These Are The Best Rollerblades For Beginners & Seasoned Skaters

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If you’re shopping for inline skates for the first time since you were a kid, there are a few things to keep in mind for finding a good pair. Choosing the right size and hardness of wheels for the kind of skating you prefer will lead you to the best rollerblades for you.

Wheel Size

Consider the size and relative hardness of the wheel (which is measured in a metric known as the durometer) when shopping for a pair of rollerblades. Rollerblade wheel sizes can work better for certain distances. Bigger wheels are better suited to skating longer distances; a wheel measuring 90 to 110 millimeters will allow you to maintain speed without as much effort. Smaller wheels are ideal for shorter distances, offering better maneuverability for stopping and turning around the city; look for a wheel size between 80 and 84 millimeters. Smaller wheels are usually designed for beginners, while more advanced skaters who are comfortable with speed will benefit from larger wheels.

Wheel Hardness

Wheel durometer affects shock absorption, wear, and speed and is measured on a scale 0A to 100. A higher number indicates harder wheels; look for a wheel durometer of 78A to 84A for the best rollerblades for recreational and fitness skating. Harder wheels on rollerblades last longer and allow you to move faster, though they have relatively less grip and shock absorption. On the other hand, softer wheels are better for grip and shock absorption but will wear more quickly and aren’t built for high speed.


The boot on inline skates can be hard or soft; a soft boot or shell on rollerblades can be more comfortable and breathable, while a hard boot offers more stability and control. High cuffs, buckles, and laces can also make your fit feel more secure.

Rollerblades offer a fun way to change up your routine, and below are the best rollerblades to get you moving, whether you're a beginner or seasoned skater.

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The Best Rollerblades For Beginners

These rollerblades for beginners are highly rated and designed for entry-level to intermediate skaters. With 80-millimeter wheels with a hardness rating of 82A, these rollerblades are great for skating leisurely around the city or park. This pair gives decent wear and moderate speed, and as you progress in your skating ability, this pick allows you to upgrade to harder rollerblade wheels for faster skating.

The boot features a soft and breathable mesh upper with a high cuff, buckles, and extra padding for a comfortable and secure fit. Reviewers commented they love the ability to tighten the boot with laces for a custom fit. These rollerblades also have a brake for easy and safe stops.

A helpful review: “[...]I wear them outside a lot on nature trails and the blue hasn't stained or faded in color. They're airy and made out of a comfortable sports material. The wheels are durable and I still haven't replaced mine after moderate use the past 5 months. [...] The adjustments work great and will probably contour to whatever foot/ankle/calf situation you've got going on. Perfect amount of toe splaying space in the front. For beginners, this is also a great set of skates. I'm just now teaching myself to skate backwards and I feel as if I have a great amount of control when I have these on properly. [...]”

  • Available sizes: 6-10


The Best Rollerblades For Experienced Skaters

These are the best rollerblades for experienced skaters, especially those interested in a longer, speedier ride. These inline skates lose a wheel to make room for larger ones; the 110-millimeter wheels with an 85A rating mean you can go faster in this pair. These have a hard shell boot to keep you stable and in control even as you pick up speed.

The liner in these boots is padded for comfort. Keep in mind there are no brakes on these rollerblades, so they're really meant for advanced skaters.

A helpful review: “I love that it comes ready to roll, fast. They are comfy, but the bottom 'spider buckle' is a little difficult to learn the first time. There is a YouTube video though.[...] Handles occasional rough pavement and sporadic gravel very well. You need to learn to plow stop or T-stop (also YouTube). Great ankle support and comfortable for hour-plus rides.”

  • Available sizes: 4-13


The Best On A Budget

These fashionable inline skates stand out from the crowd and are affordable. They're highly rated with over 500 reviews from shoppers who commented they love the value and fit of this pair. The wheels light up, which is especially fun in the evening or at a dark skating rink.

The wheels are 76 to 80 millimeters depending on the chosen adult size, with an 82A rating. The soft boot is cradled by a thicker shell, and inside the boot is a cushioned liner for comfort. Plus, the adjustable skate expands up to four sizes for a custom fit. Choose from purple, white or red and enjoy a pair of skate socks that come with the rollerblades.

A helpful review: “I just ordered these and I Love them! They really bring out the “kid in you.” I’ve been going for rides every morning now, the wheels have a good grip to the road, which makes me feel very safe while riding. I have wide feet, which makes it difficult to order things like this. But these fit like a glove! The socks that come with it provide extra comfort. The added bonus is the light up wheels. Makes evening rides even more fun! 10/10 would recommend these skates!”

  • Available sizes: S-XL


Nice To Have: A Durable Helmet For Safety

Stay safe on the streets and on your new skates with this durable and comfy helmet. The classic commuter helmet features 10 vents to keep your head cool while you work up a sweat, as well as two sets of interchangeable pads to ensure the perfect fit. it has been tested and approved for skating, as well as biking and even skiing, so consider it a versatile helmet for a variety of sports. And it comes in eight shades like classic black and white or vibrant orange and midnight blue.

A helpful review: "I would give this helmet 50 stars if i could. I was riding my bike on side walk. There was a tree limb hanging over side walk. I ducked a bit to avoid the limb and was clotheslined by a power pole support cable. The cable hit me across side of helmet knocking me backwards off bike. I landed on me hip and the back of my head whipped back and hit side walk extremely hard.i walked away without even a concussion. Had a bit of head ache that night and that was all. This helment did its job extremely well. More than satisfied."

  • Available sizes: S-L