These Smart Plugs Are *So* Convenient — & They'll Even Save You Money On Electricity

by Tiana Crump

No home is truly high tech without having the best smart plug system in place. They transform the way you live and interact with all your everyday appliances and gadgets, and investing in them is a smart — get it? — choice that can save you lots of time and money on your electricity bills. Also, it's pretty cool to be able to turn off your bedroom lights or shut off your Crock-Pot while you're away.

There are all kinds of different smart plugs out there. Some plugs feature voice control, while others give you remote access via your smartphone. There are also devices that will work better with specific smart plugs and vice versa. So, when you're shopping for the right smart plug (or plugs) for your home, make sure you pick one that's compatible with your existing technology. For example, if your home features a Nest Thermostat and you want to save energy by adjusting it remotely, you'll need a smart plug that's Nest compatible.

And if you plan on using your plugs when you're away from home, one with advanced scheduling features and remote options is a must. Most plugs actually offer an "Away" mode that'll automatically switch your lights on and off at set times, making it appear as if someone is home and effectively warding off burglars.

Here, shop my list of the best smart plugs available on Amazon. Hint: They'll complement the best smart light bulbs, too.


The Overall Best Smart Plug For Your Home Considering Compatibility, Features, & Price

With the Wemo Insight Smart Plus, you can instantly power your smart devices with a quick click or voice command — and so much more.

Why it's great: Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Nest, this one's Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you won't need to connect to an obtrusive hub or paid subscription like other plug options might require. Just pull it out of the box, download the Wemo app, and immediately start programming your desired settings. It has the aforementioned "Away" feature for peace of mind, plus it'll send detailed energy usage reports directly to your phone for convenient tracking.


Also Great: A Plug That's Made For Apple HomeKit Users

For Apple HomeKit users, the compact, hub-less iDevices Switch is a great smart plug option, as it's compatible with Siri voice control and works well with most Apple devices.

Why it's great: After a breezy setup process — just plug the Switch into your desired outlet, download the free iDevices App, and scan your unique code — you'll be able to control all your smart devices. You can either schedule multiple devices under one command for auto-pilot-like functionality or set up special ones for certain appliances. Plus, with its all-day energy monitoring features, you can keep tabs on your household's usage to eventually help reduce your bill, too.


The Best Outdoor Smart Plug

If you're looking for the best outdoor smart plug, then the iHome iSP100 — which features maximum device compatibility and a durable design — is for you.

Why it's great: This sleek outdoor plug works with just about every smart home system available including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nest, and more. (It even works with the SmartThings platform if you purchase the additional SmartThings hub to connect it.) Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you manage any appliance using 1,800 watts of energy or less, you can use the durable, water-resistant plug to control everything from your patio lights to your portable fans and outdoor sound systems. Bonus: It also comes with a 6-inch power cord that's safe to use with any GFI outlets.

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