The 14 Most Genius Organizing Products On Amazon

This may sound a little odd, but I love to organize things. I like to call myself a "structured mess," so while I'm definitely not a neat freak per se, I know exactly where everything belongs in my life. That's why it's so exciting to find the most genius organizing products on Amazon for keeping every aspect of your life straight.

I think my favorite place to organize things is in the bathroom. I have special caddies for my makeup, a place to store my towels, and a nice little basket for all of my products. Everything has its own little home and I always know exactly where to find whatever I'm looking for.

For anyone with a desk, there are tons of cute little boxes and things to keep all your files, pens, pencils, and notebooks in check. And then there is the kitchen — everyone is constantly reorganizing the cabinets. On a personal level, it's the thing I do when I'm bored and at home by myself (I call it channeling my inner Monica Geller). My mom just loves when she comes home and can't find anything because, frankly, I've found a better place for it somewhere else.

If you're like me and you're always looking for a nice little organization project, you're going to love all of the brilliant products that I found on Amazon that will be sure to help you get your life together — or at the very least, super neat and tidy.


Maximize Space In Your House With Secret Storage


Dorel Living Chevron Storage Ottoman, $110, Amazon

I used to have one of these in college and it was a lifesaver. My roommate and I used it in our freshman dorm and it became the best thing we decided to get. We stored anything and everything in it. You can totally use this in your bedroom to store your throw pillows when you aren't using them, to keep extra linens, or even put whatever clothes you aren't wearing at that moment in. You can even use it in your living room to keep throw blankets, magazines, remotes, and more.


The Most Adorable Makeup Storage System Ever


Osier Cosmetic And Jewelry Storage Organizer, $25, Amazon

When I'm doing my (very basic) makeup routine in the morning, I don't want to have to dig around in a drawer to find my favorite products. I keep my makeup in an old mug on the counter, but I think I'm going to have to upgrade to this adorable storage container. Whether you do your makeup in your bedroom or in your bathroom, this little carry case is the perfect place to keep everything nice and organized. Plus it has its own little mirror that you can use as a mini vanity.


A Cute Way To Keep Everything Straight


ClosetMaid 1290 Cubeicals 12-Cube Organizer, $69, Amazon

Another storage miracle that I have and love. The little baskets come separately (and I highly suggest picking up a few), but you can use this little cube set for so many things. It comes in three-cube, six-cube, nine-cube, two-cube, three-two-one cube, four-cube, eight-cube, and twelve-cube options so you can find the right size for your needs. I used some of my case to store all of my movies as well as a lot of the knick-knacks I pick up from my travels. And because they come in several colors, the storage unit instantly becomes a part of your decor.


Keep Your Pantry Clean


Organize It All Can Rack, $25, Amazon

If you're someone who likes to stock up on a lot of food, then you definitely need to keep your pantry organized. When it isn't organized, it's possible that you'll just keep on buying the same things over and over again because you didn't know you still had a can of your favorite soup left. Things get hidden behind one another and no one wants to sift through their cabinets before they go shopping. A great solution is a can rack that allows you to store cans on your shelf and know exactly what you have, where to find it, and when you should restock.


A Clean Workspace Means More Productivity


White Openwork Freestanding Book Shelf, $20, Amazon

I find it really hard to work when there is a lot of clutter. Before I start working, I always clean off whatever surface I'm calling a desk that day. If I had my own desk, I would definitely pick up a little storage shelf like this. I have a lot of notebooks that I use while writing (to-do lists are my favorite thing), and this is great way to keep them organized. You could also put a pencil holder on there and keep anything you know you'll need at hand.


Make Room In Your Bathroom Cabinets By Hanging Clean Towels Instead


DecoBros Wall Mount Multi-Purpose Towel Rack, $24, Amazon

If you have limited bathroom cabinets or closet storage, you don't want to use it up storing towels. I think that this towel rack is great because you can hang it on the back of your door and gain space in your cabinets and closets. And if you decide that down the road you don't want to keep your towels there anymore, you can also use it as a wine rack in your living room. Another multifunctional product for the win!


