These Are The Best Portable Dishwashers You Can Buy


If you don't have a built-in dishwasher in your home, you're probably all too familiar with the chore of washing every dish and pot by hand. And unfortunately, when you opt for an alternative — like using paper plates — it can seem wasteful. That's why investing in a portable option is a great idea. Although they're smaller than full-sized dishwashers and sometimes nearly as expensive, the best portable dishwashers are an excellent solution as they don't require any alterations to your kitchen's plumbing or your cabinets.

Here's how they work: Most portable dishwashers come with two hose attachments: one to connect to your kitchen faucet, bringing fresh water in to clean, and the other to dump the dirty water back out the sink to drain it. While this setup is relatively easy to install, if you want to avoid having to use your kitchen faucet as a water source, you could also look for a model that has an internal water tank (think of it as a Keurig coffee maker but for dishes). These offer the most convenience but are often louder and more costly than other countertop styles.

Beyond water source, the next thing to keep in mind is the machine's capacity. For those who don't go through a ton of dishes in a day, a countertop machine that can hold up to six place settings at once may be all you need. For more prolific dish use, consider a freestanding unit on wheels. They require some floor space, but they offer more features and more ways to configure your dinnerware.

Keep scrolling to find out which one of the best portable dishwashers will meet your needs. They're all available on Amazon and will give your hands a well deserved break.

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The Overall Best Portable Dishwasher

  • Capacity: 6 place settings

With a 6-place setting capacity, this Energy Star-rated EdgeStar countertop dishwasher offers a ton of a value for its affordable price, especially when you consider its size and many features. It makes the most of its washing space with a utensil basket and a rack above the dishes just for cups. It also boasts a programmable digital control panel with seven different wash cycles and comes with a quick connect adaptor that makes hooking the washer up to a kitchen faucet simple. Plus, it's relatively quiet, clocking in at 52.3 decibels, and has an attractive stainless steel interior and either a black or silver exterior finish.

The only potential downside to consider with this dishwasher is that it's not compatible with detergent pods. But with a price that's far less expensive that many competitors, this portable dishwasher is still an incredible value.

Helpful review: “It does a better job on the dishes on a light 45 minute setting than any of our previous full size washers ever did on a heavy setting! It can be a little challenging to load being as compact as it is but once you figure it out it's not a problem. It works great for just the two of us and the shortest setting gets all but the very worst stuff off.”


The Most Versatile: A Unit With An Internal Tank That's Also Faucet Compatible

  • Capacity: 2 place settings

Unlike other portable dishwashers that require you to connect it to a kitchen faucet, this countertop model gives you the option of either connecting it to a faucet or using the refillable built-in, 5-liter water tank. This means you can be more flexible with where you place it in your kitchen (although keep in mind that the drain hose with dirty water still needs somewhere to be emptied). The Energy Star-rated dishwasher is compact and designed to hold two place settings, but one Amazon user reported fitting four plates and 3 cups with room for saucers, adding that the capacity "really depends on the [size of your] plates and cups." There's a pull-out rack, a utensil rack, and a see-through window in case you want to watch all of the dishwashing action take place.

Five wash settings, including special settings for glass, baby bottles, and washing fruit, are also possible with this portable dishwasher via the control panel. Although it's a little more expensive than the previous pick, the sleek-looking design and option to skip the faucet hookup might make it an appealing option. Note: This pick includes a hose in case you want to hook it up to your facet, but you may need to purchase a separate adapter to get it to fit properly.

Helpful review: “It washes and dries the dishes as well as a full size dishwasher which is nice. Run time for normal wash does take approximately 2 hours but you can just set it and leave it so it's not really a problem. It is on the other side of the wall where I sleep. The noise level is about the same as a gentle fan so that's reasonable. Sprayers are on the top above dishes as well as below so you don't need to worry about putting a bowl and blocking the water. No leaks!”


The Largest Capacity

  • Capacity: 8 place settings

Although it's the most expensive option on this list, this freestanding Energy Star-rated SPT portable dishwasher is also the largest with enough space inside of it to fit eight table settings worth of dishes. It also easily connects to a standard kitchen faucet and boasts features like a stainless steel interior, a utensil basket, and both top and lower racks. Its control panel gives you the option of six different wash cycles (heavy, normal, eco, glass, 90 minute, and rapid) as well as a time delay setting and a refill warning. Another feature to like about this dishwasher is how relatively quiet it is; it has a noise level of just 52 decibels. Plus, even though it's nearly full-sized, there are wheels on the bottom to help make it easier to move around.

Helpful review: “So far so good! Easy to set up! Cleaned dishes to spotless finish. I was able to use dishwasher pods with no issues. On my second load and I’m thrilled to have this great machine.”