The 3 Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

Air frying can give your foods the delicious crunch that you typically get with regular frying — without the messy oil. But if your kitchen counter can't handle another device, you might want to consider replacing your toaster with an air fryer and toaster oven hybrid. The best air fryer toaster ovens can do everything an air fryer can do — plus they can roast veggies, bake cookies, or reheat leftovers.

When picking out an air fryer toaster oven, consider these factors:

  • Functions: A typical air fryer toaster oven will most likely be able to, at minimum, air fry, bake, broil, toast, and keep food warm. But some picks offer additional functions, such as the ability to dehydrate foods or even slow cook. Consider whether these additional features are worthwhile for your needs because they often affect the price tag.
  • Capacity: The size of an air fryer toaster oven can greatly vary; some are big enough to literally hold a (small) turkey, while others are better suited for making smaller amounts of food, like a couple of pieces of toast. Remember, the bigger the capacity, the larger the machine is overall (aka the more counter space it will take up).
  • Ease of use: Some air fryer toaster ovens come with a variety of pre-programmed cooking options that help to take a lot of the guesswork out of using the machine. You can also choose from a machine that has actual knobs or a digital display, depending on personal preference.
  • Accessories: An added perk? Some air fryer toaster ovens include some seriously helpful accessories, like rotisserie forks or a pizza pan, so be on the lookout for those.
  • Price: Air fryer toaster ovens can vary in price. But you don't need to miss out if you're on a budget — I included a more affordable option among my picks.

Enjoy some seriously crispy food while saving counter space with these three top air fryer toaster ovens:

1. The Best Overall Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This air fryer toaster oven from Emeril Lagasse has all the cooking power you'd expect from the renowned chef's brand; five all-over heating elements mimic a commercial-quality oven so that food cooks evenly regardless of what you’re making. And you can use this oven to cook pretty much anything. The 930-cubic-inch capacity oven is big enough to roast a whole turkey if you choose. The LCD display features 12 helpful cooking functions (air fry, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate, toast, reheat, roast, broil, bagel, pizza, warm/reheat, and even slow cook) to make the entire experience easier. This pick comes with a variety of useful accessories, including a crisper tray, rotisserie spit, pizza rack, baking pan, drip tray, and — of course — a cookbook with recipes written by Emeril Lagasse himself.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “I am so in love with this product. I can't even call it an airfryer, because it does EVERTHING!! 5 stars is an understatement. It has replaced my other airfryer, my toaster, my rotisserie oven, and my microwave. Super perfect for the summer time too. I can use it instead of the oven which makes the whole house hot.”

2. The Runner-Up: A Fan-Favorite Air Fryer Toaster Oven With Fewer Settings But Bigger Size

Amazon reviewers have tons of good things to say about this sleek-looking air fryer toaster oven from Cuisinart, as evidenced by the 4.2-star rating this pick boasts on the site. With seven helpful functions (air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, warm, and toast) the inside of this oven is bigger than the first pick (at 1036.8 cubic inches), so it can totally handle a bunch of different foods. Roast an entire four-pound chicken, toast six slices of bread, air fry three pounds of chicken wings, or bake a 12-inch pizza… the options are virtually endless. That said, this pick has fewer settings than the Emeril Lagasse toaster oven (you use four knobs to make adjustments), but hey, sometimes less is more.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “What a wonderful kitchen addition this is! We were looking at air fryers, but don't have much counter space, so were delighted when we found this combination toaster/convection oven, and air fryer. It is easy to operate, easy to clean and keep clean. And, best of all, works great. We love having our French fries again, without the guilt of all that excess oil. We have tried 3 kinds of frozen fries, plus fresh fries, and they have all cooked up deliciously........crunchy and crispy, soft inside.”

3. The Best Budget Air Fryer Toaster Oven

At less than half the price of the first two picks, this air fryer toaster oven from Black+Decker is certainly nice on the wallet. But don’t worry — despite being significantly cheaper, it’s still an effective kitchen gadget that features five cooking functions that you'll use on the regular: bake, broil, toast, keep warm, and of course, air fry. The capacity of the oven isn’t specified, but it can hold a 9-by-13-inch pan and even toast up to eight slices of bread at the same time. The three control knobs are user friendly, so you don’t have to waste any time trying to figure out how to work super complicated controls. And the included air fry basket, bake/broil rack and pan fit perfectly into the oven, making it easy to insert and remove food.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “It does everything and does it very well! I have baked breads, muffins of all kinds, cooked salmon, french fries, onion rings in the Air Fry, grilled cheese sandwiches all with superb out come! Easy & delicious! Easy to clean! Quiet! Beware outside gets hot so be careful! Fine on my countertop! Small foot print for the room inside oven! Nice looking!”

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