Issa Rae Somehow Wasn't Nominated For A 2017 Emmy Award

John P. Fleenor/HBO

When the announcement was made on Thursday, fans were upset to discover that Insecure's Issa Rae was snubbed by the 2017 Emmy nominations. It certainly came as a huge shock to to many that Rae was not recognized in the Lead Actress In a Comedy Series, but even more so that Insecure was snubbed by the Emmys in the Outstanding Comedy Series category. It goes without saying that the critically-acclaimed series was definitely worthy of the recognition after its stellar breakout season last year.

Rae, the lead in the HBO series, is also the creator and producer of the show, which chronicles the black female perspective through the character of Issa Dee. Issa Dee's adventures, which are loosely based on Rae’s real life experiences, reflect the struggle of being an awkward 30something black woman in America.

The impeccable first season of Insecure seamlessly tackled social issues, such as, of course, racism, while lending insight to the cumbersome, relatable details of Issa’s life. So, it's a little hard to process that the series, and Rae’s talents, weren't rewarded for their efforts to bring a black woman to life in one of the few shows that allows black women to be leading ladies rather than sidekicks or tokens.

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

With the second season due to premiere on July 23, I'm calling it from now: the show better get a nod in next year’s nominations. Fans were banking on a win for both the series and Rae, and to get nothing — not even recognition — is definitely both disappointing and infuriating.