Electric Woks Exist & They're Perfect For Stir-frying Up A Storm


When you're in the market for one of the best electric woks, there are a number of things to know off the bat.

  1. The average electric wok ranges from roughly 4.5 to 7 quarts in size.
  2. You'll want to buy one that has a non-stick coating, preferably not made of Teflon, which can peel off and be hazardous to your health and the safety of your food.

Beyond size and protective coating, the biggest decision you'll need to make is your budget. In your search, you'll find that there is a wide gap in price between the most affordable options and the absolute best electric woks out there. While, yes, affordable starter models can cost as little as $50, top-tier woks can run up to $400 in price. What's the difference between the top-of-the-line woks and their more affordable counterparts?

The biggest difference you'll find is in the evenness with which they cook your food. More expensive models will often also come with additional temperature controls, and be constructed with higher-quality materials. So, consider now whether you are looking for the absolute best cooking experience money can buy, or if you'd rather purchase a starter wok that can still get the job done.

To help you out pick out the best electric wok for you, I sifted through dozens of high-rated options to determine the absolute best ones out there. Keep scrolling. The perfect wok is waiting right below.


The Most Affordable That's Still Worth Buying

At 7 quarts, this budget wok also does an excellent job heating up quickly but has extra room for making large dishes. The easy-turn temperature dial allows you to control the heat and its non-stick coating prevents your meats and veggies from clumping on the sides. Its safety design keeps the handles from getting hot so you won’t burn your fingers when moving it around or washing it. The lid features a high-dome shape that allows for bigger meals and locks in the flavor. One downside that several Amazon reviewers noted is the cord isn't detachable like most electric woks which makes it harder to clean.


A Slightly More Expensive Wok That's Dishwasher Safe

With over 600 reviews on Amazon, this popular electric wok is a dishwasher-safe selection made of smooth and sturdy stainless steel. It has a 5-quart capacity that's big enough to cook in without taking over your cupboards. The 1500-watt heating mechanism gets hot fast and is capable of warming the entire aluminum-coated base. It has loop-style handles that make it easy to carry and the unit comes with a wooden spatula and tempered-glass lid. The only drawback is that some reviewers complained its sides don’t get as hot as the base, so if you want more even heat distribution, check out some of the higher-end options. But for the price, this one is a great deal.


The Absolute Best Wok Money Can Buy

If you want the absolute best money can buy, this high-quality wok has a 6-quart capacity and 1500-watt butterfly element, the latter of which is set back around the base for better heat distribution. It shares the same 15-heat setting selection (14 regular options plus a "high sear" mode) and is dishwasher friendly. The non-stick pan area is durable and scratch-resistant with four-ply Quantanium coating. It has an easy-release mechanism to pop out the base for cleaning and comes with a spatula and handy recipe booklet. "I am simply amazed at how well the Breville electric wok works," said one Amazon reviewer. "Nothing sticks! I can make a humongous stir-fried meal and use no more than half a teaspoon (no kidding!!) for the whole shebang. ... I finally feel like I may have bought my last wok. Yay!"

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