The $13 Shower Gadget With 17,000 Reviews — & 39 Other Clever Products On Amazon That Save Your Butt Every Day

I had a mega-crush on TV hero MacGyver when I was little. Fortunately, now I know better: You can rely on your street smarts and these clever Amazon products to save your own butt — because who needs some guy to swoop in and rescue you with a gum wrapper and an accordion?

If you haven't watched MacGyver, you really should.

For instance, check out this coffee that comes to the rescue when you have a really big day on tap, like an important interview or a huge test. It's chock-full of brain-boosting ingredients that will really put some pep in your step, no matter the challenges that lie ahead. And once you get to that big meeting or important class, don't worry about losing your notes — you'll have this reusable notebook that also sends your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any number of other apps so you'll never have to worry about misplacing your papers again.

Basically, these are the kinds of products I love — they'll swoop in and work for you, precisely when you need them to. Or they fix problems you never you'd solve. So whatever kind of product you're looking for — with this list, you can consider your heinie officially saved.


This Little Mushroom Keeps Your Shower Drain Clear And Hair-Free

Designed to fit inside your drain and catch hair before it becomes a problem for your plumber, this unique device eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and can simply be wiped clean once it has caught its quota in your drain. Sized so that it will accommodate just about every drain, this patented gadget does its job without disrupting the flow of water, and is much more environmentally-friendly than chemical solutions.


This Cup Of Joe That Has Some Extra Boosts

Meet the cup of coffee that could be your new secret weapon: This coffee is brewed up with MCT oil and turmeric, plus a blend of vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12 to give your brain a boost while you get your caffeine on. That's some hard-working coffee, huh? Made in single-serve pods that are compatible with your Keurig machine, the coffee itself is a medium roast Arabica with a smooth flavor profile.


A Hydrating Lip Balm With Added Collagen

Formulated with super-powerful collagen and a blend of peptides and organic plant stem cells, just a thin layer of this balm leaves lips hydrated, rejuvenated, and in top condition. Blended without fillers, parabens, or sulfates, it's such a rich and nourishing formula, it can even be used around the eyes to boost collagen production in that delicate area. Naturally cold pressed, this balm is completely cruelty-free, too.


This Car Mount That Even Charges Up Your Phone

This charging dash mount features a reusable suction cup for a firm, strong attachment to the dash. The mount has a telescoping arm that extends from nearly 5 inches to just over 8 inches — and also extends through a 225 degree range to adjust to whatever angle is optimal for you. Additionally, the one-touch lock and release mechanism allows you to use and replace your phone with ease. Of course, it can also charge certain iPhones and Qi-enabled devices wirelessly.


An Alarm That Will Shake And Boom You Out Of Bed

Heavy sleepers will welcome the invasive attitude of this alarm clock: Its extra-loud alarm generates 113 decibels of noise, but if even window-rattling sound won't get you out of bed, it comes armed with other options. Perhaps the pulsating alert lights are what you need to get you up and going? Or maybe the bed shaker will do the trick, without waking everyone else in the house, too. Only an Olympic sleeper could snooze through the arsenal of options this alarm packs.


A Mug That Regulates The Temperature Of Your Beverage

You'll never get back to your desk to find your coffee has cooled off again with this smart cup that maintains any hot beverage at the temperature of your choice — and that you can control via your smartphone. If you like your coffee hotter than your tea or vice versa, this system can save presets for a variety of drinks, and ensure each is heated precisely to your liking.


This Genius Bag Helps Wash And Dry Your Wet Sneakers And More

What a great idea this bag is: A mesh pocket that holds your sneakers against the washer and dryer door for cleaning. No more noisy tumbling when you've been out hiking or even just on a walk through the park when the grass is dewy. The mesh allows for even water distribution in the wash cycle, and is suitable for most dryer doors with its secure elastic mounting system.


A Spatula To Help You Get Down To The Very Last Drop Of Your Expensive Beauty Products

Oh, the anguish when you get down to the bottom of your favorite, expensive bottle of miracle face cream and just can't quite get those last drops out. Don't you wish you could just dive in there and get it? Now you can with this tiny spatula that slips right into the smallest bottles and, with its flexible head, scrapes and scoops out every last little bit of your precious unguents.


