The 4 Best Purple Shampoos For Silver Hair

As a longtime hair-bleacher who's had every shade of platinum blonde — silver, white, and even violet — I've had a lot of experience with using purple-hued toners to eliminate brassy and yellow undertones in my hair. Toners can be tricky to use on your own, however, which is why most pro colorists will recommend using a toning shampoo to banish brass. There are tons of different toning shampoos for different shades of blondes on the market, however — so if you're looking for one of the best purple shampoos for silver hair specifically, you'll want to stick with one of these tried-and-true options that I've rounded up below.

One of the most important things to know about toning your hair with a purple shampoo is that it all depends on how long you leave the shampoo on for. If you're just looking for a subtle bust of brassiness, a couple minutes should do — but if you're purposefully aiming for a more violet-hued shade of silver, you'll want to leave it for a few more.

Another important tip: Though most purple shampoos won't stain your shower, they can stain shower curtains — so be extra careful with application.

Ahead, find three of the best purple shampoos for platinum blonde hair. While you're at it, consider picking up one of the best hair masks for bleached hair, too. Not only will they amp up the silver even further, but they'll help soften and repair hair that's become damaged from all that bleach.


The Overall Best Purple Shampoo For Silver Hair

Consider Clairol's Shimmer Lights the OG of purple shampoos. In my experience, this cult-classic is the most commonly recommended purple shampoo by hair colorists, as you can't beat its price or effectiveness. In just one wash, it'll eliminate any yellow undertones, leaving your once brassy blonde an icy shade of silver. Brunettes and golden blondes can use it to brighten their highlights, too. The only real downside is its smell, which can be overpowering for some.

"My hair is currently icy platinum and has stayed that way for a month now thanks to this shampoo! Occasionally I leave it in for 5 min or so while I'm showering, otherwise I use it about every other day just as a normal shampoo. It's just enough to maintain that platinum ice until you have to go in for your next color appointment," one reviewer wrote.


A High-End, Sulfate-Free Formula Made With Natural Ingredients

Sulfates can strip your hair of both color and moisture, which is why many people prefer to avoid them in their hair care products. If you're looking for a more natural, sulfate-free purple shampoo, this luxe option from Oribe is worth splurging on. Made with sophisticated, botanical-sourced ingredients, it does much more than bust brassiness and preserve hair color: It protects hair from further damage from environmental aggressors, offers UV protection, increases shine, and prevents dryness and moisture loss. It also keeps both the hair and scalp moisturized, which encourages healthy growth in the long-term.

One fan with "optic white" hair said, "This beats every purple shampoo I have tried during the last five years. Another wrote, "Used this shampoo last night for the first time and OMG!!!!!!! My hair looks so beautiful.... The color looks so vibrant and rich like I freshly dyed my hair. I have many purple/violet shampoos and this by far is the best. Blown away!"


A Go-To Choice For Professionals

Another great choice for silver-white hair is this purple shampoo from L'Oreal's professional line, Serie Expert. It's also my top pick for grey hair specifically, since that's what it was technically formulated for. Customers with salt and pepper hair have great luck with it, too. Like the other formulas on this list, it reduces brassiness, neutralizes yellow undertones, and prolongs hair color between salon visits. It also softens and increases shine, so your hair will look brighter and feel healthier.

"Smells awesome, tones the warmth out of my blonde hair, conditions my hair, makes my white hair shine like a diamond," one reviewer said. Another wrote, "This product really cools the yellow your natural grey might have, leaving it shiny and more platinum-y... It surprised me that a purple shampoo like this could work so well for its intended purpose!"


A Jumbo 33-Ounce Bottle To Last You A While

If you're looking to stock up for the long-term, invest in this 33-ounce bottle from Matrix. It contains a deep purple shampoo that banishes brassiness, brightens highlights, and increases shine, resulting in a gorgeous silver sheen. One fan even uses it to keep their dog's white hair shiny and clean, writing "No, it doesn't dry out his coat, and no, it doesn't turn his white purple. What it does is clean away the dirt, the grime, the yellow cast that builds up. And his white legs gleam against the black of his body."

"I ordered this product as a suggestion from my stylist when I started going blonde from dark brunette. I noticed a difference after the first use!" said another satisfied reviewer. "I use it about once a week and leave on for 30-45 min. The longer you leave it on, the more silver it will go. If you're looking to keep your blonde from looking brassy and aren't wanting silver, I would suggest using it in the shower, and rinsing out after a few minutes," she recommends.

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