The 3 Best Anal Vibrators

While vibrators were once typically thought to be reserved for folks with vaginas and clitorises, this is a supremely short-sighted view of everyone's favorite sex toy. These buzzing beauties can serve many more areas of the body aside from the clit and the G-spot. Vibrators feel great on nipples, on the perineum, and, it turns out, in your anus. But vaginal vibrators and anal vibrators are not the same, and what works for one body part might not work for another. Enter: the best anal vibrators on the market (that you can buy online!)

Most anal vibrators are designed to hit the prostate, which is the gland that wraps around the neck of your bladder. Most people who have penises have a prostate — and it's located in a different spot in the anus than the G-spot is in the vagina, and it responds to a different kind of sensation. That's why certain vibrators that are great for vaginal masturbation won't feel as great for anal stimulation.

All that said, even folks with vaginas, or those who don't have a prostate, can still enjoy an anal vibrator. The anus has an incredibly high concentration of nerve endings, making it a fun spot to stimulate during play.

Regardless of your anatomy, keeping one of the best anal sex toys in your goodie drawer can offer a lot of fun. Ahead, the three best you can buy on Amazon.