The Most Ridiculous Disguises In 'Veronica Mars'

by Amy Roberts
Warner Bros. Television

If there's one major lesson that I've learned from the numerous times I've had the pleasure of re-watching Veronica Mars over the years, it's this: you can be whoever you want to be. And though, yes, that counts on a totally existential level, it counts on a completely literal level, too. The alter egos used by Veronica Mars throughout the show are nothing short of spectacular. Though they might not always be effective, they're wonderfully ridiculous, thoroughly entertaining, and always ingenious. The best undercover disguises from Veronica Mars prove that the character had plenty of guts and smarts, as well as an apparently endless wardrobe of wigs, accessories, and uniforms.

Sometimes, Veronica's stealthy undercover alter egos require a complex character study, complete with an entire outfit, backstory, name, and personality overhaul. Other times, her alter egos might be as simple as lying in bed eating potato chips and putting on a fake accent over the phone. But no matter how prominent, ridiculous, or low key the rouse was, it more often than not works. Even if sometimes the people she lies to eventually found out, her ridiculous lies are actually a very clever, if extremely silly, trick.

And, damn, you've really got to love her for every single one of these alter egos:

1. Logan's Over-Enthusiastic Bridezilla To Be

It's always a hilarious pleasure to watch Logan Echolls squirm. Especially when that squirming is courtesy of Veronica and some very cutesy pet names.

2. A Gamer's Fantasy Woman

Warner Bros. Television

In order to infiltrate a gaming community, Veronica went all out by dressing in a manner that would make her acceptable to those she wanted to question. The result? Avril Lavigne via Quentin Tarantino.

3. Pregnant Teenager Hunting Down Her Baby's Father

Utterly ridiculous, but wow, do Keith and Veronica deliver some absolutely top notch drama skills to ensure that their ludicrous story seems as realistic as possible.

4. The Naive, Pretty Girl, All Too Happy To Donate Money

Warner Bros. Television

While trying to help Wallace take down a con man who has stolen a big old chunk of money from his crush, Veronica plays up her prettiness and plays down her smarts in order to pretend to be another of his victims.

5. The Completely Wasted Sorority Girl

Feigning absurd levels of drunkenness and dancing about in tight fitting clothes are legit undercover practices for all Private Dicks, right? Ridiculous, yes, but ingenious? Totally.

6. The Completely Flirtatious Sorority Girl

Warner Bros. Television

In an unrelated investigation, Veronica again inhabits the alter ego of a sorority girl in an attempt to set a honey trap for a man whose girlfriend believes he's cheating. Her flirtation techniques are both tremendous and terrible, and somehow she manages to do them while also stealing vital information from the man's hard drive. What a woman.

7. A Waitress At A Kane Family Party

Warner Bros. Television

I mean, this one is just flat out ballsy. Sure, a wig, some smart clothes, and a pair of glasses might be an ideal disguise for any other investigation, but to do so at the home of your murdered best friend? In front of a ton of people who know what you look like, both in and out of a disguise? You've really got to respect that level of moxie.

8. A Country Girl From Abel Koontz's Hometown

Warner Bros. Television

Veronica could produce all the fake accents, and send over all the faked portraits and hometown references that she liked; it didn't change the fact that Koontz was already onto her game.

9. A Neptune High Cheerleader

Warner Bros. Television

Likely the only time that Veronica was forced to adopt a new alter ego completely against her will, as her clothes were stolen from her gym locker. It's less a pretend personality and more of a humiliating costume change for her, but still.

10. Nasir's Secret Girlfriend

Warner Bros. Television

Veronica swiped Nasir's freshly developed photos right under his nose by pretending to be picking up some embarrassingly racy pics that the two took together. She manages to play the role of his girlfriend so convincingly that, damn, I would have handed those pictures over to her, too.

11. Peppy Student, Betty, At Neptune's Rival School

Warner Bros. Television

While investigating the whereabouts of Neptune High's mascot bird, Veronica invokes a pretty stellar Archie Comics reference to infiltrate their rival school. Her alter ego, Betty, is basically a mirror image version of her own school persona; here she's popular, full of school spirit, and pleasant to one and all.

12. A Young Woman Researching The Credentials Of Her Plastic Surgeon

"Laurie," as Veronica calls herself in the scene, uses the flimsiest and most ridiculous excuse ever to gain information on Doctor Griffith. From a dangerous, criminal family, no less. Suffice to say, the rouse doesn't quite go to plan, and, oh my heart, Logan storms into the joint and saves the day.

13. The Gym Bunny With The Broken iPod

Warner Bros. Television

Quick question: if somebody was asking to borrow your iPod in the gym, in the middle of a workout, in order to check if theirs is broken, would you do it? Yeah, me neither. But I guess that just goes to show how effective Veronica's relentless mass of enthusiasm is in convincing people otherwise.

14. Martina Vasquez / "The Hottie From Channel Nine"

It was always magic when Veronica managed to get upper hand on Sheriff Lamb, but especially so when Keith managed to blow her cover and thus humiliate the man in the process.

Next time I need to sleuth out whoever it is that keeps stealing my chocolate pudding from the fridge, I'm definitely going to take a page from Veronica Mars, and allow an alter ego to take over.