3 Tiny K-Cup Coffee Makers That Are Perfect For Coffee Lovers With Limited Space

by Kim Quindlen

No one should underestimate the power of a morning coffee ritual. And for those living with limited space, the smallest Keurig and K-Cup coffee makers boast a space-saving way to brew a cup of quality joe.

A K-Cup coffee maker is a single-cup, pod-based brewing system that works using pressurized hot water. And though Keurig is the originator of the K-Cup itself, there are other compatible — and equally small — machines out there with all the functionality you're looking.

You obviously want your machine to work with a variety of K-Cups, especially ones featuring your preferred blend, roast level, and brand (Starbucks fiends, I'm looking at you) of the more than 500 on the market. What's more, make sure the machine you choose is simple to clean — small machine, small messes, right? — with a compact exterior. Seriously, K-Cup makers don't have to feature bulky hardware or take up loads of space. There are even portable ones for on the go brewing that... actually work.

Now that you know what to look for in the smallest Keurigs and single cup coffee makers, you can explore the best options, below. I've compiled a list with everything from Keurig's own tiniest machine to a surprisingly affordable (and transportable) manual gadget. Read on to pick your new favorite way to start the day.


The Smallest Keurig (& The Best Compact K-Cup Coffee Maker)

The K15 (K-Mini) is a mere 7.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches deep, and 11 inches high, and only weighs a pound — making it Keurig's smallest coffee maker. It brews varying sizes from 6 ounces to 10 ounces and uses a single-cup water reservoir that empties after each use. Design-wise, it's perfect for a hectic lifestyle with a drip try capable of holding a full cup's worth of of liquid and an energy-saving automatic shut-off feature. It's available in seven different colors — including jade, black, and platinum — on Amazon, to boot. "I had a larger Keurig before buying this one," wrote one reviewer. "I like this one much better. It takes up much less space on the counter and I actually like that water doesn't sit in it all the time."


A Budget-Friendly K-Cup Coffee Maker

If you can't afford the Keurig model, this single-cup coffee maker from CHULUX is a slightly more affordable alternative option. Featuring one-touch operation that makes coffee in just three to five minutes, it's a fast machine that comes with a one-year warranty and won't dent your wallet. Like the K15, this machine comes in multiple colors — five total including the pictured red — and has the potential to really liven up a tight space. Both its drip tray and water reservoir are removable for easy cleaning, and don't worry, according to reviewers who confirmed it worked with any brand they used, it's compatible lots of K-Cups. A happy reviewer raved, "What a bright, perky coffee maker. Love the color and design. What makes this different from the zillions of other one cup units is that the coffee comes out piping hot."


A Portable Coffee Maker That Brews K-Cups & Doesn't Need To Be Plugged In

For the absolute smallest K-cup maker, and the one that is especially great for coffee lovers on the go, this BPA-free portable coffee maker will be a game-changer. Requiring zero electricity, the plug-free machine uses a built-in filter to brew fresh, slow drip coffee anywhere — from campgrounds to fancy hotels — in just five minutes. It works with all kinds of pods, including refillable and disposable K-Cups, and requires just a rinse and an air dry to clean. One Amazon reviewer called it "perfect for anyone using K-Cups." They wrote, "Great money saver! I also like the idea of using my favorite coffee."

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