These 2019 Oscar Nominations Snubs Are Going To Sting For A While

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While some are celebrating their Academy Award nominations, others are feeling a bit deflated after this morning's announcement. And don't worry, Twitter has their back. Along with some surprises — Roma's Marina de Tavira for Supporting Actress – there are more than a few 2019 Oscar nomination snubs that need to be discussed. At the very least, they deserve to be recognized, if only to help fans get through this period of mourning. Like, can you believe that Emily Blunt's missing from the acting categories for A Quiet Place. Did the Academy not see Blunt's mastery in that silent birthing scene?!

These are the people and movies many were rooting for leading up to the nominations, which were announced this morning (Jan. 22). None felt like shoo-ins. Instead, these were the long shot nominees with a lot of fan support that most hoped would just squeak in there. Let's put Crazy Rich Asians in that category. But even knowing this, these snubs are still really gonna sting until the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 24.

So, let's take a moment or two to get a little worked up over those who the Academy rebuffed. But, remember, this is really a celebration of those who may have been forgotten by the Oscars, but will always have a place in movie fans' hearts.


Claire Foy — Best Supporting Actress

Despite being a staple in this category throughout this awards season, First Man's Claire Foy missed out on the Oscar nomination.


Timothée Chalamet — Best Supporting Actor

Despite being internet's favorite boyfriend, he didn't manage to get a second Oscar nomination for Beautiful Boy, which means we won't get to see him walk the red carpet with his new bestie Glenn Close.


Elsie Fisher Isn't A Best Actress Nominee

Elsie Fisher is so good in Eighth Grade that for better or worse she takes you back to eighth grade, but sadly that wasn't enough to get her an Oscar nomination. Bummer.

Worse, may be that the movie didn't receive any nominations. Definitely not Gucci.


Nothing For 'Crazy Rich Asians'

For all that Crazy Rich Asians did for Hollywood, the Academy didn't do anything for the movie. The film didn't receive any nominations.


Emily Blunt Shut Out In Acting Categories

Emily Blunt gave two great performances this year in Mary Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place, but ended up being shut out completely. Can you imagine that?


'Won't You Be My Neighbor?' – Best Documentary

Mr. Rogers would probably have something nice to say about the Oscar nominations, which snubbed the doc Won't You Be My Neighbor?, we're just gonna say nothing.


Ryan Coogler – Best Director

It's nice to see Black Panther get a much-deserved Best Picture nomination, but it's a little sad that Ryan Coogler didn't get one for directing.


Bradley Cooper Is Not Best Director Material

With his first film, Bradley Cooper got a lot of pat on the backs, but he won't get a Best Director statue since he wasn't even nominated. But, don't feel too bad for Bradley, he did get three nominations: Best Actor, Best Screenplay, and Best Picture for A Star Is Born.


No Best Picture For 'A Quiet Place'

While A Quiet Place did get some love in the technical categories, it couldn't land the biggest nomination, Best Picture.


'If Beale Street Could Talk' – Best Picture

As beautiful as Barry Jenkins' follow-up to Moonlight is, it just couldn't land that Best Picture nomination. Thankfully, the movie wasn't completely shut out, earning a Best Supporting Actress nom for Regina King and a nod for Best Score.


'Burning' Left Out Of Best Foreign Language Film

This was a real competitive year for foreign films, but the Burning hive is lit up over this South Korean movie not getting in there. Now all of us suffer because none of us will get to see Steven Yeun all dressed up for the big night.


'Widows' Gets Completely Ignored

Viola Davis and her amateur den of thieves were shut out at this year's Oscars and that is a damn shame since any of those women deserved a nomination. And let's not even get started on Bryan Tyree Henry being left out for both this and If Beale Street Could Talk.


Poor Ethan Hawke

After picking up award after award for his turn in First Reformed, the Hawke man ended up coming up empty handed. At least, we'll always have his amazing press tour.


John David Washington – Best Actor

There's a lot of reasons for the BlacKkKlansman cast to celebrate. Hello, six nominations including Spike Lee's first directing nod. But it's still a shame that John David Washington didn't earn his first nomination for playing the lead role in the film.


Michael B. Jordan Was Done Dirty

First Creed, now no nomination for his complicated villain in Black Panther? Michael B. Jordan deserves an apology.


Ryan Gosling In No Man's Land

People might have loved Ryan Gosling in First Man, but the Academy didn't show him any love this time around. If he needs consoling, though, there's probably a lot of people who are willing to help.


'Paddington 2' – Best Animated Feature

This adorable bear deserved a chance at the gold. Instead, he'll have to settle for another marmalade sandwich.


Female Directors

The Best Directing category this year is all male, which isn't all that surprising since only five women have ever been nominated in that category. But knowing that doesn't make this year's shut out any less disappointing.


Toni Collette – Best Actress

Toni Collette's horrifying turn in Hereditary was giving fans everything, but apparently it wasn't enough for the Academy.

Not happy with this year's Oscar nominations? Don't worry, you can always have your own movie marathon in solidarity with those who didn't make the cut.