half size smaller and they fit perfectly! They arrived just as expected and were exactly as shown in the picture. I have decided to purchase a few more pairs for her to have on standby. These are very comfortable, as it is hard to find heels that remain comfortable after her 10-12 hour work days."

  • Available in sizes 5 to 12 (including wide options)


Pointed-Toe Sling Backs That Are Especially Comfy For Narrow Feet

To avoid ordering a pair of heels with too much extra room, consider these 1.75-inch Faye Pumps by Easy Street. They aren't the only heels with narrow size selections that I've talked about, but their pointed toe boxes and sling-back straps makes them great options for anyone seeking narrow shoes that can be tightened. Plus, these also have padded insoles, which is always a plus.

What fans say: "I needed a pair of navy blue shoes and found these. They fit perfect giving me plenty of room for my toes. I love the height of the heel."

  • Available in sizes 5 to 12 (including narrow, wide, and extra wide options)


Fashion-Forward Heels That Tick All Of The Boxes

If you're into studded accessories, then you might want to look at these Strappy Block Heels by Comfity. They feature key assets for comfort — like block heels, adjustable straps, and cushioned insoles — but they also boast fashion-forward studs for a fierce look. Based off the shoes' Amazon page, it looks like the height of the heels vary depending on which color you buy. However, there are over 20 shades to choose from — and some even feature multicolor gems amongst the studs.

What fans say: "I was soooo excited to try these shoes...& they did NOT disappoint! I'm obsessed with them. Fit true to size & have 2 adjustable straps."

  • Available in sizes 4 to 15

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