The 3 Best Dog Bones For Aggressive Chewers


If your dog is a heavy chewer, you're probably already aware of their amazing ability to destroy any object in seconds. That's why buying a bone that's specifically made for power chewers is a great idea, especially if you want to prevent your pet from turning other household items into chew toys. The best bones for aggressive chewers will keep your pup endlessly entertained while encouraging their natural desire to use their teeth.

Like people, dogs have varying flavor and texture preferences, so the best bone for your pet will largely depend on their size and what type of material they prefer to gnaw. Luckily, there are bones for heavy chewers in a range of different styles and prices — from shin bones to pizzle sticks to antlers and even flavored plastic toys — so there's bound to be one that your dog will love.

As with anything you give your pet, make sure to supervise your dog with bones and watch for any splintering or small pieces, as that can pose a health danger. And don't forget to provide them with plenty of fresh water.

With that said, scroll down for the best bones for aggressive chewers. Once you've picked the perfect bone, be sure to pick up a durable dog toy for heavy chewers as well!

The Best: Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone For Aggressive Chewers

This popular bone is made are made with real bacon and FDA-approved nylon that makes it tough and delicious. It also comes in four different sizes, so you can pick the perfect one for your pup. Even better, this one is beloved by both aggressive chewers and their owners, and has the Amazon reviews to prove it. While this durable and safe non-edible dog bone is a bit more pricey than others on this list, fans swear by this toy for their heavy chewers.

What dogs say: "We gave this to our Plott Hound about a month ago. It's so frustrating to pay good money on a toy for your dog, only to have him eat it apart. Not the case with this bone! Our pup eats EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING! We have purchased many dog toys in the past year that says durable, for heavy chewers, only to be disappointed within 10 minutes and having to throw our money literally into the trash. The picture in my review shows that even after a month of chewing, it is still intact! I did get the XXL since my one year old pup is already 63 lb. I would definitely recommend this for aggressive chewers."

The Best Bully Stick: Pawstruck Monster Braided Bully Stick

If your dog loves bully sticks but devours them in no time, then you might want to consider this braided bully stick that intertwines eight different sticks to make one massive and long-lasting chew. Available in sizes from 4 to 9 inches long, it's made from free-range, grass-fed beef pizzle and is free of artificial colors, hormones, and preservatives. With a four-star rating on Amazon and hundreds of reviews, this bully stick is a popular choice for aggressive chewers. Take note: If you're particularly sensitive to scents, some reviews say this bone has a distinct smell.

What dog owners say: "LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Got this for my aggressive chewer queensland heeler puppy. He loves it. Even chewing on it everyday, the first one lasted 6 weeks before got too small to safely chew... Love that it is USA made too. Is now a staple in this household!"

The Best Antler: Devil Dog Chews Elk Antler Bone

Both stronger and tougher than classic rawhide, high-quality elk antlers like this one are great for aggressive chewers. This all-natural bone comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 8 inches and is virtually splinter-proof. Best of all, it's odorless. Keep in mind, however, that because antler is a much harder material to chew, it might not be the best choice for dogs with dental issues. Still, pet owners on Amazon have given it a near-perfect, 4.7-star rating.

What dog owners say: "My dogs love these! There isn't anything on the market that can keep my aggressive chewers busy for any length of time, except these antlers."

You May Also Like: A Durable Chew Toy That's Peanut Butter Flavored

If you've tried plenty of bones to no avail, consider this barbell-shaped chew toy, which is peanut butter flavored and available in three different sizes. While this toy isn't edible, the nylon material is tough and can withstand aggressive chewing, making this a far better option than the other toys on your shelf at home. It also has the seal of approval of hundreds of Amazon reviewers.

What dog owners say: "[I have] a very aggressive chewer and this is her favorite toy," wrote a happy customer. "All other squeaky/rubbery chew toys labeled as for aggressive chewers she has managed to destroy in minutes, but this one stands the test of time."

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