27 Best "Covfefe" Jokes That Will Ruin Autocorrect For Good

by Jessicah Lahitou
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Trump tweeting in the wee hours of the morning is not news at this point, but Wednesday's addition was a thing to behold. The president tweeted "Despite the negative press covfefe," perhaps an attempt to rail against negative press coverage, but ended up creating a new genre of "covfefe"-inspired jokes at Trump's expense.

While social media can be a dangerous tool for any public figure, perhaps no one has more at stake in posting online than the president. As a presidential candidate, he was the subject of regular critiques for his fast and easy ways with grammar, spelling, and facts.

But Twitter seems like a good fit for Trump — it's reportedly the only app he has on his phone. And considering the reputation the social network has earned as the internet's "angry corner," so to speak, Trump seems to be the human embodiment of a 140-character tweet. He's been known to go on late night and early morning tweet storms, blasting the media or his other "enemies" in ways that any rational person might look back in regret in the harsh light of day.

This "covfefe" tweet might have been deleted since — followed by an attempt to brush it off as a joke — but it lives on on the internet. After all, Twitter may forgive, but it does not forget.


Salt Bae usually looks... not quite like this

This imagining of Trump as the singular Salt Bae doing his salt bae-ing with "covfefe" earns the most laughs from this writer.


Any Russian speakers in the house?

Grammatically, this makes no sense in the context of Trump's original tweet. But, then again, the word "covfefe" makes no sense in any context, so maybe it could mean "I resign" in Russian, right?


Is this "Dungeons & Dragons" or "LOTR"?

I should have brushed up on my Tolkien, but it probably doesn't matter, because any Middle Earth-type fantasy works here. Much respect for whoever is behind the @CovfefeW and @CovfefeS Twitter accounts for this magical response.


Sci-fi will not be left out

Look, I haven't seen Invasion, but I know the premise involves Amy Adams' character trying to establish communication with an alien species. Might they know what "covfefe" means?


Remember this guy?

Trump's doctor made headlines of his own by releasing what amounted to the most ridiculous "doctor's note" of health most of us had ever read. Maybe he could define "covfefe?"


Even a spelling champ won't know this one

Hey, guess what's on ESPN this week? The Scripps National Spelling Bee, that's what! Those brilliant youngsters won't be confronted with "covfefe," though. It's not an entry in the competition's standard Merriam-Webster's Unabridged edition (or any dictionary, anywhere, ever, for that matter).


Don't give up yet, Jimmy

"Covfefe" is hilarious, but comedic gold can strike more than once a generation...


Looks like Clippy's developed an attitude over the last few decades

This is what might happen if you asked for "covfefe" help, circa the turn of the 21st century.


The follow-up scent to "Complicit"

There's a nice alliterative bonus for "covfefe," if it wants to, you know, become the sister scent to "Complicit."


Is that fair to Michael Scott?

America's favorite boss in the corner office might tweet "covfefe." The more I think about it, the more plausible it seems, actually.

Meme on, Michael Scott. Meme on.


"Covfefe" has all the letters we need for "coffee." NOOOOOO!!!

What would "Despite all the negative press coffee" mean? Has Trump taken note of all those caffeine addicts, otherwise known as journalists? As a non-coffee drinker, is he biased against "negative" coffee consumers, be they press members or anyone else?

I'd appreciate a professional linguist theorist's take on this, please.


Autocorrect can be funny... and wise?

But when I type "covfefe," it just brings up "covfefe." The bots are smart (and fast!) indeed.


Looks like a fun office

There's an office prankster in this place, and I am not complaining.


What would life be like without the Urban Dictionary?

Answer: a world without this "definition" of "covfefe."


Overseas and oblivious

Watch this clip of Trump exiting his photo op with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Then imagine the tweet reads: "Despite all the negative press spicy food." Yeah, it plays.


Focus and re-focus

I'm always skeptical that these media gaffes are really planned stunts on Trump's part, meant to drive the news cycle away from some other, much more important story. But might it actually be more concerning if they weren't intentional? Please discuss.


So that's how it's pronounced!

Say "cuv-fey-fey" aloud a few times. The definition here will make you laugh in a kind of hilarious, that's-too-true-I'm-really-uncomfortable way.


Sean Spicer, don't ever resign

Melissa McCarthy's rendition of White House head spokesperson Sean Spicer is too sweet to lose. Keep that job, Spicer. Keep it for life.


Obligatory "Simpsons" joke

There you go.


Imitation is the highest form of flattery

"Lorftimez" is also fun to say aloud. May "covfefe" memories last as long indeed!


Pride cometh before a 'covfefe'

Maybe Trump shouldn't have so boldly declared his own heights of education, acquirements in the vocabulary department...


'Princess Bride' reference? Yes.

"Inconceivable!" "Incovfefeable!"


Seriously, wag the dog is a possibility

Again, there's the U.S. exit from the Paris climate deal, there's the ongoing investigation into Trump's administration ties to Russia, there's the ACHA... There's a lot of news that it would benefit Trump to drown out with something eye-catching; something, perhaps, like "covfefe."


Some Trump surrogates' take-away

The reason this is the first you're hearing of "covfefe"? Obama negligence, naturally!


Obligatory "GOT" reference

I don't watch Game of Thrones. But I do know about Hodor, and his endearing presence on HBO's monster hit series, based on the books by George R.R. Martin. So here's how you get from "Hold the door" to "covfefe."


Stefon breaks down the Covfefe nightclub scene

Bill Hader's singular Stefon, a recurring character on Saturday Night Live, gives wild and non-sequitur-filled descriptions of "hot" nightclubs that make them sound absolutely horrifying. That seems about right for a club called "Covfefe."


Trump should take Al Franken's definition seriously next time

Late-night tweets are rarely a good idea. Most adults have figured that out.

Whatever Trump meant by it, the fact that the original tweet remained on his Twitter feed undeleted for several hours is a seeming testament to a comfort with being mocked endlessly for the spelling error. And to be honest, that worries me.

But "covfefe" on, Twitter. Comedic release is an important component of political life right now.