No Bedside Table? No Problem!


Fancii 10 Pocket Bedside Caddy, $14, Amazon

Sometimes your room is a little bit too small to be able to fit a bedside table on both sides of your bed. I have that problem in my room, so I end up throwing everything on the floor and by the end of the week I have a pile of junk next to my bed. This bedside caddy is awesome because it attaches to any headboard or bed rail by elastic or hooks. You can store your tablet, magazines, book, phone, remotes, or anything else you may need before bed, neatly beside you.


Use All The Space That You Can In Your Home


YONTREE Gap Storage Slim Slide Out Storage Tower Rack, $30, Amazon

Utilizing all of the valuable storage space in your house is important, no matter how big it is. I have several friends who have a nice little gap in between their fridge and their cabinets, or between their washer and the wall. I consider that dead space, space that just isn't being used correctly. This little sliding storage rack is great for keeping kitchen products that may not fit in your cabinets, or even laundry detergent and supplies. It comes in both three tier and four tier options depending on how much extra space you can utilize.


DIY Drawers To Take Advantage Of All Your Closet Space


Evelots Wire Shelf Dividers, $23, Amazon

I don't have a dresser at home. Instead, I just use the shelves in the closet to store the clothes that I don't hang up. Enter: wire shelf dividers. These are actually great for keeping your clothes more organized rather than everything falling all over the place. It's such an easy addition (the dividers slide over wood shelves that are one inch or less) and it will make your closet look neater and be easier to navigate. You'll get eight dividers so you can separate all of your clothes the right way.


Make Sure Your Office Supplies Is Readily Available


JackCubeDesign Leather Office Desk Caddy, $11, Amazon

Imagine you're on an important phone call and you can't find a pen or a piece of paper and you really need to write something down. You're fumbling through drawers and when you finally find what you need, you forget the details. Keep everything you need on a daily basis on hand with an office storage caddy that when organized correctly looks nice and neat sitting on top of your desk. You can keep tons of supplies in the six different compartments that are present and you won't find yourself fumbling around anytime soon.


Make A List, Get Things Done


Two-In-One Black Wood Framed Wall Mounted Bulletin Board And Whiteboard, $40, Amazon

There's just something about writing the things you need to do down, and then crossing them off when you've accomplished them. So if you don't want to write them in a pad, you can always use a whiteboard to keep track of your daily tasks and then erase them as you go. Use the bulletin board side to hang some motivational quotes, pretty photos, and any reminders you may have for things you need to get done.


Store Things Perfectly Without Countertop Clutter


Organize It All Basic Overdoor Six-Basket Unit, $47, Amazon

If you live in a house that has minimal countertop space, you need to find a different solution to storing things. A great way to keep things organized in your bathroom or closet is to find over-the-door options. This one would be perfect for your bathroom if you don't have any counter space or any cabinets in there. Hang it over the door and then store all your products in the six different containers. They'll stay hidden unless you're in the bathroom and you'll finally feel organized despite your limited space.


Organize Pretty Much Anything In The Right Container


Deflecto Five-Bin Horizontal Tilt Bin Storage System, $28, Amazon

I love organizational bins — I don't know what it is, but they make me happy. I really enjoy color coding things and these little clear containers would be perfect for that. You could store pretty much anything in these and you can also buy more and stack them. If you enjoy doing crafts, the bin would literally be perfect for keeping all of your supplies organized because they tilt out and stay open, making them great for beads, markers, ribbon, and more.


Organize Your Shoes And Save Space At The Same Time


Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack (36 Pairs), $28, Amazon

I love shoes and I've seen a lot of interesting ways to store them. I think that this over-the-door shoe rack is a great option to keep your favorite kicks organized and off the floor. This one fits 36 pairs, but you can also buy one that's a bit smaller and only fits 24 (I say "only," but that's still a lot). You'll be able to find your favorite pair of shoes really quickly without having to dig through piles on your floor.

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