The 3 Best Shampoos For Hair Growth & Thickness


A lot of shampoos make big promises when it comes to promoting hair growth but most of them fall short. According to NYC-based master hair colorist Stephanie Brown of IGK Soho, the best shampoos for hair growth and thickness contain chemical ingredients like Minoxidil or Trioxidil, as well as natural ingredients like peppermint oil, caffeine, biotin, hemp oil, amino acids, and vitamins E and B. With consistent use, shampoos with these present in their formulas may help stimulate hair growth and make your hair look thicker.

When shopping for shampoos that aid in hair growth and thickness, some people prefer to avoid shampoos that have sulfates and parabens. While these two chemical preservatives are commonly used in many shampoos and conditioners, they can also cause your scalp and hair to be more dry and irritated. Thankfully, many of the picks below steer clear of these additives.

One thing to note: Since a shampoo alone is not enough to make your hair grow, Brown also stresses the importance of a good diet. Eating foods like eggs, berries, and spinach, or taking supplements or vitamins to help hair growth can assist with maintaining strong, healthy hair.

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