For Custom Essential Oil Blends, These Are The Best Roller Bottles On Amazon

Essential oil roller bottle with lime slices, lime leaves on a concrete bench

Anyone who loves making custom essential oil blends or dilutions knows that storage is key. The best roller bottles for essential oils will protect your oils in an on-the-go size for easy use and sharing.

The first thing to look for in a roller bottle is the quality of the material. Essential oils are sensitive to heat and light, so a dark-color glass bottle is best to protect oils from breaking down. For that reason, most roller bottles you'll come across are amber or cobalt, the former being the best to protect against UV rays. Color aside, glass is the way to go; essential oils stored in plastic can corrode the container, so you'll want to avoid plastic bottles entirely. Some bottles will also have the added benefit of anti-shock glass, which can save your oil blend if the bottle slips onto the floor.

The most common size for roller bottles is 10 milliliters, but essential oils are also sensitive to air, and regular exposure to oxygen affects the quality of oil. If you plan on using the oil only sparingly, a smaller bottle, like a 5-milliliter size, may be preferable since it will minimize the amount of air the oil comes in contact with over time. Plus, a smaller size bottle may be best for experimenting with new blends or sharing samples.

Of course, essential oils only work if you have them when you need them. With that in mind, a travel case specifically made for essential oil roller bottles lets you always have your oils at hand, and will also further protect your bottled oils from light and breakage.

Keep scrolling for the best roller bottles for essential oils, as well as a compact case for them. All come highly rated on Amazon and under $20.


The Best 10-Milliliter Roller Bottles

With a 4.4-star rating and more than 800 customer reviews, this set of 10-milliliter essential oil roller bottles is beloved for its leakproof dual cap design. Each amber glass bottle (12 in all) is made with thick, anti-shock glass that's resistant to corrosion and protects against UV rays. The set's stainless steel roll balls are also corrosion-resistant. The kit also come with a few convenient accessories: two funnels, a roller bottle opener for easy filling, 24 stickers for labeling, and three extra roll balls.

Fans say: “I've had these for several months now and have used many different essential oils in these glass roller bottles. They have been easy to fill, and I love [that] everything is included (funnel, labels, roller, etc). The way they were packaged insured that they would not easily break (being glass). I would definitely recommend these!”


The Best 5-Milliliter Roller Bottles

For smaller blends or dilutions, this set of 5-milliliter essential oil roller bottles protects oils with amber glass in a size that helps reduce oxygen exposure as well. The bottles are made of anti-shock glass that is resistant to corrosion, and so are the stainless steel roll balls. A tight fit of the roll balls and bottle caps protects against leaks. The set comes with two dozen roller bottles and lots of extras: four funnels and two roller bottle openers for easy filling, 96 stickers for labeling the bottles and the caps, and four 1-milliliter droppers.

Fans say: “Love these little bottles. The steel ball really makes a difference. Sometimes I don't want to make a full bottle and this little guy is just the right size. I carry a few of these in my purse with my favorite concoctions...This bottle does not leak and is just perfect.”


The Best Set With Carrier Oil

Once you have your essential oils, this essential oil roller bottle kit has everything else you need. The four 10-milliliter roller bottles are made of amber glass and come with a funnel and roll ball cap opener for mess-free filling. Essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to skin, and this kit makes it really convenient to add coconut oil to a roller bottle. Oraganix provides a 16-ounce bottle of 100% pure fractionated coconut oil, which remains in a liquid state at room temperature for easy blending.

Fans say: “I'd recently tried and liked a popular essential-oil based migraine relief roll-on...figured it'd be a better value to make some more myself! The only ingredient I didn't have was the fractionated coconut oil and I also needed roller bottles, so this set was the perfect solution! While I was able to drop my essential oils directly into the bottles, I'm very glad that this set came with the mini funnel because when I tried adding that in directly, I made a huge mess, lol...definitely use the funnel for the oil! Overall I considered this a great value since it was priced comparably to other products and had everything I needed.”


Also Nice: A Storage Case For Roller Bottles

This Aroma Outfitters essential oil carrying case is specifically made for roller bottles and safeguards bottles from light and breakage. 10 neoprene dividers designed for 10-milliliter roller bottles snugly hold them so they don’t touch each other. Shoppers also wrote in reviews that they stored 5-milliliters roller bottles in this case. The scuff-resistant outer hardshell case, with snug elastic straps, easily fits into a purse or bag, and it comes in four color options for a bit of flair.

Fans say: “This is a fantastic choice for carrying your oils with you! I use it with my roller balls, as we are not home much and I wanted something that was safe and protected in my purse! This fits the bill and more!!! Definitely would order another if necessary!”

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