The 3 Best Phone Sanitizers

We touch our phones so often that, if not properly cleaned, they quickly turn into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In fact, Time reported that scientists at the University of Arizona found that the average individual's smartphone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. So, if you want to keep germs off your cell phone, using the best phone sanitizers on a regular basis is a must!

There are different methods of sanitizing your phone. Phone sanitizing devices exist for serious cleaning. They use UV light to destroy germs and bacteria — all you have to do is place your phone inside and press a button to start the sanitizing process. (It usually takes around five minutes to clean a phone.) Note: Some sanitizing devices also clean other objects like keys and credit cards.

You can find phone sanitizers in other forms like wipes and microfiber cleaning stickers, too. These budget-friendly alternatives are easy to use anywhere, as there's no need to charge them or plug them into an outlet like you would with the UV-light devices mentioned above.

Of course, the method you choose is entirely up to you. They all help to eliminate germs. For some great suggestions, check out my roundup of the best phone sanitizers, below.

1. Best Phone Sanitizer

Noteworthy hype: 4.5-star rating and more than 600 reviews on Amazon

Why it's worth it: Featured on Discovery Channel and ABC's Shark Tank, the PhoneSoap3's patented design has a UV transparent plate and germicidal UVC lights that work together to kill up to 99.99 percent of bacteria. The device fits most phones — including larger phones like the iPhone 8 Plus — and comes with USB and USB-C charging ports so you can use it to charge your phone as it sanitizes. Plus, the large case size gives you the freedom to disinfect other items like your keys.

Reviewer proof it works: "Bought this along with a set of agar plates to test it for ourselves. We swabbed my daughter's and husband's phones before and after use. It does work. We are very happy with the product."

2. Best Phone-Cleaning Wipes

Noteworthy hype: 4.5-star rating and more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon

Why they're worth it: For those who prefer traditional wipes, iCloth's small screen-cleaning wipes are perfect for getting the job done. With a 75 percent water-based formula, they easily wipe away grime and kill germs. The pre-moistened microfiber cloths have just the right amount of product on them to avoid unsightly streaks on your screen. And because each package comes with 100 individually-wrapped wipes, they're beyond easy to stash away for on the go use.

Reviewer proof they work: "I tried these, then tried another brand, then came back to these. I love them. First, they do the job really well, removing all the dirt while leaving no smudges or smears. Second, they don't damage anything. Third, they're made in the USA, which I really appreciate."

3. Best Roll-On Screen Cleaner

Noteworthy hype: Four-star rating and nearly 900 reviews on Amazon

Why it's worth it: Created by a retired plastic surgeon, iRoller's screen cleaner rolls across your smartphone’s screen to remove fingerprints, smudges, and germs. Unlike wipes that have to be replaced, this 3.5-inch gadget is reusable. All you have to do is give it a quick rinse with soap and water every so often.

Reviewer proof it works: "I was skeptical but this item works. The only complaint is that you MUST make sure the item is completely closed when not in use or it opens back up and picks up all the dirt it comes in contact with."

4. Best Microfiber Cleaning Sticker That Adheres To Devices

Noteworthy hype: Four-star rating and nearly 200 reviews on Amazon

Why it's worth it: Another easy-to-use and inexpensive phone sanitizer is this six-pack of microfiber stickers. These tiny microfiber stickers attach to your device with an antimicrobial silicone gel adhesive. Just hold the sticky side to wipe your phone clean, then re-attach it. Each sticker will last for multiple uses, and this multipack includes various sizes ranging from small to large.

Reviewer proof it works: "These little screen cleaners are wonderful. They are small and stick right to my Otter Box cover. I was so tired of having constant fingerprints on my phone.They do not interfere with my wireless charging, because I can just move it to the bottom of the case."

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