For Picture-Perfect Omelets, These Are The Best Pans To Keep In Your Kitchen

There's nothing better on a relaxing Sunday morning than a delicious homemade omelet. But if your culinary endeavors are going to be successful, you'll need your kitchen to be stocked with the best omelet pans. So, what exactly goes into a good omelet pan?

Well, first of all, a high-quality omelet pan is going to be built with strong material, such as aluminum or even cast iron, and equipped with a sturdy handle made from stainless steel.

It should also have some sort of coating on the inside to prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan (and thus turning into a burnt, dry mess). For aluminum pans, this will be some type of Teflon-like coating whereas cast iron pans will be pre-seasoned with vegetable oil or another type of grease.

Other things you may want to consider when shopping for pans include how much heat it can take (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), how spatula-friendly the rim is (is the slope gradual or steep?), and whether there are holes or hooks to let you hang the pan. Below, I've made a list of the best omelet pans in a range of materials and styles. Take a look, and get ready to unleash your inner breakfast chef.


The Best Standard Pan

One of the best features of this classic omelet pan is its dual-layer coating, which does an awesome job of preventing your eggs from sticking to the pan, according to reviewers. Not only that, it makes the cleanup much faster and easier when you're done. The pan's hard-anodized aluminum is strong and durable, while its long stainless steel handle is resilient to overheating (aka it won't burn your hand). It comes with a sleek, tempered glass lid, and it's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Best Folding Pan

Ideal for thick frittatas and folded omelets, this high-quality omelet pan will bring your breakfast game to the next level. It's built with top-grade aluminum and a smooth stainless steel handle that has two rivets for extra stability. The inside is coated with dishwasher-safe, non-stick Teflon that can be heated up to 450 degrees, and reviewers say it makes omelets that are good-looking as well as delicious. "What fun way to make a glorious breakfast treat," wrote one reviewer. "I made a mushroom/onion/spinach omelet and it was beautiful. Came out of the pan so easily and neatly."


The Best Square Pan

If you like making Japanese-style omelets, or Tamagoyaki, this square-shaped omelet pan will help them turn out beautifully. Constructed with strong aluminum and a sturdy stainless steel handle, the pan is durable and well-made. It's coated in high-quality, non-stick Teflon, which makes it easy to use and a cinch to clean. "Love this pan for my Japanese omelets," wrote one reviewer. "I’ve been wanting one for a while then finally picked this one and there were no regrets. Perfect size and nonstick!" Just keep in mind, this pan was designed specifically for omelets that are cooked in layers and rolled, rather than folded over in half.


The Best Cast Iron Pan

Not only will this cast iron pan make excellent omelets, but it will also last for many years to come given the durability of cast iron cookware. This particular pan comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, making it non-stick and ready to use. It has a gentle slope for easy spatula use, a convenient pour spout, and a hole in the handle for hanging it on the wall. Just one word of caution: if you're new to cast iron cooking, there may be a bit of a learning curve since they require special care. For that reason, this pan may be a better choice for more seasoned (pun intended) cast iron cooks.


Also Great: A No-Fuss Electric Omelet Maker

As an alternative to a pan, this electric omelet maker does everything for you. Just add your eggs, throw in your veggies, meat, or cheese, and close the lid. In 10 minutes, you'll have a pristine-looking omelet ready to serve. The inside of the contraption is covered with an easy, non-stick coating that prevents bits of egg from getting stuck in the grooves. It's easy to clean and makes up to two omelets at a time. As a bonus, it comes with a mini recipe book.

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