Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Ultra-Soft Bath Towels On Amazon

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No one likes to get out of a warm, relaxing shower only to grab a towel that feels like sandpaper. In fact, that's one of the best parts of staying at a hotel — you pretty much know the towels are going to be as soft as butter. But here's the thing: You don't have to go on vacation for that level of luxury. You can actually buy the softest bath towels out there and use them anytime you want.

Do one quick search and you'll come away with thousands of options for bath towels. And sure, the images all look ultra fluffy and soft, but the key is truly in the fabric. Before you invest in a new set of bath towels, be sure to look for luxe fabrics like Turkish cotton or breathable bamboo. Or if you're in the market for a lightweight option, there are also microfiber bath towels that dry quickly and still feel like a dream.

You'll also want to keep your personal preferences in mind. For example, if you're anything like me, you like to be literally swallowed up in your bath towels. There are a ton of great oversized bath towels that can do the trick. If you plan to take your towels with you to the gym or when you're traveling, you may want a more compact, textured option that wicks moisture quickly.

When it comes down to it, there are so many choices that it's not always easy to find the perfect bath towel for you. Here's a round-up of some of the comfiest options on the market to help you get started.


A Soft Towel Set Made Of Bamboo & Turkish Cotton

These bamboo towels are super soft and naturally anti-fungal, to keep your towels from smelling or growing mold. They're also woven with Turkish cotton for extra softness, and reviewers say these towels only get softer with each wash. Plus, with the double-stitched hem, you never have to worry about them unraveling after all those washes. You can get this set of four in one of eight colors, including a classic white towel.

What fans say: "They are definitely the softest towels I have ever used. I believe they are 65% cotton and 35% bamboo. Wish Amazon carried more towels with this fiber content—it would be the only towels I would own!!"


Plush Towels That Are Just As Soft As The Ones In A Hotel

You don't have to check into a hotel for the luxe experience these plush bath towels offer. They're made from 100% Turkish cotton that makes them feel heavenly against your skin. These towels are also heavier weight than most luxury towels, so you truly feel like you're being wrapped in a blanket each time you get out of the shower. And since they're made with such high-quality fabrics, you can also pretty much guarantee that they'll never get coarse over time.

What fans say: "These are easily the best towels I’ve ever bought. They are thick and durable, as well as super soft! I highly recommend buying these!"


Spa-Grade Towels That Feel Like A Dream

These elegant bath towels are perfect for a spa — or your linen closet. They're actually made in Turkey and imported, so they're constructed from only the best Turkish cotton. They also feature a super high-density construction (over 700 grams per square meter), to quickly absorb water without feeling thin. Even better, they're made without any toxic chemicals or dyes that tend to bleed in the wash. Reviewers insist that these towels continue to look like new, even after months of use and washing.

What fans say: "I must say these are the best towels I have ever owned. They washed and dried great the first time without lots of lint like other towels I have owned in the past. With first use they were very nice, soft and very absorbent. These are super high quality towels! I believe these towels will last for many years of use. Love them!"


Soft Oversized Towels With Thousands Of Fans

There's a reason these oversized cotton towels have thousands of Amazon fans — they feel ridiculously good to wrap up in. That's because they're made from luxurious, ring-spun cotton that's super soft and absorbent. They also feature a slightly stretchy rayon band for a little extra flexibility. Reviewers rave about how these towels are durable enough to use everyday, yet they still feel like a treat.

What fans say: "I had been trying to find some really thick, soft and absorbent towels, and had been striking out... until I bought these towels! They are so lush and my skin feels completely pampered. They just suck the water right off your skin. With these towels you can actually blot your body dry, instead of having to brush or wipe down. I never thought I'd wax poetically about a towel, but then again, I hadn't encountered this towel."


A Set Of Two Soft Towels That's Quick Dry

You don't have to wait forever for these lightweight towels to dry before you use them again. They're a bit on the slimmer side than some other bath towels, but because they're so lightweight, they actually dry way faster than fluffier brands. They definitely don't lack in the softness department. They're made from high-density cotton that's both ridiculously cozy and tear-resistant so you can use these towels everyday without worry.

What fans say: "Was pleasantly surprised with these at this price. Super soft, extremely absorbent. After the first wash they soften up so much they feel a bit like microfiber cloths. Absorbent enough that they take up a lot of the water in the washing machine. I like the way the edges are bound, as they look like they will stay together well."


Moisture-Wicking Bath Towels That Are So Cozy

These moisture-wicking towels literally pull water away from your body so you can dry off quickly. They also manage to trap in moisture without becoming waterlogged, which is a miracle in and of itself. And because they're made from such rich, high-density cotton, they never get scratchy — no matter how often you wash them. You can get them in one of eight neutral and bright colors.

