Take Your Insta Game To The Next Level With These Phone Camera Lenses


We’ve all been there — you hold your phone out wide in front of a big group of friends to take a selfie, only to see that the people on each end have half of their faces cropped out. In these scenarios, you need one of the best phone camera lenses to help you out.

You wouldn’t believe what a good phone camera lens can do to make your photos look better. It can expand the frame to allow you to fit more people into each image or zoom in on someone who’s too far away to be seen, revealing details that would have otherwise been lost. A high-quality camera lens can let you get up close and personal to plants and other objects, capturing all of their intricacies and texture without the features getting blurred; or, it can offer fun and unique filters that give everyday pics a little kick. With the right lens, the possibilities are limitless.

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to leverage your phone to take pro-style images, or you’re someone who simply wants to take your IG game to the next level, these highly-rated camera lenses are worth the investment.

This Super Simple Lens Duo For Both Wide And Macro Shots

Whether you want to expand the frame for wider group shots or get up close and personal with plants or other inanimate objects, AMIR's two-in-one clip-on phone camera lens has all of your angles covered. When the high-grade aluminum lenses are screwed together, you can take wide-angle shots, pulling everything back to capture up to .45 times more of the view in front of you. (A particularly useful option for architectural shots or super wide landscapes.) The exceptional visual clarity allows you to capture the wider angle without any image distortion. If you want to bring things closer in, simply screw off the wider lens and use the macro to take pictures as close as 1.18 inches from your subject. Both lenses offer stunning, professional-style HD technology that reduces lens glare and minimizes reflection. It comes with a durable clamp that has a soft rubber clip to protect your phone, and it's compatible with iPhones, Samsungs, iPads, and most other standard devices.

This High-Grade Telephoto Lens That Captures Stunning Images From Long Distances

Never again will you spot a glimpse of wildlife in the distance but miss the shot because you're too far away. This incredible telephoto lens phone attachment brings you a whopping 20 times closer to your subject, allowing you to hone in on every little detail without having to be in close proximity yourself. The high-quality mega telescope is constructed with premium optical glass and is multi-coated to bolster light transmittance, which captures pristine images that practically look like they came out of a studio. The lens attaches via a separate clip that you place on your phone before screwing the long lens into the fixed ring. The whole setup has a chic bronze coating that gives it a sexy vintage look and, as a bonus, it comes with a little tripod for extra stability.

This 10-In-1 Lens Kit Provides That Includes Literally Everything You'd Ever Need

If you're that person who's constantly taking selfies and snapchatting everything from vacation sunsets to groups party shots, you'll love this comprehensive 10-in-1 lens kit. There is an attachment or filter for pretty much anything you could imagine: a fisheye lens that creates awesomely distorted band-cover style shots or extreme sports action images; a macro lens that brings new meaning to the word "detail" with extreme close-up capabilities. There's also a cool kaleidoscope lens that creates surreal overlap and gives images a majestic feel, as well as a high-quality telephoto lens that brings you two times closer to your subject without moving an inch. On top of all that, the kit comes with a "flow" filter to create dynamic effects from static images; a "star" filter to give dramatic flare to bright night scenes; and a "radial" filter to capture radial visual effects. All of these fit perfectly into a sturdy carrying case and are compatible with iPhone 7 and 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7, and iPad. One note: the lenses can't be used with dual lens phones, such as the iPhone 7/8 plus.

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