The 16 Best Pajamas To Keep Sweaty Sleepers Cool

There's nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night or early morning sticking to your pajamas and sheets. Whether your air conditioner is busted, it's 100 degrees in the shade, or you're simply hot-blooded and prone to perspiring, finding the best pajamas that keep sweaty sleepers cool is the key to a good night's rest.

So, what are some of the best and worst fabrics for sweaty sleepers?

Let's start with those that aren't doing you any favors. Unfortunately, quite a few adorable PJ options are made from heavy or dense fabrics like flannel, polyester, and silk. No offense to flannel, which is priceless on cold winter nights because it helps your body retain heat, but the heavy fabric is a no-go if you sweat a lot. As for polyester — again, every fabric has its pros and cons but for hot sleepers, many synthetic materials repel perspiration instead of absorbing it or wicking it away. And silk? I think we're all familiar with the struggle of wearing silk in the summer.

So, which materials should you seek to avoid sweaty nights? Consider lightweight fabrics made from bamboo, linen, lightweight cotton, and other materials with moisture-wicking properties. The last one in particular is perfect because it instantly wicks away moisture as soon as you sweat to keep both your skin and pajamas cool and dry. Here are 12 pajamas that will keep sweaty sleepers cool and collected even on the hottest nights.

1. An Understated But Effective Pair Of Pajamas Chronic Night Sweaters Swear By

This ultra lightweight, loose-fitting, and moisture-wicking pajama set comes in 12 colors, features satin trim, and comes highly recommended by Amazon reviewers who claim to be chronic night sweat sufferers.

2. A Moisture-Wicking Bamboo Fiber Nightgown

If you're a fan of nightgowns and prefer them to full pajamas, this 70 percent bamboo viscose nightgown won't disappoint. It's breathable and light, wicks away moisture, has a low water footprint, and comes in 10 shades, including Capri Breeze (shown here), coral, and carnation.

3. Cute, Classic Pajama Set With White Piping

These bamboo viscose shorts and short sleeve button down pajamas boast a drawstring waistband, cute white piping trim and chest pocket, and can be worn as PJ's or loungewear. Both the short and top are roomy enough to let air flow to your skin on hot days and nights.

4. Bamboo Tunic Pajamas That Can Withstand Humidity

Expensive? Yes. But knowing these bamboo pajamas were made from organically and sustainably grown bamboo will help ethical shoppers sleep soundly. These airy pajamas feature two deep side pockets in the tunic and an elastic waistband in the cropped pant. Reviewers describe the fabric, as soft, comfortable, and extremely light to wear on hot, humid days.

5. Bamboo And Organic Cotton Cropped Pajamas That Feels Both Classic And Modern

A capri pajama set made from 70 percent viscose derived from lightweight bamboo, 25 percent organic cotton, and 5 percent spandex, these PJ's have sweat-wicking capacity and are perfect for summer nights.

6. A Pajama Set That Is Super Absorbent But Won't Trap Odors

This pajama set is made from a unique cotton-model blend that makes it more absorbent and more durable than other blends. It's also odor-resistant, so even though it will wick away your sweat, it won't trap the smell.

7. Capri Pajamas That Are Modest And Moisture-Wicking

If you're looking for pajamas that keep you covered and cool, then look no further. These classic pajamas are 60 percent cotton, and feature on-trend cropped pants and a short-sleeved "girlfriend" tee, both which feature contrast piping. It comes in floral or polka dot print (shown above) and features a variety of sizes, from petite to plus size.

8. Cotton Capri Pajamas With Cap Sleeves And Romantic Vibes

These striped navy capri pajamas by Eileen West give off that type of romantic feminine vibe that makes you want to pour yourself a glass of white wine and crack the spine of a Jane Austin novel. On the other hand, they're are made from 100 percent cotton and feature a comfortable elastic waistband, which makes them great for sleeping in too.

9. A Business Causal Sleep Shirt You'll Be Tempted To Wear To Work

The on-trend shirting, three-quarter sleeve, and stripped print makes this sleep shirt another example of a nighty that walks the line of sleepwear and daywear. But rest assured, the loose-fit and lightweight knit make it ideal for beating the heat on a hot night.

10. A Slinky Pajama Set In Fabric That Feels Cool To The Touch

Fun, flirty, and made from 95 percent rayon (fabric that's super absorbent and feels cool to the touch) — this stripped pajama set is ideal for lounging at home on a humid summer night.

11. A Pajama Set With A Fashion-Forward Design

Throw on sandals and you can wear this as a twin-set to run errands or meet friends for brunch — that's how cute this is. Its made from rayon and spandex to be ultra-comfortable in hot weather and has a fashion-forward print and non-functional (but adorable) buttons down the front.

12. A Pajama Set With A Vented Back

This rayon pajama set is cute, comfortable, and cool to the touch. It's made from lightweight jersey knit, and features a tulip-back (aka its split up the back) that provides even more breathability.

13. A Stretchy, Lightweight Pajama Shorts Set With A Racerback Tank

This pajama set features a racerback tank top and short shorts made from ultra-absorbent rayon to keep you cool and sweat free while the five percent spandex blend provides all the stretch you need to move freely.

14. A Romper That Will Keep You Cool Even When Things Heat Up

Most lingerie is made from cheap chiffon and artificial silk, but this Eberjey romper is just as sexy as any other lacy teddy but features ultra-soft modal — making it the perfect PJ solution for your next steamy sleepover.

15. A Beautiful And Breezy Pajama Dress For Lounging Around On Hot Summer Days

This beautiful pajama dress is made of cooling rayon, is cut loose, and features drop shoulders which adds to the romantic, yet relaxed look. It comes in an array of colors and prints and — while its great to sleep in — it's also great for lounging around the house on a hot summer day.

16. A Polka Dot And Lace Pajama Set That Cute And Cooling

Not only do these rayon pajamas feel cool to the touch, but they're also ultra soft. This set comes in a polka dot and an ornate print, both trimmed with lace and featuring a drawstring waist.

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