Omelette Lovers, These Are The Spatulas You Should Be Using For The Fluffiest Eggs


How many times have you set out to make an omelette, only to end up with scrambled eggs? Just ask any professional chef, cooking perfect eggs takes more finesse than one might think. Using the right spatula to fold and serve delicate omelettes is key to making this classic dish. So if you’re wondering what to look for in the best omelette spatulas, here are a few tips.

First, you’ve got to pick the right omelette pan, ideally one that’s nonstick and about 8 inches in diameter. This will make it relatively easy to handle the omelette’s size and weight, even if it’s filled.

When it comes to the spatula, look for ones with a long profile so it can fit under most of the omelette for stability. If your spatula is too short, you risk splitting the omelette when it’s time to turn or serve it. Material is important, too, and your spatula needs to be safe for your pan (metal can damage nonstick coatings or cast iron pans), as well as heat-resistant. This is particularly true if you’re someone who likes to fill their omelette with sautéed vegetables or greens, since the spatula will be in contact with a hot surface and potentially oil. Your spatula’s flexibility and thickness also affect how easy it is to slide the spatula under an omelette to fold or lift it. Spatulas made from silicone or nylon are great options.

With a little practice and one of the best omelette spatulas below, you may find yourself whipping up eggs just to showcase your skills.


The Best Omelette Spatula: OXO Good Grips Flip & Fold Omelet Turner

The unique design of this flexible spatula from OXO conforms to the edges of your pan for thorough stirring and scrambling, but since its elongated edge is tapered, it doesn’t have any trouble sliding under omelettes for easy turning or rolling. The thicker material of the handle runs through the end of the spatula, so it’s sturdy enough to sauté ingredients and is versatile for use preparing any number of recipes, eggs or otherwise. The nonstick, heat-resistant silicone material can be used safely on hot surfaces up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and the spatula dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

According to one reviewer: "Great for flipping eggs or omelette or anything else that you may be frying at the time. I did buy it for omelettes but find that once you are using it you end up using it for everything. I've had this for a couple of years and it always goes into the dishwasher and comes out clean and looking like new. The blade of this is quite soft and bendable like a large spatula but the middle section is rigid so that it doesn't bend in half. Great bit of kitchen kit."


The Runner-Up: KSENDALO Wide Thin Slotted Nylon Spatula

This flexible spatula from KSENDALO is just millimeters thin, so it can easily slip under omelettes for turning and serving. Thanks to a slotted head, food is less likely to stick and the spatula is good for draining off fat and flipping other delicate items like fish, latkes, and pancakes. Though the KSENDALO is made from heat-resistant nylon, it shouldn’t be left to sit in a hot pan as it can melt in temperatures over 410 degrees Fahrenheit. But for everyday use for flipping or serving omelettes and other pan-cooked meals, it will last for years with proper care.

According to one reviewer: "I bought this specifically for omelettes and it works very well - durable enough to lift a 3 egg omelette while still thin enough to slide under without breaking it. Cleans very easily."


The Best Value: Calphalon Nylon Egg Whisking Fork & Omelette Turner Set

This set from Calphalon contains a whisking fork to beat eggs for scrambles and omelettes, as well as a spatula for turning and serving. Though it’s not obvious from the product photos, the spatula’s narrow design is contoured so foods can be cradled, and won’t slip off during movements like rolling, flipping, or serving. Like the KSENDALO spatula, both of the items in this set are made from heat-resistant and BPA-free nylon (this one up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit), so you won’t damage your pans or bowls when beating eggs with the whisking fork.

According to one reviewer: "Cooked quite a few omelettes and scramble eggs using this set. It does make a difference in cooking. The omelette and scramble eggs are fluffier and tender and the turner is so thin it could go under the omelette and do not break it. I use the turner for crepes as well."

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