What fans say: "I made my first few purchases of AMAZON BASICS last week and I’m surprised. Definitely will purchase all new towels. These cotton towels are absorbent, soft, and dry quickly. They wash and dry beautifully... and look great in the bathroom and displayed in our guest bath."


A Luxury Set Of Towels That Feels Super Fluffy

This set of fluffy towels includes two huge bath towels, two smaller towels, and four washcloths so your whole body gets a spa-grade experience. They're made with top-of-the-line Turkish cotton that only gets softer and fluffier with each wash. The long-grain fibers make them softer and more importantly, stronger, than other cotton towels, and the double-stitching at the hem ensures these towels never fall apart.

What fans say: "These are the best set of towels I've purchased!! They are so soft and absorb water very well."


A Six-Piece Soft Towel Set With A Chevron Pattern

This set of towels is fancy enough for guests, but they feel so good against your skin that you'll want to use them everyday. While the chevron pattern adds a unique touch, it also serves a purpose — the divots help to trap in moisture and pull water away from your body. This set features two big towels, two smaller towels, and two washcloths so you can use these petal-soft towels for everything from washing your hands to drying off after a bath.

What fans say: "I am impressed! I had doubts when I ordered these towels but pleasantly surprised. They are soft and absorbent and a perfect size. I washed them and there was very little lint. The color (beige) is as pictured in the site. Also, they came very neatly packaged with a ribbon making them a lovely gift."


A Basic Pack That's Great For Guests

You'll definitely impress your guests with these soft classic towels. Even though they look ultra fluffy, they're still on the lightweight side — each towel weighs less than a pound. They're also made with 100% cotton that's both absorbent and supple so they gently cradle your body after you hop out of the shower. And at just $33 for six towels, this is one of the most affordable sets you can buy.

What fans say: "What a deal! I love my soft, fluffy new towels! What a great product, and super price! I couldn’t even come close to these towels in a local store for this price, thank you very much! I will definitely purchase from you again!"


Textured Towels That Are Super Soft To The Touch

Not only do these textured towels look great in your bathroom, but they also absorb water super fast. They feature a "waffle weave," which is excellent at sucking up moisture and pulling it into the fabric without your towels ever getting heavy. They're also made from luxurious, 100% cotton that feels like a dream against your skin. And at only $44 for four hotel-quality towels, they're a total steal.

What fans say: "These towels are well made, soft and best of all very absorbent. I got the dark gray towels and I love the color! Highly recommend!"


A Set Of Three Microfiber Towels That Dry Quickly

Reviewers swear by these quick-drying microfiber towels for everything from showers to swimming to hot yoga. For one, according to the manufacturer they can absorb up to seven times their own weight in water, making them the perfect choice for sweat-inducing workouts or long, luxe baths. And because these towels are slimmer, they actually dry faster than some of their fluffier counterparts, making them easy to take on the go when you're traveling. There's even an attached loop near the hem so you can hang it anywhere.

What fans say: "These definitely dry quickly and have no lingering odor. They are super soft and feel very nice on my skin and are not heavy or wet when I wrap around my body after drying off. They are great for hair because they don't over dry, so I can keep my towel wrap on longer and my hair is still damp enough to style."


Buttery Soft Towels That Look More Like Blankets

If you love to wrap up in your towels, these soft blanket-towels are an absolute must. Like some of the softest blankets, these towels are made from super fine microfiber, which absorbs water quickly thanks to it's thin fibers. Unlike other microfiber options on this list, these towels have a bit of weight to them to cover you like a blanket. Even better: They're so durable that you can wash them again and again without any wear or tear. Once you invest in these, they'll stick with you for the long haul. This set comes with one large towel and two matching hand towels.

What fans say: "This is one of the softest set of towels I have used so far. It’s has a luxurious feel to it. The material feels like velvet and is very absorbent too. The set includes one large bathing and two small hand towels. It comes in a nice gift box. I like that the length is larger than the regular towel but it’s still pretty lightweight. It maintains its quality even after several washes."


An Extra-Large Bath Sheet That's Worth The Money

This extra-large towel has literally got you covered. It measures a whopping 35 by 70 inches so you can pretty much snuggle in it while you're drying off. It's made from high-density, ring-spun cotton that's both highly absorbent and won't feel scratchy against your skin. That said, this towel is still lightweight enough that it dries quickly. Reviewers agree this towel is worth the investment.

Editor's Note: I own these towels in the dark grey color, and they're super soft and haven't decreased in quality in the year I've been using them.

What fans say: "These are super soft, luxurious bath sheets that are quite [absorbent]. They’re heavy weight, and have been durable so far, but do note that they take up a lot of space when rolled or folded. Not a problem, and a testament to their quality, but if you’re used to fitting a certain number of towels in a cabinet, etc. these may take up more space. This is my second order, so I’ve had one for a guest bath for about 6 months, and it’s handled multiple washings without showing any signs of wear or loss of color, which is why I sprung for the 10 pack for the master."

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