The 21 Best Transgender Visibility Day Tweets That Will Inspire & Educate You

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On Friday, March 31 we celebrate International Transgender Visibility Day. Created in 2009, the holiday was meant as a solution to the lack of inclusive celebrations for transgender people within the LGBT community. A day was needed to highlight the successes of transgender people around the world. Since its creation, International Trans Visibility Day has been dedicated to honoring leaders in the trans community, raising awareness of victories, and remembering all of the work that has yet to be done, according to the Trans Day of Visibility website. The theme this year is trans resistance, specifically focusing on creating direct action to counter transphobia.

This is incredibly important considering the United States is currently under an administration which is working to remove laws which protect trans rights. On top of government pushback, the trans community has also faced exclusion within the LGBT rights movement and the feminist movement. This needs to stop, and Trans Visibility Day stands as a reminder of how the community is under-supported.

So use this day as an opportunity to stand as a friend in this fight or, if you are transgender yourself, keep being unapologetically you. There are plenty of ways to show your support, with one being the main Trans Visibility Day event, taking place in San Francisco on the evening of March 31. Not in the area? A live stream will also be available through their Facebook page. Read on for more inspiring messages and advice on how to help elevate this amazing community.

1. The Hard Facts

2. Race Creates An Even Harder Situation For Many

3. In Public Or Not, You Are Who You Are

4. You Have The Power

5. Always Remember This

6. Everyone Is Just Trying To Live And Be Happy

7. Religion Can Be Inclusive

8. Support All Types Of People

9. This Senator Understands

10. Healthcare And Education For All

11. You Better Believe It

12. Gender Shouldn't Define What Room We Use

13. A Beautiful Soul

14. Consideration Is Everything

15. Be An Ally For Change

16. Never Stop Being Who You Are

17. An Adorable And Accurate Explanation

18. For All Who Know Who They Really Are

19. Seriously, Get Over It

20. Always Keep Fighting For Equality

21. What You Can Do Today And Everyday

Equality doesn't exist until it is something we all have and all feel. Take the time to listen to the stories of the amazing transgender individuals who populate this world, making it a better place for all.