These Quality Earbuds Have Built-In Mics — & Yes, You Need A Pair


Quality earbuds are key, and the best earbuds with a mic ensure you can a) listen to your favorite tunes, b) take calls on the go, and c) interact with voice assistants like Siri and Amazon's Alexa. As you shop around for the pair that's right for you, there are some specs that matter more than others depending on your needs. And of course, no matter the technology involved, everyone wants their earbuds to feel comfortable to wear.

What To Look For When Choosing Earbuds With A Mic

  1. Mic quality. Earbuds with built-in dual microphones or technology like MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) have special acoustic sensors that deliver the best sound.
  2. Noise-canceling or noise-isolating features. These block out disruptive background noise to ensure the sound is uninterrupted on both ends — whether you're on a call or listening to music.
  3. Bluetooth range. If you opt for a pair of wireless earbuds, they should have solid connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 range or higher.

Now that you know what to look for in a comfortable pair of earbuds with a mic, I have great news: Some of the best ones are available on Amazon. With these ideal specs in mind, here, browse my picks for the pairs three worth considering, in my opinion.


The Overall Best Earbuds With Mic, All Things Considered

Designed by Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi, these 1MORE earbuds feature a MEMS microphone. The tiny acoustic sensors in the receiver create a crystal-clear sound that's hard to get from standard mics. They're super comfortable and have three drivers to create a deeper bass sound, plus their in-line, three-button remote provides seamless controls. Each set comes with a leather-like carrying case and nine sets of different-sized earbuds (six silicone and three foam) to ensure you get the most noise-isolating fit.

What fans say: "The microphone works very well, and people have reported to me that my voice comes through clearly on their end. I do not have to speak up loudly, and I can just speak conversationally while using these."


A Pair Of Wireless Earbuds With A Mic That Connects To Multiple Devices

These earbuds from Shure feature multi-point pairing so you can connect to two Bluetooth devices. The microphone is enabled with Bluetooth 4.1, making it compatible with most smartphones, laptops, and tables — all within a 30-foot range. Thanks to a frequency between 2,402 megahertz and 2,480 megahertz, they've got a crisp sound, and the attached three-button remote control makes it easy to activate voice commands, call people, and navigate through settings. Plus, their comfortable, behind-the-ear design and sound-isolating "sleeves" block up to 37 decibels of ambient noise. Get them with black, white, blue, or clear buds.

What fans say: "The inline microphone is really clear over the two calls I've had today. I asked the person on the other line if they could hear a difference, and they said I sounded great."


Water-Resistant Earbuds With A Dual Microphone That Are Worth The Splurge

These splurge-worthy wireless earbuds from Bose are designed to give you complete freedom to move, while delivering crisp sound. They feature a dual microphone on the right earbud for high-quality audio as well as additional filtering to reduce background noise. And with sweat- and water-resistant rating of IPX4, there's no need to worry about getting them a little wet. They also come with three different-sized ear tips for the most secure fit. Though they come with a protective case, Bose's "Find My Buds" feature works to locate them if they're ever misplaced. In addition to the pictured black shade, these earbuds are available in blue and orange.

What fans say: "These headphones offer the great audio quality you'd expect from Bose as well as a surprisingly excellent microphone."

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