18 *Genius* Closet Organizers On Amazon To Help You Conquer Your Clutter

Organizing closets maximizes storage and divides items into easy-to-find, tidy categories. The best closet organizers help tame both walk-in and reach-in closets, no matter the size. So, let's start finding the best organizers for your closet from whole systems to accessories.

For closet systems, budget and aesthetics help narrow down the right materials. Metal is strong and budget-friendly, where wood is more luxe, but a bit pricier. Solid wood is built to last a long time, but try laminate for the look at a lower cost. Though these systems typically work for any closet, consider how visible your closet is; for more visible setups, you may want to spring for a more attractive option.

In terms of size, closet organizing systems typically range from 4 to 10 feet wide. Most can be cut to size or purchased in multiples to accommodate larger closets; this sizing can be totally DIY or you can hire a professional to help. Take measurements before buying and, if replacing, removing the old system before measuring can help with accuracy.

These systems typically secure to closet walls; most kits come with hardware, but likely require tools, like drills, screwdrivers, or hammers. Freestanding closet organizers require assembly but no wall installation or, typically, power-tool usage — a great storage solution for rooms without closets or if your closet capacity just isn't cutting it.

Accessories can enhance the systems below or an existing system in your closet; you'll see my favorite accessories below as well. Keep scrolling for organizers fit for your clothes, shoes, purses, and more.

The Best Closet Organizing Systems

1. The Overall Best Closet Organizer

Rubbermaid's closet organizer system is highly rated with nearly 3,000 reviews from shoppers who love the kit's easy customization and installation. Some reviewers report buying multiple sets to transform small rooms into walk-in closets, and love that it provides the necessary hardware and doesn't require cutting pieces.

This aluminum organizer secures to a wall and fits any walk-in or reach-in closet with at least one wall that's 4 to 8 feet wide (a 3 to 6 foot version is also available). Telescoping rods and adjustable, expanding shelves add up to 22 feet of shelving space and 12 feet of hanging space. The kit comes in a titanium or white finish, both offering years of maintenance-free durability without rust or discoloration.

Fans say: “I installed this system in all of my closets. I’ve had these for over a year now and they have held up just fine. Look like they did the day I installed them. Best thing is I can rearrange the closet system as I need to at any time. Every closet has a different configuration. Highly recommend this closet system. It’s easy to install and can’t beat the price/value!”

2. The Most Affordable Installed Closet System

Made of vinyl-coated steel with a white finish, this Closetmaid affordable closet organizing kit is a great value for under $100 and is compatible with other Closetmaid kits for ultimate customization. The kit contains all the necessary hardware to secure it to a wall between 5-feet and 8-feet wide, creating up to 19 feet of shelf space and up to 10 feet of hanging space. Installation does require power tools and, for smaller closets, some cutting may be required. The SuperSlide shelving rods allows hangers to slide smoothly. The sustainable shelving is SCS-certified with a minimum of 91% recycled content.

Fans say: “I was skeptical about purchasing something like this online, but I love Amazon, so why not? This is amazing! We have a 6 ft closet that had one solid bar across. Our clothes were so smushed in it, making them wrinkled every time you wanted to wear something. We decided to purchase this Closet Maid organizer in hopes of creating more space and I am VERY pleased!! [...]”

3. A Beautiful Closet System For Walk-In Or Large Closets

Here's a beautiful, highly customizable laminated-wood closet organizing system that deserves to be on display in a large, visible closet. The system secures to a closet wall that's between 7 feet and 10 feet wide, creating up to 22 feet of shelf space and 12 feet of hanging space. This kit comes with your choice of 16 inch or 25 inch wide towers with optional drawers and doors. Lots of accessories are available for further customizing your closet space: angled shoe shelves, a jewelry tray insert, a tie and belt rack. Choose from an elegant espresso, gray, or white. Hardware is included, but installation requires power tools.

Fans say: “...I was very impressed with the quality and thickness of this product. I doubt that anyone could tell that it is not real wood when they see my closet. Hubby and I worked together and we were amazed at how easy this was to assemble...I now have an incredible walk in closet that I had always dreamed of having. It provides for an amazing amount of storage and it feels incredibly sturdy...I have another walk in closet that I want to work on and I am super excited to use this system again...”

4. A Solid Wood Closet Organizer That’s Built To Last

For the most luxurious look, this solid wood closet system in honey maple or red mahogany wood holds the heaviest loads. The kit secures to a wall and fits closets up to 10-feet wide (and comes in configuration designs for 6-foot and 8-foot spaces). The 6-foot storage tower and shelves provide up to 20 feet of shelf space and up to 10 feet of hanging space. All required hardware and fasteners are provided, though reviewers note pieces may require cutting. Also, construction and installation may be more involved than other systems.

Fans say: “I love this products final result. It actually is an insanely great [closet] system. Very high quality and real wood. I actually bought two of these closets because of how well they went together...It took me about 5 hours to put together the first one in addition to painting the closet.”