This Mama Knows How To Get A Microwave Sparkling Clean

In my opinion, this little gadget is one of the cutest things you'll ever find on Amazon — and one of the most ingenious, too. When your microwave gets coated over with a dish that has bubbled over, send Angry Mama in to the rescue. Just remove her head (a little stress relief into the bargain!) and add vinegar and water to the indicated fill lines, with perhaps a squirt of lemon juice for a bright citrus scent. Give her her head back, and put her in the microwave on high for seven minutes. Your microwave will be good as new, and once Mama cools down, you can store her away until the next time she needs to blow her top.


The Power Strip That's Perfect For Travel

When you're working in a small space, this power strip that's kind of shaped like a donut is the perfect solution — its small size makes it easy to tuck into a corner and then slip into a backpack or handbag once you're done with work. It features three standard outlets and three USB ports for all your charging needs, and while it's not a surge protector, that's good news if you're going on a cruise — most ships don't allow surge protectors.


A Super-Groovy Putty Will Help You Figure Out Life, The Universe, And Everything Else

I have this putty myself, so I can tell you firsthand that it is legit awesome. From the myriad of scintillating colors that wind sinuously through its folds to the many shapes you can bend it into, it's great for those times when you need something to keep your hands busy and your fidget devices just aren't cutting it. It never dries out, you can even make it into a ball that bounces, and it's completely non-toxic.


The Smart Notebook That's Reusable And Sends Your Notes To The Cloud

How cool is this notebook that's the ultimate in eco-friendly: it's reusable. Write on the 60 reusable pages with the included pen, then give it 15 seconds to dry, and it won't rub or smear at all. It syncs with an app to allow you to beam your notes into one of many cloud-based services so they'll be impossible to lose — and retrievable from anywhere with a WiFi connection.


This All-In-One Charcoal Soap And Callus Scrubber Is The Fastest Way To Smooth And Freshen Feet

The original Solemate has been an Amazon favorite for years — with its ultra-emollient soap that's blended with a combination of purifying essential oils designed to fight athlete's foot and backed with a scrubbing pumice. This bar, however, benefits from an additional special ingredient — powerful activated charcoal to naturally detoxify your feet. Due to its amazing powers of absorption, activated charcoal is thought to have the ability to carry away bacteria, mold, and fungi, making it the perfect addition to your foot care routine. After washing with this wonder soap, treat your feet to an exfoliating treatment with the bar's other side, and your tootsies will be in top shape.


A Chopper To Make Food Prep Fast And Simple

Outfitted with four stainless steel blades to slice and dice just about any way you need it to, this food chopper will make kitchen prep a breeze without having to haul out the heavy food processor. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your food when you can whip up whole dishes like salsa right in the capacious 1.2-liter collection container of this fully BPA-free unit.


A Spray With Gold Particles In It

From Squatty Potty — the folks who brought you the elimination-inducing toilet stool — this brilliant spray takes just a few squirts to neutralize the odor of your splashdowns before you go. In fact, it leaves behind a pleasant odor as if that's what emanates from your behind. Formulated with real gold nano-particles and a pleasant orange scent, the listing notes that "each bottle will last for 200 trips to the porcelain throne."


The Little Gadget That Preserves Your Expensive Lightning Cables

They look like the phone cords from back in the olden days, but these gadgets are designed to protect your expensive lightning cables — and of course, all the other cables you use to power up your electronics on a daily basis. Stop them from fraying and wearing out at the point of connection with these flexible silicone reinforcers that stay in place and prevent them from getting twisted around while being detached or re-attached.


An Odd-Looking Plunger That Can Knock Out Just About Any Clog

If you've ever had braces, you'll recognize the design of this unique plunger: Think back to that little Christmas-tree shaped brush the orthodontist gave you to clean around your wires and blow it up to plunger size — and there you have it. Just like that little brush, it's designed to go around curves and get into tight spaces — this time in your toilet, to fish out clogs and break them up, letting the water flow free.


The Ingenious Drying Rack That Saves Space

From the design gurus at OXO comes this drying rack that's purpose-made for holding all the little accoutrements that babies and toddlers collect: Bottles, nipples, sippy cups, valves, pacifiers, and the like. Since it's designed to stand vertically and sized to fit neatly under your cabinets, it saves a space on your countertops, an especially valuable commodity in galley kitchens or wherever you're lacking room to move. It also works for other glasses, too.


