How To Safely Remove Ear Wax — & 3 Ear Wax Removal Kits You Can Get On Amazon

To safely remove earwax with a minimally invasive method, the best ear wax removal kits are just the ticket. Below, I’ve rounded up one water irrigator and two ear drop options that are safe and effective. So, read on to see which meets your needs.

Water irrigators harness water pressure to gently remove excess earwax. Using water irrigators can be a loud and messy process that you may need to repeat for real results, but you won't need chemical softening drops and the risk of ear damage is low. Always use as directed, and avoid use after ear surgery or recent ear injury. Water irrigators may require a helping hand from a friend or family member.

Easier to use solo, chemical softeners are liquid drops that loosen and eventually remove earwax buildup, often with a flushing syringe's aid; though drops can be purchased independently. Carbamide peroxide is a common ingredient in chemical softener kits, but more natural options, often glycerin-based, are also available. Overall, drops tend to be safe, but only when used as directed.

I’ve left medical ear curettes — metal instruments inserted into the ear canal to scrape away excess earwax — and ear candling kits out of this roundup, as neither are considered fully safe or particularly effective, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Ear canals are sensitive and easily damaged, and it’s always wise to run at-home earwax removal remedies by your doctor before use. If the problem persists after trying an at-home method, you may have to get earwax professionally removed.

Check out these highly-rated ear wax removal kits on Amazon.


The Best Overall Drop Earwax Removal Kit

According to the manufacturer, this earwax removal kit is the #1 doctor- and pharmacist-recommended over-the-counter pick. It works by using a carbamide peroxide solution to soften, loosen, and help remove earwax buildup. The solution, that comes in a 0.5-ounce bottle, foams on contact with wax so you know it’s working. The included user-friendly bulb syringe helps flush out wax after the solution has done its work.

What fans are saying: “My one ear was clogged with earwax, so I bought Debrox and placed 5-10 drops in my ear, then waited a good 10 minutes and all my earwax dripped out after I washed my ear out with the washer bulb that comes with the package. I tilted my head down and with several squirts of the washer bulb the water falls out with the earwax. Now my hearing has improved. You can hear the foaming action working in your ear as it breaks up the particles. [...].”


The Runner-Up

This pick comes with a "easy to store" carry case, and the ear drops in this earwax removal kit are formulated with a glycerin-based solution that's designed to dissolve and soften wax buildup, while preventing recurring buildup.

The syringe was designed with safety and comfort in mind as well; the manufacturers claim it cannot damage the eardrum since the tip actually aims the solution’s stream away from the tympanic membrane (aka: the eardrum) to avoid puncture risks. Plus, the softening solution and earwax exit through holes in the syringe instead of building up in your ear. This kit includes an ear rinsing syringe, storage sleeve, ear plug, a 0.5 ounce bottle of solution, and instructions.

What fans are saying: “Worked great and easy to do yourself. Exact same product my doctor used on me at her office.”


The Best Water Irrigator

The Dr. Easy Elephant Ear Washer claims to have been created by a physician, and the company asserts it has been used by doctors since 1997. This water irrigator kit is pretty straightforward; but you may need someone to help you use it. It works by spraying warm water into the ear to soften and remove excess earwax. This pick includes the Elephant Ear washer bottle and three disposable tips, and there’s a handy video on the Amazon page demonstrating how to use the kit as well.

What fans are saying: “I am a medical doctor and I love this product. I have used more ear cleaning products than you can even imagine over the years and this is by far my favorite. [...] I regularly use this in the office to clean patients' ears. Unless they have something pretty crazy going on, I prefer to use this product. [...] The biggest upside to this product is that it is very hard to physically damage your tympanic membrane while using it. The average person would find this very easy to use. It is much safer than jamming Q Tips or curettes in your ears and much more effective than other solutions or ear drops. I'm a big fan.”

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