5. A Cute Freestanding Closet System For A Small Space That Needs Extra Storage

This cute freestanding closet organizer can extend small or nonexistent closet space and displaying your favorite items like your own personal boutique. With room for hanging clothes and varying sized shelving for storing shoes, and displaying handbags or stacking denim or sweaters, the heavy-duty organizer's total weight capacity is a solid 350 pounds. All tools and instructions for assembly are included. The powder-coated metal frame is about 4-feet wide with thick particle board shelving for sturdiness. It's available with black or white shelving.

Fans say: “I've purchased many closets before and this is by far the best one! I have a studio apartment and I try to maximize my space and this closet is just the perfect one in every way! It's so stylish, sturdy and the right size! Invest in it! It's totally worth it!”

6. A Budget-Friendly Freestanding Closet System

Does a $50 free-standing closet organizer kit you can put together in a half hour sound more like your speed? This freestanding closet organizer is nearly 4 feet wide and comes with four shelves and two hanging bars (the second bar is removable for hanging longer items). Made of metal in either a bronze or silver finish, this pick is secured with heavy-duty plastic connectors for storing clothes and shoes.

Fans say: “I love this thing! It took me about 15-20 [minutes] to put together. This thing is pretty sturdy as long as [you] balance the weight properly on each side of the rack. I have 61 items hanging...It holds ALL my clothes plus some other things I didn’t have room for in my small room. I would highly recommend this to anyone who [needs] plenty of storage and not enough space in their room for something huge.”

The Best Closet Organizing Accessories

7. The Best Space-Saving Hangers

There are lots of velvet hangers out there, but this heavyweight velvet hanger set stood out for its durability; each hanger can hold up to 10 pounds. Highly rated with more than 800 reviews, these hangers are made of anti-slip velvet and sturdy ABS plastic with chrome hooks. Choose from black or ivory and see how switching to matching hangers transforms your closet in one easy step.

Fans say: “I absolutely love these hangers. I'm anal-retentive and like an organized closet. The hanger is designed very well; slick so it doesn't take a lot of space, but strong so it can hold a heavy coat (or you can hang pants over the inside), the width expands more than the standard hanger so that your clothes don't get that bubble on the shoulders and the velvet prevents your clothes from falling off the hanger. It is a win, win, win! [...]”

8. A Set Of Dividers For Keeping Shelves Organized

Clear acrylic closet shelf-dividers maximize your space, organization, and are a cinch to add in. You don't need any tools or hardware, and they won't damage shelving; just slide onto standard wood or melamine shelving. This set of dividers seamlessly allows stacking and custom organization of clothes, linens, towels, shoes, purses, or bags. If you already have or opt for a wire closet system, try a wire shelf divider.

Fans say: “My clothes are so organized and easier to find! Love these have ordered more!”

9. The Best Storage Bins

With more than 1,800 reviews, the best storage bins are highly rated for being lightweight, easy to carry, collapsible for compact storage. The bins' dimensions are 11 inches by 10.5 inches by 10.5 inches and they're made of sturdy, yet soft and breathable fabric with sewn-in handles. Choose from six color options, including red, grey, beige, and black. You can use this set on any shelf (or even under a bed) for more organized storage.

Fans say: “I got these to organize the chaos of my closet shelves. I live in a 1920s home with very limited closet space by today's standards. My piles on the shelves were frequently toppling over and in a rush i would just grab what is handy to wear and say "i'll refold that stuff later". I categorized and neatly rolled my clothes--basically using them as drawers on deep closet shelves. So far, so good. I plan to purchase more in the future to organize 'stuff' in the basement and pantry as well. Also, they truly do fold flat for storage if not using.”

10. The Best Bags For Storing Seasonal Clothes

Another way to keep your closet organized and space maximized is to rotate items seasonally; a process made much easier with these storage bag organizers. Store off-season items like sweaters or extra linens and blankets in these soft, zippered bags with clear windows, which help you identify what you've stored in each bag without opening.

The bags collapse flat under a bed or in drawers when not in use, and their zipper closure protects clothes or linens against dust, pests, water damage, and odors. Highly rated with more than 1,800 reviews, this bag set is available in four colors, including aqua, beige, grey, and teal.

Fans say: “I am very particular and a real neat when I say I loved theses foldable storage bags it's a big deal ! I am downsizing and needed quick storage for some delicate personal pricey items that I just couldn't throw into a cardboard box. I found these to be very useful and study for what they are, a soft [collapsible] storage bin. The fabric is soft and I loved the clear fronts and side handles [...] These can be folded and stored until you need them. Love them !”

11. A Quick Fix For Handbags

This chrome-finished compact handbag hanger fits in any closet and comes with six steel hooks for storing handbags, backpacks, tote bags, scarves, belts, ties, and other accessories. Having this dedicated hanger will free up shelf space, and it's easy to use: just hang on a hook or closet rod. This nifty hanger is highly rated with more than 1,500 reviews from shoppers who love the quality and how much space it creates in closets.

Fans say: “Just moved into a tiny apartment and needed a space-saving way to store my bags in my closet without creasing them. This hanging rack is perfect! My backpacks, big totes and small purses all fit well, and so far the rack seems very sturdy. Each hook is pretty wide, so multiple bags can be hung on one hook. Great item for the price!”

