Jimmy Kimmel Interrupted People At A Movie During The Oscars & Twitter Was Like, Seriously?!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are so many things going down at the 90th Academy Awards. The speeches are long, the stars are drinking, and there are awards being given out left and right (of course). But one thing has a lot viewers scratching their heads in confusion. Jimmy Kimmel interrupted a theater of people watching A Wrinkle in Time during the Oscars and it was... weird.

As host for the Academy Awards, Kimmel has many bits or mini-monologues throughout the show, aside from his opening speech at the beginning of the ceremony. And there was a very long Kimmel bit in the middle of the show that not only had some confused, but also had many annoyed as hell.

Now, the Academy Awards are already super long. There are 23 categories, with long speeches and performances in between. So many actors go over their allotted time — if there really is such a thing — and of course there are commercials and other shenanigans that cause things to just go on for so long. Then this year, Kimmel added an extra long bit.

He gathered actors, including Gal Gadot, Ansel Elgort, Lupita Nyong'o, and Margot Robbie, to go across the street to a theater in the middle of an early screening of A Wrinkle In Time. There were hot dog guns involved and gift baskets full of candy. Basically, it was anyone's dream meet-and-greet with a celebrity. While cute and (maybe) a little strange, it would have been great for a talk show or maybe a skit somewhere else. However, on Hollywood's biggest (and already longest) night? It was seen as a bit irritating by many viewers.

One of the main criticisms was about the fact that, hello, Kimmel just barged into a theater of people getting an early screening of the much-anticipated A Wrinkle In Time. Ava DuVernay's blockbuster is coming to the big screen on March 9, and so many people are already super hyped to go see the movie due to its diversity and amazing women in front of and behind the camera.

There was a ton of discussion on the nature of the act, and how it affected both the audience at home, as well as the audience in that very theatre (along with those actors involved).

Even DuVernay herself commented on the event, using in a nicely placed gif from the movie. The director's response was in good fun, and showed the characters in the movie looking around surprised at what they were seeing. The kids in the film are all turning their heads, of course imitating what the people in the actual theater did (because, duh).

Overall, most were super annoyed with this theater joke, no matter how good-natured it seemed. There was also a communal "huh" from everyone watching, and that's not really something you want to go for as host of a major award show.

Also, does this seem like a familiar stunt? One that's happened before? Maybe, as recently as last year? Well, that's because something similar did happen last year. At the 89th Academy Awards, Kimmel performed a similar bit, but instead of going to the civilians, he brought them to the celebrities.

And even when this went down last year, there was a lot of confusion, although the skit was more novel at the time, so the reactions weren't as one-sided as they were this time.

In all honesty, though, the people in that theater were probably freaking the hell out. How would you feel if Lupita Nyong'o handed you gummy bears, or if Ansel Elgort really did shoot you in the face with a hot dog? Probably pretty elated. And anyway, they weren't watching the very long Oscars broadcast, so the issue of it making the show even longer wouldn't both them one bit.