These Compact Folding Keyboards Make Typing On The Go So Much Easier

by Tiana Crump

Let's be honest: Tapping on a touch-screen isn't the same as typing on a keyboard. So, if you're trying to be more productive while on the go, you need the best folding keyboard to stay on task. These top keyboards make typing on your tablet or smartphone device easy. You get the same comfortable layout as the standard computer keyboard — but with the ability to fold it down and carry it wherever.

When you're shopping for a compact foldable keyboard, knowing what to look for is key. You want one that's comfortable, Bluetooth compatible with most devices, and easy to use. Always consider the battery life (it should be long-lasting to minimize recharging sessions), layout and size when browsing, too. Your portable keyboard should have the same size keys and functions as your standard one with a lightweight durability that won't weigh you down en route. To achieve this, look out for models made out of aluminum or high-quality plastic or nylon material.

At the end of the day, you'll obviously the keyboard that best suits your needs. To help make your choice even easier, here’s my round-up of the best folding keyboards you can conveniently order on Amazon ahead of your next trip.


The Overall Best Folding Keyboard

You'll never feel limited with iClever's wireless folding keyboard, which is equipped with a powerful 32-foot Bluetooth signal, a USB port, and an impressive battery life.

Why it's great: Just a single charge can last more than 10 days with up to eight hours of daily usage. This keyboard conveniently connects to any smartphone or tablet and is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices. Plus, its dual mode lets you connect both your wireless device and your computer and switch between the two. There's even an adjustable, color-changing backlight for better visibility in dim or dark environments as well included balance stands for stable typing.


A Full-Size Keyboard That Still Folds Up

With the look and feel of a traditional keyboard, Plugable's full-size aluminum folding keyboard provides maximum comfort for on-the-go work, making it worth the slightly higher price.

Why it's great: The trifold design makes it extremely portable and perfect for stowing in your pocket, book bag, or purse. Compatible with iOS, Windows and Android, it also features unique combination function keys. Its two-finger key combos allow you to switch between compatibility modes for each of the platforms, automatically adjusting the keyboard layout to your device. The battery monitoring and battery life in this folding keyboard are high quality as well. There's a light indicator for battery status, and the unit can be charged quickly via USB port for weeks of uninterrupted use.

Also included? A free bundle case that can be folded into a stand for your devices, whether you've got a smartphone or tablet.


A Budget-Friendly Foldable Mini Keyboard

Weighing less than a half a pound and boasting an ultra-slim design, you can take IKOS' budget-friendly foldable keyboard anywhere — seriously, it can fit snugly inside your pocket when fully folded.

Why it's great: Thanks to its scissor-switch technology and multi-functional stand holder, you can type comfortably on this mini keyboard using just about any smartphone or tablet. There's no need to worry about your battery dying in the mid-type either, as — like most of the best folding keyboards — it has an extended battery life with up to 80 hours of use on a single charge. It supports a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices (it can recognize multiple device connections and quickly pair), and it's compatible with iOS, Windows and Android.

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