The Best Electric Kettles For Brewing French Press, Drip, & Pour-Over Coffee At Home

An electric kettle is a must-have tool in the kitchen if you enjoy the taste of French press or pour over coffee, or if you prefer to brew your drip coffee manually. The best electric kettles for coffee are easy to use, can boil water faster than your stove, and offer an auto shut-off functionality for safety and convenience.

Your ideal electric kettle will primarily depend on which kind of coffee you’re preparing and how much control you'd like to have over the temperature of the water. French press and drip coffee are commonly brewed with water that ranges between 195 and 205 degrees. This temperature can be easily achieved with a kettle that has simple preset temperature options. If you’re not very particular about your coffee, however, a basic water boiler will suit your needs — just set the water to boil, then let it rest for a minute before pouring the water over your grounds.

If you’re making pour over coffee, though, you’ll need to be a bit more precise. It’s suggested that you use water that’s close to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and that you pour the water slowly and consistently in a circular motion. If you’re intending to use your kettle for pour over, you should consider grabbing a model with a long and narrow (or gooseneck) spout that offers more control over the flow rate than a wider spout. A built-in timer is also helpful as it can help you maintain a slow and steady pour.

It’s helpful to note the wattage of an electric kettle, as it will give you a general sense of how quickly it can boil water. Most popular electric kettles in the United States use 1,500 watts — a kettle with a lower wattage will likely take longer to heat the water, which can be a pain during busy mornings. Kettles range widely in size too. In my research, I found kettles as small as half a liter and as large as 1.7 liters. If you prefer to brew big pots of coffee, opt for a larger kettle that will allow you to heat as much water as you need in one go.

From one-touch kettles to a temperature-precise option, here are some of the best electric kettles for coffee — all available on Amazon.

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The Overall Best Electric Kettle For All Kinds of Coffee

The 1,500-watt Hamilton Beach Temperature Control Electric Tea Kettle is my all-around top pick for coffee drinkers because it's versatile and easy to use, at a great price point. The wide, short spout is best-suited to drip and French press coffee, but you can certainly use it for pour over with a steady hand.

You'll find six temperature buttons (160, 175, 180, 180, and 200 degrees, as well as a rolling "boil" option) on the kettle's handle — just press a button and the kettle will heat the water to the corresponding temperature. Its keep-warm function keeps water heated at the same temperature for up to 30 minutes. When the kettle runs dry, it will automatically shut off to prevent overheating.

It has a stainless steel body and can hold up to 1.7 liters of water. A water window lights up with blue LEDs when it's on and allows you to see how filled it is. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty.

Positive Amazon review: “This kettle is fast and easy to use. It has six set temperatures that it heats the water to -- perfect for various kinds of teas and coffees that are supposed to be brewed at specific temperature.”


The Best Budget Water Boiler For Drip & French Press Coffee

This 1,500-watt Hamilton Beach glass kettle is a good fit for anyone on a budget who doesn't mind using a basic water boiler to make coffee. It has everything you need to quickly boil water for coffee: a large-enough 1 liter capacity, easy-pour spout, and clear glass sides with measurement marks so that you can keep track of how much liquid is inside. Blue light illuminates the kettle when it's in the process of heating your water, shutting off when it reaches a boil. The kettle's auto shut-off function kicks in if you accidentally boil the kettle dry.

You can't set this kettle to heat your water to an exact temperature, but for drip or French press coffee, you can set it to boil, let it cool for about a minute, then proceed to brewing your coffee.

Positive Amazon review: “I love this kettle. I make coffee in the French press. Seriously waiting for the water to boil in a pot seemed to take forever when you are just ready for your caffeine fix. This cute little guy has your water boiling in under a minute. Really! I love this product. May be my favorite purchase on Amazon ever!!”


The Best Kettle For Pour-Over Coffee

The 1-liter, 1,500-watt OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle has a gooseneck spout and is able to heat water to precise temperatures, making it the best for pour-over drinkers. Simply turn the knob to set it to the exact temperature you want, between 140 to 212 degrees, and let the kettle do its thing. The base has a cheat sheet with the best temperatures for popular coffee and tea types, and the digital display has a built-in timer you can use to help you keep a slow pace as you pour out the water for pour over.

Once the water's heated to the right temperature, the kettle will keep it warm for 30 minutes before automatically shutting off. It can also remember your temperature setting for the next time you use it. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Positive Amazon review: “This little guy heats up quickly and keeps the temperature spot on for a while after it reaches your set temp. I use this for pour over coffee. It's well-balanced, so I can easily control my pour. [...] I love that it keeps the temperature that [I] used last in memory, so when I roll out of bed in the morning, i can just hit the button to start it without having to fiddle with anything. Highly recommend!”