10 New Sex Toys To Give A Whirl

While not everyone may be having anal sex, more and more are, and anal sex myths are being demolished in the process. Instead, pieces about how great anal sex is and anal sex hacks that will make the experience even better, are becoming the norm. Sex toy stores like Babeland even have whole sections devoted to anal sex toys and not just for guys anymore ― anal sex toys made specifically with women in mind are finally all the rage, too.

When Salon’s report, “Anal Sex: Science’s Last Taboo," was released almost four years ago in 2012, anal sex was definitely a still a bit taboo, as the title cleared suggested. While we had seen anal sex discussed in Sex and the City , finding it mentioned on anything other than a cable channel was unheard of. But by the time 2014 rolled around, anal sex found its way into the media more and more. That year both The Mindy Project and Broad City addressed the anal sex topic, and New York Magazine had a whole column on butt play.

But anal is still a tricky territory to tackle. Women are less likely to try or enjoy it, because of stigmas, and those who do enjoy it, are hesitant about admitting that they like it. Which is fine; you’re not under any obligation to spill the beans about your sex life. But we need to remember that in denying it, we're just keeping the taboo surrounding anal sex alive.

Even if you’re not sure how feel about the whole anal thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a few anal sex toys just to give it a whirl or spice up your goody drawer in your nightstand.

Here are 10 anal sex toys that are the cat’s pajamas and worth checking out:

1. BumBum Vibrating Plug

When it comes to anal sex toys, the BumBum Vibrating Plug is small enough to be great for beginners. Its tip is tapered enough to make insertion, with lube, an easy task ― even for those who are new to anal play. Its best feature though is the fact that it vibrates, giving an extra bit of sensation that any anal play lover will thoroughly enjoy.

Bumbum Silicone Buddy Anal Vibe, $7, Amazon

2. Vibrating Mistress

For those you want an anal toy that's shaped like a penis, therefore making it feel like a penis in your butt, then you want to go with the Vibrating Mistress. This sex toy is great on a few levels because it can be used as a regular dildo, for either vaginal or anal penetration, or you can add a vibrator to give it some variation. For those who prefer to be penetrated anally with a strap-on, it fits right into a harness, too. It’s basically a toy that has it all, making it perfect for those looking to peg their male partner also.

Vibrating Mistress, $60, Babeland

3. Babeland Anal Beads

Anal beads are fantastic because they give you a sensation that a simple butt plug can’t ― not that I would ever knock the invention of the butt plug. However, anal beads, when pulled out or rather “zippered” out, as it says in the description, takes your orgasm to beyond amazing, like out into the great unknown type of amazing. They’re also easy to insert, especially these beads by Babeland, because they start small and very gradually get bigger. The handle allows for either you or your partner to pull with a quick motion, once you’re on the brink of climaxing.

Babeland Anal Beads, $17, Babeland

4. Icicles Daisy Plug

Truth be told, one of the major selling point of the Icicles Daisy Plug is how pretty it is. You could leave this thing on the mantle and people would think it's a work of art that you purchased on your last fancy vacation. But from a pleasure standpoint, it also delivers, too. The nonporous hypoallergenic glass makes for a weight sensation in your anus, which, during vaginal intercourse, feels wonderful in the butt. It can also be used at room temperature, or cold or hot, as the glass retains the temperature longer than silicone toys. You can actually put this little darling in the microwave to make things extra steamy.

Icicles Daisy Plug, $38, Babeland

5. B Balls

Oh, B Balls. One look at these bad boys and they can make someone early to the anal play game feel a bit intimidated, but don’t! The shape of B Balls offers something that anal plugs and anal beads do not: Anal stimulation that reactions to your motions. YES. Whether your sitting, standing, lying down, or have your body in whatever position you choose, you can feel endless stimulation with just a little rock of your hips. You can, if it’s your thing, even wear it under your clothes all day long. Suddenly sitting at a desk eight hours a day doesn’t seem so miserable, does it?

B Balls, $40, Babeland

6. Sharevibe

If you’re looking to experience double penetration, but aren’t sure you want to sign up for an MMF threesome with your partner, then you want the Sharevibe. This dildo, which also vibrates, is shaped to give you clitoral, G-spot, and, if your partner penetrates your ass while using this, anal stimulation, too. I know; you’re already shaking in your boots with excitement over this one. But, because we’re talking about anal toys, it can also be used anally, with clitoral stimulation. It also make for a great strap-on to use on both men and women.

Sharevibe, $130, Babeland

7. Ripple

Ripple is a happy medium between the B Ball anal plug and the Babeland anal beads. Each bulb gradually gets bigger as you make your way down to the base, but with a similar weight and shape of the B Balls, but with less intensity. Am I making any sense here? If not, the picture of the Ripple should say it all. It’s ideal for those who like more than beginner anal play, but aren’t full throttle into hardcore anal play... yet.

Tantus Ripple Plug, $18.50, Amazon

8. We-Vibe Pleasure Mates

When it comes to couples sex toys, We-Vibe has definitely made a name for itself, and the Pleasure Mates set is no different. With two silicone accessories and adapter that make them easy for play, this set offers both anal and G-spot satisfaction, as well as perineal stimulation for your male partner.

We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Kit, $157, Amazon

9. LELO Hugo

Although the LELO Hugo is marketed as a prostate massager, since women have butts, why should we go without this gem? We shouldn’t. What’s great about this anal toy is the fact that it has a remote control, which is exactly what’s needed if you want to put total control in the palm of your partner’s hands. From 12 meters away, your partner can decide which of the eight settings you get to experience, and when you're done it can be your partner’s turn ― after you wash it, of course. Anal play is awesome, but there is that bacterial factor to consider.

LELO Hugo Massager, $168, Amazon

10. Anal Pleasure And Health

Perhaps, not the most interesting “toy” on this list, but if you’re into anal play and want to make the most out of it, then it’s a necessary read. It’s the Butt Bible that every anal play or anal sex loving human needs to have within reach at all time ― well, that and lube, of course.

Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men, Women, and Couples, $14.96, Amazon

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