The 15 Best Bedding Sets

There's nothing like a good night's sleep and the best bedding sets can help that dream become a reality — not to mention their virtues in making your bed look cozy and inviting. And with so many color and pattern options, changing your bedding is a fun and easy way to instantly transform your bedroom's look. You're bound to find a set, whether it's a quilt, comforter, coverlet, or duvet cover, just right for your home.

Below, you'll see nearly every fabric you can imagine from cotton to microfiber, velvet to faux fur; while this decision is largely up to aesthetic and temperature preferences, for longevity and convenience, look for machine-washable fabrics resistant to tears, fading, or snags (especially if you like to snuggle with your pets). Every pick below is machine washable and tumble dry safe except for one that's dry clean only, but reviewers have had success with machine washing it on a gentle cycle.

Most sets come with at least some sort of bedspread and two matching pillow shams, but you'll see one that even includes a complete sheet set. However, you should note that duvet cover sets require a separate insert, if you don't already have one. While it calls for an extra purchase, you can tailor the duvet weight to your optimal sleeping conditions.

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