12. The Best Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

With more than 2,500 reviews, this over-the-door shoe organizer has pockets that store up to 12 pairs of shoes, but shoppers also use it for toiletries, toys, kitchen wares, and cleaning supplies. This shoe organizer stands out with mesh pockets that are breathable, roomy, and allow you to see stored items at a glance. The organizer comes with four hooks to secure onto a door, and cloth fabric backing in your choice of black, gray, or white.

Fans say: "I was skeptical at first because I didn't know how strong the mesh part would be but as I opened it and touched it, I realized it is in fact very strong. I like that is big enough to fit men's shoes and the mesh allows for air to flow. [...] I was able to fit pairs of shoes side by side and his sandals fit one pair in each pocket with room to spare. It was good money spent and not expensive for the quality of the product."

13. Best Underwear Organizer

To keep everything in its place in your closet or dresser drawers, this much-loved set set of dividers has more than 3,000 reviews and will keep underwear and socks organized in non-woven fabric, mold-proof bins. You get four bins (available in seven colors, including turquoise, black, grey, and pink): a six-cell bin for scarves and ties, an eight-cell bin for underwear and/or ties, a seven-cell bin for bras, and a 24-cell bin for socks. They're easy to put together (no tools required), and fans absolutely love these bins for maintaining items after tidying up.

Fans say: "No matter how neatly I fold my bras and underwear, they always seem to become a big jumble in the drawer. These organizers are perfect for keeping everything in place, and you won't forget about those items you own that end up buried at the back."

14. Best Hanging Shelf Unit

If your current closet set up is limited on shelving, this hanging shelving unit can make room for some more shelves for clothes, shoes, or handbags (or all three). With over 1,500 reviews, you can trust these five shelves (with side mesh pockets!) will create more closet space. The unit hooks onto a standard closet rod or wire rack, and it's available in six different colors, including grey, pink, bronze, and red.

Fan say: "Great product. Only took a minute to assemble and hang. I am currently using it for jeans, slacks, shorts and sweaters. Despite having several garments in the cubbies, I haven't experienced any sag or compromised structural integrity. The mesh pockets (6) on the sides are great for small items like gloves, beanies, sunglasses, scarves, etc.I am very pleased with the price and quality, I only wish it came in more colors!"

15. Best Pants Organizer

To keep your pant or denim collection organized and less wrinkled, try this set of S-type stainless steel hangers. By stacking five pairs of pants on one vertical hanger, you'll create a lot more room in your closet. Plastic covers at the end of the rust-proof, scratch-resistant hangers keep pants from slipping. This pick can also be used for other items like ties, scarves, belts, and towels.

Fans say: "Doiown Pants Hangers S Shape were exactly what I was hoping they would be. They are extremely sturdy (a little [heavy] but not too heavy), they held my pants in place, due to the S shape you can quickly see what is on the entire hanger without having to move things around and give my closet that extra space I desperately needed. [...] I would clearly buy again and plan to :)"

16. Best Scarf Organizer

The best scarf and accessory hanger has more than 3,000 reviews and is made of durable, long-lasting steel. It's compact yet has 18 loops for storing scarves, belts, jewelry, shawls, ties, and even socks. Choose from several different finishes to match your decor, including chrome, bronze, pearl silver, and copper. No assembly required, just hang on a hook or closet rod to use.

Fans say: "I am trying to get a handle on my closet situation (overflowing disaster) so I bought a couple of these. I find them very useful/easy to use which means I will actually USE them. They work for all kinds of scarves (thick knitted/wool winter scarves fit well in the bigger circles, lighter weight pashminas and airy summery scarves in the smaller circles [...] I love having all my scarves in one place, easy to find, easy to put away. The metal hanger part is very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. Very good quality."

17. Best Cascading Hangers

This space-saving skirt hanger vertically hangs up to four skirts, pants, or scarves to maximize closet space. The hanger is made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel, and rubber coating on the clips won't crease your clothes while keeping items in place. Need even more storage? Versions for hanging six or 12 pieces are also available.

Fans say: "I LOVE the sturdy quality of this skirt hanger! It is even strong enough to hang two skirts to each row. It keeps all of my skirts neatly organized - the same way the pants organizers do - and it keeps out the creases they got from being folded on a shelf. Saves so much time in the mornings by easily finding which one I want to wear and saves so much space in my closet! I think it's time to go buy more skirts!!"

18. A Sturdy Shoe Rack

If your shoe collection extends either in or beyond your closet, create more room vertically with this three-tiered shoe shelf. The durable, slatted bamboo racks are resistant to moisture and store up to 12 pairs of shoes. Reviewers love using this easy-to-assemble and attractive shoe rack in closets or entryways.

Fans say: "This shoe rack is made out of natural material, is well made, nice and sturdy, and easy to assemble. I can get 12 pairs of adult womens' shoes on it. You can also assemble it so that the racks are flat or at an angle. The handles make it easy to move around in the closet if I need to."

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