Clean Your Car (& Deck!) In Record Time With These Super Powerful Pressure Washers

by Tiana Crump

Much more powerful than a garden hose, a pressure washer can get your car sparkling clean in as little as 10 minutes — and you won't have to spend money over and over at the car wash. Pressure washer power is measured by pounds per square inch (PSI). Too little and it won't work quickly, but too much can damage your car's finish. That's why the best pressure washers for cars offer a PSI rating of between 1200 and 1900. Beyond that, the main thing you'll have to decide is whether you want an electric- or gas-powered washer:

  • Electric pressure washers are more affordable and popular with car owners because they're low maintenance. However, they're typically not as powerful as gas washers. The right one will still do a fantastic job of cleaning your car, but may not be as thorough when it comes to cleaning decks, driveways, and other things if you want your unit to multitask. You'll also need to have an outlet nearby, but some options offer a range as far as 60 feet between the cord and the hose, so you still get decent mobility.
  • Gas pressure washers aren't tied to an outlet, so you get greater mobility. They're also more powerful than electric washers, making them a good choice if you're also looking to deep clean house exteriors, and larger driveways and decks. However, they're expensive and require fuel — which means more upkeep.

To help you narrow down your options, here are my picks for best pressure washers for cars that will easily remove dirt, bird droppings, and more from your ride while keeping the finish pristine.

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The Best Electric Pressure Washer For Cars

  • PSI Range: 1450 PSI to 2030 PSI

This electric pressure washer with an adjustable PSI range will blast away dirt and smudges to make cars, trucks, RVs, and boats sparkle. It comes with five spray tips: one for soap and four more that let you customize the spray power, so you can safely and thoroughly clean. The back wheels, 35-foot power cord, 20-foot hose, and 34-inch extension wand give you plenty of mobility, and the dual detergent tank lets you conveniently store two different types of cleaning detergent at the same time.

A reviewer wrote: “I'm in love with this thing. From grime on driveways to crud on cars to dirt on dirt bikes this thing handles it all. Oh yeah its quiet too, about half the noise of a gas lawn mower.”


The Best Gas Pressure Washer For Cars

  • PSI Range: Up to 2900 PSI

It's significantly more expensive, but if you don't want to be tied to an outlet or are looking for an option with lots of power for other jobs, this gas pressure washer is a good choice. The washer comes with four tips and there's a built-in detergent tank (just one), and wheels for mobility.

The PSI is adjustable via a dial so just be sure to keep it on the lower half to avoid damaging finishes. Just remember: You'll need to keep this power washer fueled up with unleaded gas.

A reviewer wrote: “I just tried the soaper part of it to wash my cars and it made the job very easy. Just add car wash to the tank, switch the dial on the handle and it delivers a nice spray of wash on the car. I used a mitt to wash the car then switched the dial to rinse. Finished up with a soft drying towel and the car looked great.”


The Best Budget Pressure Washer For Cars

  • PSI Range: 1500 PSI

While it's not as powerful as the two others on this list, this affordable electric pressure washer still gets the job done. It doesn't offer a wide, customizable PSI range, but you can still adjust it a little via which of the two spray nozzles is used. It comes with a soap applicator attachment, and the compact washer is outfitted with a 20-foot hose and 35-foot power cord, giving you good maneuverability, but there are no wheels, which means you have to pick up the 16-pound unit and carry it. The washer can be used both vertically and horizontally.

A reviewer wrote: “This is the perfect sized pressure washer for detailing cars. Works great with a foam cannon. I purchased an upgraded, longer 50 ft hose and have been absolutely loving this little washer. The size is perfect, easy to store and move around. It came with a soap dispenser.”


Also Great: A Car Soap That's Safe For Waxes & Sealants

To avoid a foamy mess and car damage, consider picking up a cleaning solution like this biodegradable pressure washer soap for cars that offers deep-cleaning power but is safe to use on wax and sealants. It is specially designed to be used with pressure washers, but you can also apply it with a brush, rag, or mop.

It's available in three scents that smell so good, you might want to wash your car every weekend: coconut, pineapple, and orange and vanilla. With a 4.5-star rating after more than 200 reviews, it's fan approved.

A reviewer wrote: “We LOVE this stuff!!! We live in a New Orleans suburb and have to deal with moldy black film on the house and cars. [...] It worked! It cleaned both cars beautifully to our surprise."