The 29 Most Effective Home Workout Products Under $40

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Working out at home can be difficult without the right equipment. Sure, you could bust out a couple dozen jumping jacks for free, but what fun is that? And don't get me started on running, because I don't do it — ever. Instead, I simply rely on all the effective home workout products that can help you get fit.

It doesn't matter what part of your body you're looking to tone, because there's definitely a product on Amazon that can help. I've made sure to include ab rollers that glide across your floors, balance discs to help train stabilizer muscles, and a pilates ring for a little variety. Or, if you're looking to save a little money, there are even decks of cards that feature bodyweight exercises printed on them. My personal favorite? The resistance bar that adds some extra "oomph" to your living room squats — and at less than $35, it's an absolute steal.

You don't have to miss a workout on those days where you can't go to the gym. And if a gym membership is too expensive for your budget, I've made sure that each of these clever products cost less than $40. So what are you waiting for? Your next great home workout is just a few clicks away.

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These Little Discs That Are Effective & Compact AF

Not only are these compact core sliders easy to travel with, but they're also simple to use wherever you go. Lay them on the floor and use them for planking, mountain climbing, and more. Bonus: They're double-sided with foam and plastic, which means they're suitable for both hardwood floors and carpeted surfaces.


The Gliding Ab Roller With Ergonomic Hand Grips

Laying on the ground to do sit-ups can leave your spine feeling sore — so try using this ab roller. The grips are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands, and the wide roller gives you added stability as you move back and forth.


A Balance Disc That Helps Engage Your Core

Just place this balance disc on your home office chair, and it'll force you to constantly engage your core in order to remain sitting upright. It also works great as a quick cushion while sitting on the floor, and the raised massage points can help stimulate blood flow in your muscles.


The Set Of Resistance Bands That Come With A Waterproof Tote

This set offers resistance bands that you can use on the go. You can layer the bands on top of each other to stack their weight (up to 150 pounds), and the ankle straps make it easy to tone your legs. Each order also comes with a waterproof travel bag.


The Cycle Pedals That Fit Right Underneath Your Desk

If you're stuck at a home desk all day (or if you're like me, your kitchen table), set this mini cycle system underneath it. That way, you can pedal while you're working. You can even customize your workout with its tension controlling knob.


These Color-Coded Resistance Bands With Different Strengths

Unlike most resistance bands, this set comes with different strengths that are all color-coded. You can use them to tone muscles all over your body, including your legs, arms, abs, back, and more. Plus, each order also comes with an online video workout guide to help guide you.


This Exercise Ball That's Durable And Explosion-Proof

Sitting on an exercise ball when it pops can by scary, so make sure to keep yourself safe by using this one that's anti-burst up to 2,000 pounds. It's made from durable material, and you can easily use it to tone muscles, soothe your mind during yoga, or even improve your posture.


The Thick Exercise Mat That Folds Up So It's Easy To Carry

Unlike regular exercise mats, this super-padded one folds up into three parts so that it's easy to transport around your home (or even to the gym). The vinyl cover is resistant to tears, and the carrying handles on the side are a convenient touch.


The Assorted Dumbbells For Lifting In Your TV Room

If you'd rather not add a bulky workout machine into your space, opt for these dumbbells. You can choose from weights between 3 and 8 pounds, and they all come on a holder. And since they're made with an outer grip, they're comfortable to use.


The Book That Gives You Inspiration For New Yoga Poses

If you only know a few yoga poses off the top of your head, make sure to grab this book. It offers different yogas poses that you can do from a chair, so you won't need to find a mat (or extra space for it). Take a break from work and strike a pose or practice while watching TV.


A Pilates Ring That's Perfect For Toning Thighs And Abs

The next time you're unable to hit pilates class, just use this ring in the comfort of your own home. It's super-lightweight so that it's easy to maneuver as you move, and the comfortable handles give you a better grip as you exercise.


The Abdominal Machine That Has A Cozy Head Cushion

If your sit-ups need some added resistance in order to get you feeling the burn, just add this abdominal machine to your workout routine. The soft head cushion makes it a bit more comfortable to perform crunches. Plus, it's ergonomically designed to help eliminate back and neck strain.


A Thigh Master That Helps Tone Your Legs And Butt

Squats can leave your back feeling sore, so keep it protected by exercising your legs with this thigh master. The spring provides resistance as you squeeze, and it's made from super-durable steel that can withstand the test of time. It's compact enough that you can easily keep it under your bed or couch, and you can also use it on your arms.


