The 6 Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

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Ask five different people which bed sheets are the most comfortable to sleep on, and you'll hear five different answers. That's because the most comfortable sheets for you depend a lot on the type of sleeper you are.

So start by considering your sleep style. If you're a sweaty sleeper or live in a hot climate that never sees a cool night, a comfortable set made of linen will be breathable and keep you cool all night. Conversely, anyone whose nights often include snow, fireplaces, and plunging temperatures needs a quality set of bed sheets for winter — and this list includes a top-notch heavy flannel pair that reviewers love.

Depending on your health needs, a hypoallergenic sheet set that is resistant to dust mites and allergens may be the most comfortable for you. And it's impossible to forget budgetary needs — by all means, treat yourself to a luxury set of silk sheets if the cost doesn't strain your wallet. But if silk isn't practical for you, no worries: Some of the most comfortable sheets are also the most affordable bed sheets on Amazon.

To help you out, I've done the research and picked out the six most comfortable sheets to sleep on, each one for a different style of sleeper.

1. Best For Most Sleepers

With a fair price point, more than 2,800 amazing reviews, and a smart blend of eco-friendly bamboo and wrinkle-resistant microfiber, these hypoallergenic bed sheets will suit most people perfectly. They come in six mattress sizes, 12 shades, and are simple to care for: According to reviewers, they hold up incredibly well after a wash, with few people reporting on problems like pilling.

2. Best For Chilly Sleepers

These heavy velvet-flannel sheets are made with 190 grams of cotton and combine the warmth of flannel and the silky-soft feel of velvet to create a set that reviewers say are thick, warm, and toasty. One reviewer even claimed that these sheets allowed her to turn down her thermostat and save money on heating. As an aside, “grams” refer to the weight of a fabric — most flannel sheets hover around 170 grams, so these are weightier and warmer than your average flannel sheet.

Another plus: Reviewers say they are high-quality with perfectly sewn hems, and that they stand up well in the washing machine. They come in queen, king, and California king sizes and 11 colors and prints, including three floral designs.

3. Best For Sweaty Sleepers

When it comes to choosing cooling bed sheets that are comfortable for sweaty sleepers and hot climates, it’s best to select natural fabrics, like cotton, but to also pay attention to the weave design. These popular 300 thread count percale cotton sheets stay cool and crisp to the touch, which makes them stand apart from sateen cotton weaves, which are more likely to retain heat.

Reviewers say they hold up well in the wash, and that they actually become softer and more comfortable over time. Better yet, fans rave that they truly feel “cold” when you climb into bed and will keep you cool throughout the night. These sheets come in four mattress sizes (no twin, unfortunately) and four colors: white, ivory, gray, and light gray.

4. Best Sheets For Allergies

Unlike the majority of bamboo bed sheets on the market, these hypoallergenic sheets are actually made from 100-percent bamboo and are not blended with microfiber or cotton. This detail makes them the perfect choice for anyone with allergies, as they are also resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

According to more than 1,000 reviewers, these eco-friendly sheets are really soft, but they’re also thermoregulating to keep you warm on cold nights and cool on hot nights. They also come in seven mattress sizes (including split king and twin XL) and eight shades.

They're breathable and wash well, though you should keep in mind that sheets with a high bamboo content will wrinkle.

4. The Most Affordable

You’ll be hard pressed to find a set of sheets that more than 16,000 reviewers agree are “super soft” and cost just $20 — but these affordable sheets fit the bill. Made from wrinkle- and stain-resistant polyester microfiber, they are smooth, durable, and come in six mattress sizes and 20 colors and prints, including plaid and paisley.

The manufacturer describes these sheets as warmer than cotton and not at cooling, so keep that in mind if you are a sweaty sleeper.

5. The Best Splurge

These near perfectly-rated mulberry silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, and temperature regulating, so sweaty sleepers will love them. They are also machine washable, but take care to use them only with a gentle detergent that is safe on silk.

This is also only a two-piece set: you’ll get a flatted sheet and a top sheet. It comes in four mattress sizes and 16 shades, including deep, rich tones of red, gold, and royal blue.

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