If You Have A MacBook, You Need One Of These Useful AF Stands


If you've ever spent all day hunched over your MacBook, then you've probably experienced the dreaded neck and shoulder pain that comes with long hours in front of the computer. And that's exactly why many people rely on the best MacBook stands to prevent any potential work-related discomfort.

According to the UNC School of Medicine, incorrect posture from leaning over a laptop can cause sore muscles and other injuries like carpal tunnel. The best way to combat it is to look straight ahead at your screen and make sure your body forms a 90-degree angle at your elbows, knees, and hips — all of which a laptop stand can help you achieve.

When hunting for a posture-boosting stand, you'll want to choose one that raises your laptop to eye level, preventing your back and neck from slumping into a hunched position. Be sure to also choose a stand that creates proper ventilation — you want a material that will draw heat away — as that'll help extend the life of your computer. In addition to providing these health benefits to both you and your laptop, a stand reduces the amount of space your laptop takes up, ultimately keeping your workspace even more organized.

If you're tired of sore necks and cluttered work areas, below, shop three of the most game-changing MacBook stands on the market. Then check out the best lap desks you didn't know you needed.

The Overall Best MacBook Stand

With over 3,000 reviews and a perfect five-star rating on Amazon, it’s no wonder this stand from Rain Design is one of the best on the market. Compatible with the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and any other laptops with a depth under 10.4 inches, it features a sand-blasted and silver anodized finish to match your computer and add a sleek, professional look to your workspace. Plus, the aluminum design acts like a "heatsink" to cool your laptop to avoid overheating. It lifts your screen 5.9 inches, ensuring you'll be able to maintain a healthy posture and avoid straining your neck and back. Users are happy with it, too. A reviewer wrote, "Not only is this stand stylish (it seem like something Apple would make), but it is at a great height and incline for typing, and there is plenty of space underneath my laptop to store my external hard drive."

The Most Affordable & Portable MacBook Stand

Looking for an inexpensive stand you can take with you anywhere? This affordable and portable MacBook Stand from AmazonBasics is the way to go. It weighs less than 3 pounds and can be easily folded into itself for easy toting. The metal-mesh material absorbs heat, while the forward tilt of the stand improves airflow around the laptop to keep it cool and prevent overheating. Its height and tilt are adjustable, and in addition to providing additional physical comfort on long workdays, this stand also includes a six-slot cord organizer. One user raved in a review, "Can't seem to say enough about this awesome stand. This allows me to utilize my laptop monitor and a second flawlessly. The cord keep on the back is great as well."

A Space-Saving Vertical Stand

If your main concerns are preventing clutter and creating an orderly workspace, UPPERCASE's vertical MacBook Pro stand is a real game-changer. Whether you want somewhere to store your Mac when it's not in use or prefer connecting to a monitor and don't need the extra screen, this sturdy stand with a rubber silicone bottom has you covered. Made from a single piece of space-grade aluminum, this stand is designed to perfectly match your MacBook and add an aura of sophistication to your workspace. "My computer doesn't wobble and is very secure," reads a happy Amazon review. "Looks great and frees up space on my desk."

Don't have a MacBook Pro? UPPERCASE also has a MacBook-Air-compatible model, which is available here.

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