3 Heavy-Duty Staplers For Your Home Office

If you often find yourself attempting to staple extra-thick stacks of paper or tackle repetitive stapling tasks, it might be time to invest in a heavy-duty stapler. The best heavy-duty staplers can totally handle large stapling jobs without requiring a great deal of physical effort on your part, since they’re designed to provide increased leverage that makes stapling much, much easier. These types of staplers are larger than a traditional stapler and are therefore best suited for use in your home office or workplace. But don’t let that be a deterrent — you’ll certainly be pleased with the power of these picks.

When picking out a heavy-duty stapler, the main consideration is whether to go with a manual or electric option.

  • A manual heavy-duty stapler requires users to press on a handle in order for the staples to be released. While this requires minimal effort, this type of stapler may not be ideal if you need to use it repetitively, since it could get tiring. A manual heavy-duty stapler is often the cheaper option.
  • An electric heavy-duty stapler requires electricity in order to operate, so make sure that you always have an outlet nearby (some picks also operate on batteries, too). The good news is that this pick requires very little effort by you; simply line up the papers and the machine will do the rest of the work. It’s worth noting that electric heavy-duty staplers usually can’t handle quite as many pages as a manual pick, so if you want to staple hundreds of pages at once, you might have to opt for a manual option.

That brings us to another important consideration when choosing a heavy-duty stapler: paper capacity. Heavy-duty staplers can usually handle between 25 and 250 pieces of paper, but pay attention to this when purchasing to make sure that your stapler can tackle the tasks you have in mind, especially if you often find yourself with extra-large stacks of paperwork.

Get ready to do some serious paperwork with these three heavy-duty staplers that Amazon reviewers say are the absolute best.

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The Overall Best Heavy-Duty Manual Stapler

The Onotio heavy-duty stapler can handle up to 150 sheets of paper at a time. It’s simple to operate and Amazon reviewers report that it makes the task of stapling thick stacks of paper so much easier. They give this pick a solid 4.2-star rating among 570 and growing reviews.

The heavy-duty stapler is made of 100% metal, so it’s ultra sturdy. On the rare occasion that it jams, you can use the jam-clearing button on the front to take care of it. The adjustable paper stop ensures that you get the same staple placement each and every time.

If you don't need such a high-capacity stapler, this model also comes in varieties that staple 90 or 100 sheets.

This pick includes 1,000 1/2-inch heavy-duty staples, which the seller advises are great for stapling 15-90 pages at once.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is a powerful stapler! I am an attorney and thought more than once that this stapler would not punch through the mound of paperwork I put under it....but every time it has done it with ease! It may be cheap, but it is worth every penny!"


The Overall Best Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler

This heavy-duty electric stapler quickly and easily staples up to 25 sheets of paper at a time — which is a lot less than the manual staplers on this list, but it requires absolutely no physical effort by you. That makes this pick ideal for repetitive stapling tasks, so long as you won't need to staple more than 25 sheets at once.

The sleek-looking stapler operates via battery power (you can staple up to 8,000 stacks of paper on a single set of batteries) or electric, using the included AC adapter. This pick comes pre-loaded with staples (it uses standard 1/4-inch staples) and has an easy-release button on the back that allows you to quickly reload when the time comes.

Amazon reviewers give this heavy-duty stapler an impressive 4.5-star rating among 1,600 and growing reviews. Many reviewers raved about how surprisingly quiet this stapler is compared to other electric picks.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This sleek and compact electric stapler was recently purchased to replace my electric stapler that was old and worn out. I am so thrilled with its looks, reliability and solid construction, not to mention its reasonable price. I've used many different kinds of electric staplers through the various departments of my company, and found this to be a wonderful combination of the best features of the best brands of high quality electric staplers on the market. This stapler is also battery operated and works very well when a cordless stapler is desired. Many electric / battery operated staplers sound like a loud gun when shooting staples and jerk about. This EcoElectronix electric stapler staples firmly and without making much sound or moving about."


A Heavy-Duty Manual Stapler With An Extra-High Paper Capacity

If you find yourself with extra-thick stapling tasks on your to-do list, then this Fasmov heavy-duty stapler is absolutely your best bet. This pick boasts an impressive 240-sheet stapling capacity and is made with durable all-metal components, ensuring its long-lasting performance. Despite its ability to handle those large tasks, the stapler is still really easy to operate (no major effort needed here), so you don’t have to worry about that.

Amazon reviewers say that this pick works exactly as advertised, and are pleased with its performance; they give this stapler a 4-star rating overall. And for that price? It really can't be beat.

Staples are not included with this pick, but it uses 23/6 or super heavy-duty 23/24 staples.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I have used a lot of heavy duty staplers in my career, but this one is by far the best! It is extremely easy to use, goes through 160 sheets of paper easily, doesn't jam, and anyone in our office can use it, regardless of their size."