If You Have A Keurig, You Need These Reusable K-Cups In Your Life

by Macy Daniela Martin
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When you want to mix up your coffee routine, the best reusable K-Cups give you the flexibility to use your own grounds like you would in a standard drip machine. Flavor versatility aside, these mesh cups, which often work with multiple Keurig models, are also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Greenpeace USA campaign director John Hocevar told USA Today that "coffee pods are one of the best examples of unnecessary single-use plastics that are polluting our planet." However, with reusable K-Cups, the single-use factor is practically eliminated. Keurig, you're probably aware, has their own reusable My K-Cup, but other options do exist in a similar price range — and they're worth considering. Depending on your needs and your Keurig model, you might prefer a value pack over a single unit (or maybe even an all-stainless-steel filter).

Below, find a breakdown of the best replacements for single-use K-Cups. They'll bring your go-to coffee beans to life within Keurig's signature quick brewing time, plus they're a breeze to clean after each use. Read on to shop them all, then — if you're ready for a new machine altogether — check out the smallest K-Cup coffee makers for any counter size.


Best Reusable K-Cup

Keurig's My K-Cup works with all their coffee makers, so if you're loyal to the brand, it's a solid upgrade to single-use cups. It has two fill lines — one short one for coffee cups and a taller one for travel mugs — and boasts a durable design that'll last. Like the previous version of the My K-Cup, its filter basket has a removable BPA-free shell as well as a lockable lid to keep unwanted messes at bay. Plus, it's dishwasher safe and boasts a four-star rating on Amazon.

What fans say: "Works great. I have seen other reviews that say this makes a weak watered down coffee but I didn't experience this issue. Our Keurig paired with this filter works amazing."


Best Value Pack

For the best value, this four-pack of reusable K-Cups from iPartsPlusMore, which has nearly 3,000 Amazon reviews, is perfect. These cups are made with BPA-free purple-colored plastic and feature a gold-plated filter that, according to the manufacturer, will bring out the oils in your coffee. Fancy, huh? Like their counterparts, they're compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models and are easy to clean in the dishwasher. Bonus: They're also available in a six-pack for a slightly higher price.

What fans say: "This is the first such reusable Keurig cup that I have used (have tried three other kinds) that does not allow sediment to pass through. It's like using a paper filter."


Best Stainless Steel K-Cup

This 2.3-inch stainless steel reusable K-Cup from OKcafe is compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models. Its clog-proof design happens to be the most expensive option on this list, but if you're after an all-metal model, it's worth the extra cost. Like some of its counterparts, it's dishwasher safe and available in multipacks for a slightly higher price. Even better, it's backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What fans say: "It works but brew time is SLOWER due to the design. I'm not sorry I bought it, but a mesh basket is far superior."


You Might Also Need: Filters

These four-star disposable filters for reusable K-Cups make cleanup even easier. However, they do create some paper waste that you otherwise wouldn't have. Just like all the filters listed here, they work with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 models, offering cleaner brew as loose grounds are less likely to escape. They're available in packs of 300 and 600, so they're great for avid coffee drinkers and casual fans alike.

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