The 3 Best Dry Shampoos For Dogs

Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Keeping your pooch clean and well-groomed can be tough. Fortunately, when traditional bathing isn’t an option or your pup just needs a quick spruce, using one of the best dry shampoos for dogs is an alternative that’s effective, convenient, and fast. The shampoo is applied directly to your pet’s coat to clean, condition, and deodorize. Plus, there’s no rinsing required.

Dry shampoos are perfect for those times when getting your pet wet just isn’t an option, too, like post-surgery. They’re also great to use in between baths when your dog gets just a little dirty. Using dry shampoos in-between baths can also help prevent over-bathing, which can dry out your pet’s skin, causing itchiness and allergy flare-ups.

Dry shampoos are available in foam, spray, or powder form. The foams are excellent at removing grime and dirt from your pet’s fur. However, you may need a towel to dry them off afterward. Dry shampoo sprays are easier to use because they don't require toweling off, but some dogs are afraid of sprays. Powder shampoos are applied and brushed into your dog’s fur. When applying, you have to brush through to remove powdery residue and dirt thoroughly, and make sure not to use too much. Just like with human dry powder shampoos, these can leave whitened streaks on darker hair. Additionally, if odor is the primary problem, there are deodorizing sprays that will offer focused help between deeper washes.

To help you find the perfect dog dry shampoo option, here’s my roundup of the best dry shampoos for dogs to use. All of these top-rated picks let you clean and deodorize your dog’s coat without the stress and hassle of a bath.