The Small Charger That's Super-Speedy, Too

Compatible with virtually any USB-powered device, this charger block delivers power at speeds up to 250 percent as fast as its nearest competitor — and that's some blazing speed. It's also 35 percent smaller than other brands, so it's an ideal travel companion, perfect to slide into your carry-on, backpack, or handbag so you'll always have a way to get powered up in a hurry.


These Drops Will Leave Your Skin Refreshed And Glowing

Comparable to name brand, high-priced serums with its polishing, renewing results, this glow-inducing beauty oil is a real winner with a blend of vitamins C and E — plus, argan, rosehip, and sea buckthorn oils to nourish and deeply hydrate the skin. Its non-comedogenic, primarily organic ingredients won't clog your pores and can even be mixed with foundation for a sheer, glowing look.


A Silicone Flower That Will Help Keep Your Stove Neat And Tidy

Crafted from silicone that's heat-resistant to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this device is designed to be placed on top of a pan or skillet while you are cooking to prevent messy boil-overs or splatters. Its 11-inch diameter will accommodate a wide range of cookware, allowing you to go about other tasks in the kitchen without worrying you'll return to water or sauce all over your stove. A variety of colors are also available to suit your fancy or your décor.


A Throat Spray That Keeps Soothes Soreness Naturally With Bee Propolis

A centuries-old solution for immune support, bee propolis is the active ingredient in this throat spray that not only soothes your dry, sore throat but also helps protect from further infections. Formulated from just three ingredients — purified water, non-GMO vegetable glycerin to stabilize the product, and the bee propolis extract — it's quality tested for purity, and even tastes good, just like honey. Avoid this if you have a bee allergy, of course.


A Travel Pillow That Has An Infinite Number Of Ways To Comfort You On-The-Go

Made from fabric that includes renewable, sustainably-harvested bamboo, this unique travel pillow is constructed like an infinity scarf and engineered to provide support for your head and neck in a wide range of positions while you're on the go. Filled with microfiber, this versatile pillow can be used in a face-down position, against a train or airplane wall, to support your neck and chin, or as a noise and light blocker when wrapped around your head.


These Genius Clips Make It Possible To Cut Everything From Long Hair To Bangs At Home

It's a drag — and not to mention expensive — having to haul yourself into the hairdresser every time you need a trim. Then there are the kids: Their hair grows non-stop, and they're impossible to get in, what with all their activities. These unique clips make it possible to do everything from trim your bangs to cut even long hair right at home.


An Essential Oil Blend To Soothe Your Headaches Away

Formulated with eight essential oils especially designed to relieve head pain, this therapeutic oil blend can be diffused or applied topically to relieve any type of headache. Crafted from oils distilled in an FDA registered facility, the blend includes lavender, peppermint, wintergreen, basil, frankincense, rosemary, sweet marjoram, and sweet orange oils for optimum relief. Reviewers rave about feeling soothed in as little as 30 minutes.


The Odd-Looking Massager That Targets Precise Points

Sure, it's shaped like an oversized fish hook with some odd nodules, but this stick is the real deal when it comes to trigger-point massage. The cane shape enables you to gain leverage on the device to self-administer exact pressure with the nodules. Use your own strength to adjust the amount of pressure you prefer — it's great for a total body massage, too.


The Wireless White Noise Machine That's Small Enough To Take With You Everywhere

You'd never guess that something that's legit the size of your night cream could pack in 10 relaxing sounds ranging from the ever-popular white noise to fan sounds, but this sleep sound machine has it all. It's also a wireless Bluetooth audio speaker with an integrated microphone so you can stream your own music through it — as well as conduct calls if you so desire. Throw this one in your handbag or backpack and it will always be at the ready when you're at WeWork next to the Loud Talker.


The Strap That's Good For A Kajillion Different Exercises And Stretches

A great way to warm up, work out, get a good stretch, or extend your yoga routine — whether you're at home or on the road — this strap is crafted from heavy-duty nylon and features 10 loops to work you through a variety of exercises. Used for years by physical therapists, dancers, and athletes, it comes with an instructional book to get you started on a routine that will work for you.


A Clip-On Pouch So You Can Always Give Your Pup A Treat

Trying to teach your pup some manners? If Rover is motivated by food (I have yet to meet the dog who isn't), this treat pouch will save you from stuffing your pockets with bones and pulling one out the next time you're trying to pay the toll. It clips on to your belt or pocket and holds 1-cup of your best friend's favorite treats: a drawstring opens and closes the pouch, and can be operated easily with just one hand.


