Amazon Shoppers Swear By These Genius Anchors To Keep Their Beach Umbrellas In Place Once & For All

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Generally speaking, a day at the beach should be all about relaxation and fun in the sun, not one mired in frustration because your umbrella keeps flying away. Luckily, the best beach umbrella anchors are easy to install and have been customer-tested time and time again to stay in place even when it gets windy.

When shopping for your anchor, there are two main types you’ll want to consider:


As its name implies, screw-in anchors are twisted into the sand for stability. This style requires some muscle to work into place, and screw-in umbrella anchors work best when used in semi-wet and compact sand. If your sand is loose and dry, you may not get what you bargained for, but this style is sturdy and super easy to remove at the end of the day.


Weighted umbrella anchors use sand that’s filled into pockets to keep your umbrella in place. This type of anchor is super user-friendly and requires far less muscle power than a screw-in style (even the kids can help). You can also stash snacks or reading material in the pockets for weight. However, at the end of the day, these need a little more work to dust it off and pack it up.

Scroll on for the best beach umbrella anchors on Amazon, no matter which style you prefer. While the first two require you to buy the umbrella separately, I've also included an umbrella with a built-in anchor.

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The Best Screw-In Anchor

This screw-in beach umbrella anchor is a fan favorite because it's easy to use, exceptionally durable, and can withstand winds of up to 50 miles per hour. This anchor sets up in seconds, with an ergonomic design that allows users to more easily twist the anchor into the sand. The base fits umbrellas up to two inches, and unlike some other umbrella anchors, this one is made from sturdy ABS plastic, so it won’t rust from exposure to saltwater, and it won’t be hot to the touch after a day in the sun.

One user wrote: “In gusts that tried to invert the umbrella, the anchor didn’t budge. Super impressed!” It even comes with a replacement warranty if it breaks.


The Best Weighted Anchor

This weighted umbrella anchor requires minimal effort to set up because it uses sand for weight and stability. Users simply need to attach the anchor to the bottom of their umbrella and fill the pockets with sand. While the pockets are intended to be used as weights, they can also double as storage for phones, keys, sunscreen, and more. Plus, the design fits around just about any umbrella.

The manufacturer does not specifically state how many miles per hour this anchor can withstand, but one user wrote, “Took this out to the outer banks, which are very windy. My umbrella didn't blow away once last week. Normally the umbrella is constantly blowing away.” For reference, the Outer Banks in North Carolina regularly sees gusts of 15 miles per an hour and above.


A Beach Umbrella With A Built-In Anchor

Although this beach umbrella comes with a built-in anchor, the unit is still lightweight, and it can be broken down into two parts for easy portability. This umbrella is equipped with a UV coating, and the tilt adjustment allows users to block the sun throughout the day. Wind vents allow air to flow through, and the aluminum alloy ribs are durable.

While the screw-in style anchor here won't stand up to as much wind as the standalone pick, plenty of customers have been happy with it, giving it a 4.4-star overall rating. “We have been using the umbrella at St. George Island, where we have experienced sustained winds of 10-15 mph throughout the entire day. The umbrella was easy to secure into the ground and never flew out despite the constant wind storm. Being able to angle the umbrella against the wind truly helped as well,” one fan wrote. Choose between blue or green umbrellas.