The Resistance Bar That's Perfect For At-Home Pilates

Use it for at-home pilates, or even use this resistance bar for yoga or stretching exercises. It's super-portable, so you can even use it while you're on vacation — and you can easily use it to tone muscles all over your body (including your legs, back, butt, arms, and more).


A Weighted Jump Rope That Helps Gets Your Heart Rate Up

Running is the bane of my existence, which is why I get my cardio from jumping rope. This weighted jump rope has sleek aluminum handles that are covered with anti-slip silicone, and the entire rope weighs almost 1 pound. You can choose from two colors: black or red.


The Push-Up Handles That Can Hold Up To 400 Pounds

Looking to get the most out of your push-ups? Then you'll definitely want these portable handles. The height helps increase your range of motion so that you can perform deeper push-ups, and the comfortable, rotating hand grips help prevent cramps while you're exercising.


A Yoga Mat That Comes With A Handy Carrying Strap

Made from high-density foam, this yoga mat helps cushion your body against the floor as you stretch. Both sides are non-slip to give you added stability, and it's even moisture-resistant to help keep it safe from sweat. Each order also comes with a carrying strap.


This Weighted Hula Hoop That's Lined With Foam

Not only does it come in detachable pieces for easy storage, but this hula hoop is also heavier than the others (coming in at 3.3 pounds). It's suitable for beginners as well as more advanced hoopers, and it's made with plastic that's lined with foam padding.


A Step Platform With Non-Slip Grooves On The Top

This aerobic stepper has a non-slip top and adjustable height settings, so you can get a workout in that's made for you. You can use it to get a quick pump while you watch television, and then you can dissemble it and store it until you want to work out again.


These Yoga Blocks Made From Dense Foam

Help ease yourself into those extra-deep stretches with these yoga blocks. They're made from dense foam that helps keep your hands comfortable as you pose, and they can even help with deeper stretches when you need them.


A Yoga Wheel That Can Help Increase Your Flexibility

Made from high-quality TPE, this yoga wheel is super-sturdy and features padding to keep you cozy as you stretch. Each order also features a non-slip outer layer to make workouts a bit sturdier, and it's great for beginners as well as more advanced yogis.


The Strap That Helps You Perform Extra-Deep Stretches

Unlike other stretching straps, this one is made from nylon that's extra-durable. It's great for warming up before the gym as well as cooling down afterwards, and it's also useful for performing those super-deep stretches that normally require help from a second person.


A Kettlebell You Can Use To Tone Your Whole Body

You can use this 5-pound kettlebell for squats, deadlifts, snatches, and more — all within the comfort of your own home. The vinyl coating helps keep your floors safe from accidental scuffs, and the textured handles allow for a secure grip.


A Padded Pull-Up Bar That Fits In Your Doorway

Work on your upper body strength with this pull-up bar that fits right inside your doorway. The bar features padded handles and four grip options, so you can do pull-ups and chin-ups in wide, neutral, and hammer stances. Plus, it doesn't require any installation.


These High-Rise Yoga Pants With A Convenient Pocket

Even when you're working out at home, it feels good to feel good in your yoga pants. This high-rise pair is made with four-way stretch material material and features pockets for added convenience. They won't become transparent when squatting, and the pants are available in six colors: dark grey, light grey, olive, purple, pink, and black.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large


This Muscle Roller Stick That Warms Up Your Body To Prevent Injury

Prevent injury by using this muscle roller to warm up before a workout, or use it after you're done sweating to speed up recovery. The independent rollers won't snag on your hair, and it's made from high-quality thermoplastic rubber. Use it on your quads, calves, traps, hamstring, and lower back.


A Mini Trampoline That Makes For A Surprisingly Good Workout

According to the American Council on Exercise, jumping on a mini trampoline is just as effective as going for a run. (It's also perhaps the most effective way to release some pent-up energy.) This 36-inch trampoline features six sturdy legs with protective padding over the springs, and you can choose from one with a handle.


An Affordable Fitness Tracker That'll Help You Reach Your Goals

Let this (totally affordable) fitness tracker serve as your at-home personal trainer. The Bluetooth-enabled device tracks steps, heart rate, floors climbed, sleep, and more. It also has several sport modes so you can track activity while you're playing basketball, cycling, and jumping rope. It's slim, lightweight, and even water-resistant.


A Cooling Towel That'll Keep You From Overheating

An absolute necessity if you're exercising without air conditioning, this cooling towel can be chilled to 30 degrees below body temperature. All you have to do is wet the towel, wring out, then snap to activate the cooling technology. It's super thin and can be wrapped around your body (including around your head like a handkerchief) and stays cool for two hours.

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