The 3 Best Non-Teflon Rice Cookers

Shutterstock/Jimmy Vong

If you’ve ever shopped for a rice cooker, you've probably noticed that many are lined with the non-stick coating polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), or as you may know it — Teflon. But studies from the CDC have shown that high temperatures can transform PTFE into toxic Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which can be harmful if ingested. So, if you’re looking for a rice cooker, but want to avoid Teflon, you’ve come to the right place. The best non-Teflon rice cookers perform as well as their non-stick counterparts, without the potential health risks.

Some of the most common Teflon alternatives include clay, ceramic, and stainless steel. Each offers different benefits, whether it’s the semi-porous quality of clay (which is thought to enhance the flavor and texture of foods), or the easy dishwasher clean-up that stainless steel affords.

Keep in mind as you shop: Rice cookers can be as simple as a one-button pot with a lid, or as versatile as multi-cookers with programs to cook different varieties of rice, stews, and porridges. Some models even include racks that can steam foods over cooking rice for complete meal-making.

Whichever of the best non-Teflon rice cookers you choose, rest assured you'll get the performance you expect with the peace of mind that you're using a safe cooking surface.