The 3 Best Mattress Toppers For Hip Pain


Whether hip pain causes you to lose precious sleep or makes you stiff and miserable the next day, the best mattress toppers for hip pain can help you wake up well-rested and pain-free.

There are a ton of mattress toppers out there, but the best ones for hip pain are made from high-density memory foam. This material acts as a kind of cradle and doesn't put pressure on your hips — even if you sleep on your side. They also recover quickly; memory foam has a fairly quick "bounce back" rate so it won't wear out in areas you sleep. No matter which size or type of bed you have, memory foam for hip pain is pretty much nonnegotiable.

Another thing you'll want to consider is price point. While the most luxe memory foam toppers include extra features like a layer of cooling gel woven into the fabric to help regulate your temperature — these aren't necessary. There are plenty of mid-level and affordable mattress toppers that can still alleviate hip pain so you can get a good night's rest.

No matter which way you go, it can be tricky to find the best mattress topper for your hip pain. Here's a round-up of some of the best options out there to help you get the rest you need.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

You pretty much can't go wrong with this bamboo-covered mattress topper. For one, the super soft cover is hypoallergenic, and it's also easily removable for when you're ready to wash. The pad itself is filled with Revoloft, which is a high-density alternative to down that works much like memory foam. It also features a layer of gel to help keep you cool, and at about $100, this mattress topper is an excellent mid-level choice. Unlike other toppers on this list, this one will fit like a sheet over your mattress. This means you won't have to shell out for a separate mattress cover, and if you have a deep mattress, don't worry. It can cover mattresses up to 18 inches thick. There's a reason why this topper has more than 5,000 positive Amazon reviews, and it has everything to do with how effective it is at eliminating pain.

What fans say: "I have had this for over a year now, purchased because my latex foam mattress, in spite of being high quality, was a little too firm & caused hip pain upon awakening (side sleeper). This cover doesn't seem to have a ton of loft, but it has [eliminated] the morning hip pain."


The Most Affordable Mattress Topper For Hip Pain

If you're looking for a more affordable option, this breathable mattress topper does the trick. Made with open-cell memory foam in an egg-carton design, it relieves pressure on your hips and joints by providing natural divots that cradle your body. Plus, the natural air pockets allow for maximum airflow to keep you cool. People rave about how comfortable this mattress pad is, especially for the price.

What fans say: "I'm really disappointed that I did not buy this sooner. I've had hip pain from the springs in my [mattress] for about a year now. This mattress pad makes my bed feel like a freaking cloud. It's so comfortable its ridiculous."


The Best Investment Mattress Topper For Hip Pain

This innovative mattress topper infuses cooling gel with high-quality memory foam for a luxe experience. It's designed to optimize cool airflow to reduce trapped heat through the unique pattern of small holes on the top. At 3 inches thick, you can sink into this pad without ever touching the actual mattress. On top of that, it comes with a soft, removable cover you can toss in the wash at any time. Many Amazon reviewers even swear that it has helped them recover from chronic pain.

What fans say: "I [was] having horrible spear-stabbing hip-pains. Since I [starting using this] I have not had even one stabbing hip pain at night. Not one! I'm able to get a much better 'start' in the morning since I don't have to spend time recovering from the previous night's stabbing pains."

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