The 4 Best Omelet Pans

There's nothing better on a relaxing Sunday morning than a delicious homemade omelet. But if your culinary endeavors are going to be successful, you'll need your kitchen to be stocked with the best omelet pans. So, what exactly goes into a good omelet pan?

Well, first of all, a high-quality omelet pan is going to be built with strong material, such as aluminum or even cast iron, and equipped with a sturdy handle made from stainless steel.

It should also have some sort of coating on the inside to prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan (and thus turning into a burnt, dry mess). For aluminum pans, this will be some type of Teflon-like coating whereas cast iron pans will be pre-seasoned with vegetable oil or another type of grease.

Other things you may want to consider when shopping for pans include how much heat it can take (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), how spatula-friendly the rim is (is the slope gradual or steep?), and whether there are holes or hooks to let you hang the pan. Below, I've made a list of the best omelet pans in a range of materials and styles. Take a look, and get ready to unleash your inner breakfast chef.