These Are The Best Anal Vibrators On The Market — & They're All On Amazon

While vibrators were once typically thought to be reserved for folks with vaginas and clitorises, this is a supremely short-sighted view of everyone's favorite sex toy. These buzzing beauties can serve many more areas of the body aside from the clit and the G-spot. Vibrators feel great on nipples, on the perineum, and, it turns out, in your anus. But vaginal vibrators and anal vibrators are not the same, and what works for one body part might not work for another. Enter: the best anal vibrators on the market (that you can buy online!)

Most anal vibrators are designed to hit the prostate, which is the gland that wraps around the neck of your bladder. Most people who have penises have a prostate — and it's located in a different spot in the anus than the G-spot is in the vagina, and it responds to a different kind of sensation. That's why certain vibrators that are great for vaginal masturbation won't feel as great for anal stimulation.

All that said, even folks with vaginas, or those who don't have a prostate, can still enjoy an anal vibrator. The anus has an incredibly high concentration of nerve endings, making it a fun spot to stimulate during play.

Regardless of your anatomy, keeping one of the best anal sex toys in your goodie drawer can offer a lot of fun. Ahead, the three best you can buy on Amazon.


Best Finger-Shaped Vibrator

The best anal vibrator for beginners has to be the Loverbeby three-in-one prostate stimulator. It's the shape and size of a finger, which most experts recommend as the starting point for anal penetration. Your anus doesn't stretch like a vagina does, so it's important to start small and go slow when using a new toy. But just because this toy is tiny, that doesn't mean it doesn't pack a serious punch. It has nine vibration speeds but still manages to be whisper-quiet, and it also comes with a remote control, which means you and your partner can play from far away.


The Best Anal & Perineum Massager

Like the G-spot, the perineum can be stimulated both internally and externally — or both at the same time with the Lnabni prostate massager. The ribbed shaft, which is shaped like anal beads, slips inside your butt while the shorter arm wraps along your perineum. Together, these two arms can rock you to orgasm deftly and quickly. It has nine vibration speeds and is super quiet. And since it comes with a remote control, you can use it on your own in any position or get your partner involved. Either way, you'll get two sensations for the price of one.


The Best Vibrating Butt Plug

If you love a traditional butt plug, then the Paloqueth rotating anal vibrator is for you. It slides in just like a plug does, with the flared base to keep it in place — but what it also does is rotate and vibrate like a penis. You can use this as a stand-alone for masturbation, or, if you have a vagina, slip it into your butt while engaging in vaginal sex. Plus, since it comes with a remote control, you can slip it in before you go out and play in public, which is always a bit of naughty fun.


Don't Forget: A Bottle Of Water-Based Lube To Use With Your Toys

If you plan on using an anal vibrator, you're likely going to need some lube. LubeLife's H2O Anal Lubricant was made specifically with anal use in mind, and it's safe to use with most sex toys, as well as rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms. Compared to many other silicone-based lubes, reviewers say this one lasts much longer. Plus, a little goes a long way.

As one reviewer puts it, the non-staining formula "has a thick, slick and non-sticky feel of a silicone [lube] yet is a water-based lube." Another fan writes, "Amazing product! Effective, long lasting, and taste is mild if you get it in your mouth ... What’s more: don’t need much to do the job."

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