The 3 Best Hair Toners To Remove Brassiness


As anyone who's ever dyed their hair blonde knows, the maintenance is real. Coloring your hair might require a few hours, a couple of hundred bucks, and the occasional burning scalp, but the real work begins once you leave the salon chair. One of the most common obstacles to maintaining the perfect cool-toned shade of blonde is the appearance of brassy undertones, which can show up immediately after coloring or gradually over time. But luckily, fixing said brassiness no longer requires a trip to the salon: in fact, many of the best hair toners to remove brassiness are available right on Amazon.

Hair toners come in all different types of formulas: shampoos, masks, glosses, balms, and old-school professional toning treatments. If you plan on toning your hair at home, it's best to stick with a shampoo or hair mask, which are the most user-friendly. After all, if you use a professional-level toning treatment improperly, you can wind up ruining your hair color. To remove brassiness, there are tons of wash-out formulas that you can use easily in the shower; typically, these will be tinted purple to counteract any yellow or orange undertones that are messing with your cool blonde shade.

Brassiness doesn't only appear in blonde hair, though. Yellow tones often show up in grey hair, while brunettes might experience red or orange undertones coming through. And though brassy tones might inevitably appear as your color begins to fade, there are a few steps you can take to help prevent brassiness in the first place. Namely, try to keep your hair protected from the sun, whose rays can expedite the oxidation process, by using a hat or UV protectant spray. Also, try to wash your hair less often; the more you wash it, the sooner your color will fade. And, if you think your home might have hard water (hard water has a higher mineral content, which can oxidize your hair), consider investing in one of these shower heads for hard water.

And now, check out three foolproof hair toners to banish brassiness fast.