This Portable Clothesline Is A Heavy Hitter In The Laundry Room Or The Bath

Use it to dry your delicates, your baby clothes, and more — because this portable rack is versatile enough to handle it all and then some. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it's both sturdy and built to last, and the wire clips are designed so that they won't leave rust marks on your wet clothes or other materials. Hang the whole contraption from your shower rail, use it in the closet for your scarves, suspend it from a shelf in the laundry room — the possibilities are endless.


The Pillow That's A Perfect Stand For iPad Viewing In Bed Or On The Couch

For extended viewing of your iPad or other tablet device, this pillow provides a convenient and comfortable hands-free experience that's perfect for use in bed, on the couch, by the pool — just about anywhere. It's sturdy and firm enough to support your tablet, and can also fold out to provide space for a wireless keyboard. The pillow is available with your choice of five colors in its washable, easy-to-clean denim cover.


A Roller Ball To Put The Chill On Your Aches And Pains

Filled with non-toxic cooling gel, this roller ball can be used with its holder or as a stand-alone massage tool to combine the benefits of cryotherapy and trigger point release in combatting a wide variety of aches and pains. The stainless steel surface of the roller ball glides across the skin without friction for a comfortable, inflammation-reducing massage you can adjust by administering your own desired level of pressure. Use the ball alone under your glutes, the muscles in your cervical spine and shoulders, or under the ball of your foot, to release soreness and knots.


These Socks Keep Your Feet Cool While You're Playing Or Walking On Sand

Don't you hate it when you're at the beach and feel like playing a nice game of football or paddleball — but the sand is the approximate temperature of molten lava? These socks with their tough, hypoallergenic neoprene soles are the answer. The socks themselves are available in 11 styles and they're crafted from polyester yarn that's made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can feel good about how you're helping the planet as you glide across the hot beach with ease. Plus, kids' sizes are available to protect children's tender feet.


A Shelf For All The Stuff You Can't Live Without But Don't Want In Bed With You Anymore

If you're anything like me, you end up with a certain amount of stuff piled around you in the bed — like, for example, more reading material than you'd finish in the next 10 years. Let this clever tray clean all that up for you: With a strong clamp that's felt-padded, it installs in a snap and holds up to 15 pounds of your nighttime reading, your remote, and a nice cold drink.


A Little Cooker That Makes Perfect Eggs In A Minute Or Less

Fix yourself a fried or scrambled egg right in the microwave with no muss or fuss with this brilliant egg cooker. Scramble your egg right up in the BPA-free container, then retrieve it from the microwave just a minute later. If fried is more your speed, crack the egg in: the curved bottom helps center the yolk for a truly Insta-worthy egg.


This Pedal Exerciser To Work Out While You Watch TV

If you're the type who's always jiggling your leg under your desk — or simply want to get in some extra activity while you're seated, this pedal exerciser is a great way to do it. Not only can you pedal with it as if you're using a bicycle, but you can also set it on a tabletop and exercise your arms with the machine. It features adjustable resistance so you can change up your workout as you go.


The One Thing All The Coolest People Keep In Their Pocket Protectors

If you struggle with your glasses slipping down your nose all day, this wax is for you. Straight from Shark Tank, it's meant to be applied to the inside and underside of the bridge of your glasses and gives them a tacky surface that will adhere to your nose. What's more, it's made from cosmetic-grade ingredients, starting with 100 percent all natural beeswax, so it's actually great for your face — and it can be used on any type of glasses.


The Curling Iron That Does The Hard Part For You

Whenever I try to curl my hair, I feel like I need about four more arms because I can never quite manage to get my hair where it's supposed to be. This curling iron takes all the stress out of the process: The automatic roller reverses direction with the click of a button, and it draws your hair in automatically with the prongs at the base of the wand. It features ionized ceramic tourmaline coating to leave hair smooth and shiny, and is suitable for all hair types.


This Pen Gets Your Teeth Sparkling Without Sensitivity

Containing 20-plus uses, this brush-style pen is easy to use and contains a teeth whitening formulation with an ultra-safe carbamide peroxide base. Painting each tooth with the handy brush takes just a minute a day, and with consecutive use, you can expect your tooth color to be lifted four to eight shades. Best of all, reviewers rave about the fact that this pen works without any tooth sensitivity.

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