The 22 Funniest Lines From Netflix's 'Set It Up' On Netflix, Hands Down

A solid rom-com is hard to come by these days. Sure, there are plenty of romantic movies out there, and a lot of funny movies, but finding the perfect combination of the two can prove difficult. Fortunately, Netflix has some great options, like the new film Set It Up. The movie, streaming now, brings back many of the classic rom-com tropes that make the genre so popular — including plenty of humor. Reading the 22 funniest lines from Netflix's Set It Up will make you want to run home to your laptop ASAP if you haven't seen the movie yet, and even if you have seen it, you'll most definitely want to conduct a re-watch.

Part of what makes Set It Up so fun to watch is the hilarious wit of its main characters. Harper (Zoey Deutch) is an assistant at a sports magazine who wants to become a contributor to the publication someday. Charlie (Glen Powell) similarly has dreams of a promotion, but apart from their future career goals, the two just mostly want their bosses to hook up so that they can have more time away from the office as a result. Since so much of the premise is based on a set-up to get two people to have sex with each other, you can bet that the humor gets a little raunchy. From vulgarities to wordplay to straight up sarcasm, Set It Up is filled with lines that make it an all-around hilarious movie.

"There's no pizza on this roof, so I have to go."

Harper has to leave her friend's rooftop party because she has her priorities straight.

"One is a beautiful woman with dark hair and a fierceness that's both scary and inspiring. The other is a guy."

When Harper describes her boss, she really nails her adjectives.

"This is where Kim threw Kanye's half-birthday party."

Charlie's girlfriend Suze (Joan Smalls) has impressively specific Kardashian West knowledge.

"Oh my god! We're not old enough to get married."

Harper speaks for so many people when she says this in reaction to her friend's engagement.

"Don't pee, don't zone out, don't sneeze."

If you want to work for a difficult boss, you've got to follow the rules. These are the ones that Charlie lays out.

"I could sense the possibility of strength in his touch. Kind of like when Koko was petting that tiny kitten."

Kirsten (Lucy Liu) makes this hilarious comparison while describing her date with Rick (Taye Diggs).

"I wanna f*ck this pizza."

Possibly the funniest line of the movie, or at least the most weirdly relatable one. It's uttered by Charlie.

"A lot of people proposed to me in my 20s. I could be thrice divorced by now."

Kirsten clearly has a cynical view of marriage.

"When you get promoted, you can be one of those rich guys that donates supplies. So you don't feel so bad. We love that guy, we make him a card every year."

Charlie's roommate, Duncan (Pete Davidson), says this hilarious line when describing how his school relies on rich people's guilt.

"Pencils can be all lengths and girths, so the joke's on him"

After Rick calls his intern "Pencil Dick," the intern takes it in stride.

"'Can you grow plants down here?' 'Oh no, they just slowly die.'"

Creepy Tim doesn't buy plants to nurture them — he buys plants to watch them die, apparently.

"Kirsten's like if Miss Piggy and Voldemort had a baby and that baby had low blood sugar and hadn't had sex in a year." "Don't talk about babies having sex, what's wrong with you?"

Harper is a writer, but this is one strange comparison, and Charlie calls her out on it.

"Don't be one of those women that can't say c*nt."

Kirsten wants to keep things real and un-filtered with Harper, and Liu's delivery of this line is priceless.

"The only thing I love more than love is love in enclosed spaces."

Creepy Tim (Tituss Burgess) has a small part in the movie, but boy does it have an impact.

"It's the over-dick-around thing. I over-dicked it."

Harper creates a hilarious and relatable new term that you'll need to use immediately in your own life.

"We can't just kick them out of their nest because they're baby birds, and they are careening to their death."

Again, Harper demonstrates her way with words with a silly metaphor for the bosses.

"He tried to fire a mailman today. Mailmen work for the U.S. government."

Never underestimate the power of an angry CEO — he might even try to act on behalf of the U.S. government.

"Screw Golf Guy." "I did screw Golf Guy, that's why I'm having this frigging problem."

Harper gets ghosted by a guy after they have sex and then she has the perfect joke for a response when Charlie says, "screw him."

"If my 15-year-old self would see me now, he would punch me in the dick."

Charlie has a moment when he realizes that his teenage self wouldn't necessarily approve of his current life.

"'All I care about is that I'm not still an assistant when I'm 28 years old. That's when it gets really sad." "I'm 28." "Oh my God I'm so sorry. For you. That's very sad for you."

Harper is ruthless when teasing Charlie about his age and lower-level position.

"People call me Creepy Tim?... I love it."

Creepy Tim provides a surprising response that shows how he lives up to his name.

"I think I've seen the Lindsay Lohan classic enough times to know that we're full on 'Parent Trapping.' Hard."

Charlie has seen Parent Trap as much as you have, and yes, "Parent Trapping" is a verb.

Set It Up has plenty of romantic moments, but it also has a heck of a lot of hilarity, as every good rom-com does.