The 15 Best Twitter Reactions To The Royal Wedding You Probably Missed This AM

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The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is one of the only times when millions of people voluntarily got up before dawn on a Saturday. And, the best Twitter reactions to the royal wedding prove that even the most bleary-eyed royal-wedding watchers got all the feels from watching this modern-day-fairytale couple tie the knot. Prince Harry's visible emotion during his vows induced some major social-media swooning. The royal wedding also had people waxing nostalgic about beloved wedding moments from their own families, while others enjoyed the opportunity to ogle their favorite celebrity guests.

With all of the royal-wedding tweeting, there's no doubt that Americans are beyond obsessed with the royal family. "I had no idea they were so popular here ... until I did [The Crown]," British actor Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip on the show, told CNN regarding the U.S. fascination with the royals. "They've managed to maintain an air of mystery and celebrity somehow, which I think has allowed them to endure, and that sort of mystery is always appealing on some level."

Adding to the allure of the royal family is the fact that newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have created a media frenzy by choosing to break with some longstanding traditions, effectively ushering in a new era for the royal family. And, it goes without saying that the super extra social media display over the royal wedding of the just named Duke and Duchess of Sussex is proof that we can't get enough.


EVERYONE Is In Love With Prince Harry

Forget reality TV. Prince Harry complimenting Meghan Markle at the alter while biting his lip is hands down better than any Bachelor episode.


Their Genuine Displays Of Affection Are Everything

Weddings often make people tear up, but the look on Meghan Markle's face when Prince Harry lifts her veil is enough to induce full-on sobbing.


When Harry Looked At Meghan

If you weren't crying before, it's hard to keep a dry eye when you witness the way Harry looks at Meghan. This is what everyone wants; and the royal couple is proof that it exists. In fact, don't be surprised if a new movie titled When Harry Looked At Megan debuts on Netflix.


He Picked Flowers To Add To Her Bouquet

I need a minute here. Who has some extra tissues?


When Your Mom Wanted YOU To Marry Prince Harry

It's always difficult to let your parents down, but how do you console your mom now that she knows for sure that Prince Harry won't be her future son in law?


Even Harry Cried

Prince Harry wiping away tears as he stood at the alter with Meghan Markle is going to put a lot of pressure on future grooms because the royal couple has set the #WeddingGoals bar really high.


Love Really Does Conquer All

While it might be a cliché, love really does conquer all when it comes to the royal couple, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are setting a powerful example for the rest of the world about what really matters — love, acceptance, inclusion, and kindness.


Better Than Any Romantic Movie

If Love Actually is one of your go-to movies, the royal wedding likely eclipsed all of the feels you get from watching this movie over and over again. It's a good thing that the royal wedding is available online so you can watch it as much as your heart desires.


Meghan Markle's Mom Though!

Her shining eyes, her joyful smile, and her penetrating gaze make for one of the best mother-of-the-bride pictures in the history of the world.


There Was A Seat For Princess Diana

OK, if you're not crying now you might be dead inside like Chandler on Friends. This tweet speculating that the empty seat next to Prince William is for the late Princess Diana is beyond words. While it hasn't been confirmed that the empty seat was for Harry's mom, just the mere idea of that seat being for Princess Diana has a lot of people ugly crying.


Happily Ever After Is Real

Sometimes we all need a fairytale ending, and the royal wedding pretty much validated every Disney movie you've ever seen.


And, Let's Not Forget The Hats

Wedding hats in the UK rival hats on Kentucky Derby Day in the U.S., and aside from the frenzy over the bride and groom, other hot royal-wedding topics include the display of spring hats and how hot David Beckham looked.


Virtual Wedding Watchers Got All Dressed Up

Because, there's a royal wedding dress code — even if you're watching from home. Now that the nuptials are over, toast the royal couple by enjoying some royal-wedding-inspired drinks like the Markle Sparkle. As long as you've got your wedding clothes on, this party should last all day.


Because This Was A Long Time Coming

Duchess* in waiting, but who's counting — this adorable #TBT has the entire internet in its feels.


Parting Words

No explanation necessary. Because, love.