The 13 Most Terrifying 2017 Horror Movies Are Even Scarier Than Real Life

It's becoming less and less laughable (and more and more accurate) to say that one of the most terrifying horror movies of 2017 is our current reality where Donald Trump is president. However, regardless of whatever horrors are in store for the American people in 2017, we cannot let those distract us so thoroughly from our own lives that we are unable to celebrate and enjoy the things that we love, such as movies.

Horror movies are, in many ways, a welcome comfort and coping mechanism for the woes of our real lives. They force us to confront terrors, to decide to be horrified, and to express our raw and deeply human feelings. They get our heart rates up and our adrenaline pumping, and the truly terrifying ones stick with us long after we watch them. The 2017 slate of horror movies has some truly terrifying entries, including a number of classic remakes and sequels as well as some deeply original new stories.

Below is a list of some of the scariest horror movies of 2017, but of course, scary is in the eye of the beholder (for example, I am afraid of everything), so it's up to you to see them all and judge for yourself.