If You Love Soup, You Need One Of These Insulated Thermoses In Your Life


Regardless of the temperature outside I love sipping on a big bowl of soup. And when I'm on the go, I love doing so right out of a thermos, because to me, soup is one of those food items you need to enjoy piping hot. That's why finding the best thermos for soup is a definite priority. Lukewarm tomato basil just doesn't do the trick for dipping my grilled cheese!

The best thermoses for soup — regardless of aesthetics — have a few basic things.

  1. They're stainless steel for maximum heat retention.
  2. They're insulated.
  3. They don't leak.
  4. They're easy to clean.

Of course, what size thermos you choose is up to you, but there are additional features to consider that vary by brand. Some thermoses, for example, have built-in cups, while others come with bonus accessories like foldable spoons. There are also options with wide-mouth lids and handles for easy opening and transport.

Whether you’re looking for a basic thermos or one loaded with features, here's a list of my top three picks ranked by consumer reviews, heat retention, and overall specs. Can't get enough of thermoses? Check out the best thermos for coffee or the best vacuum flasks, too.


The Overall Best Thermos For Soup Considering Price & Specs

If you're looking for a premium soup thermos that'll keep your meals extra hot, you won't regret investing in this versatile, highly-rated one from Zojirushi. Its price isn't too shabby, and the best part? It comes in multiple color options, too.

Soup-worthy specs: a stainless steal body, double-walled insulation (for heat retention), a wide gap on the inside of the sealed lid (for easy cleaning), and three different sizes (all the way up to 25 ounces)

What fans say: "With hot soups, we often have to blow on the spoons they are still so hot after 4-5 hours. My husband takes these to work now every day for his 12 hour shift and even his meal around the 9th hour is hot. No more microwaving! The quality is TOP NOTCH."


Runner Up: A Highly-Rated Thermos That Comes With A Cup & Spoon

Now, should you want an all-in-one kind of thermos, look out for a product with multifunctional features like the Stainless King from Thermos. It's in a similar price range and is perfect if you like to enjoy your soup on the go.

Soup-worthy specs: a stainless steel body that comes apart into five pieces for cleaning, double-walled insulation, a tight lid that doubles as a serving cup (!), and an included foldable spoon

What fans say: "I put hot soup into this thermos at 8:45 AM today, and I ate it at 4:50 PM and it was still so hot I had to blow on it to eat it. Not only does it work extremely well, but it is beautifully designed... absolutely a perfect product."


Also Great: A Thermos With An Easy-Grip Handle & Lots Of Color Options

Need a handle? This Simple Modern food jar has that and so much more — including a whopping 20 different color options. It's the cheapest option on this list, but its features won't disappoint.

Soup-worthy specs: a wide plastic handle (for easy transport and opening), double-walled insulation, a stainless steel exterior, a copper-dipped interior (for maximum heat retention), and two sizes (a 12-ounce option and a 16-ounce option)

What fans say: "Works great. I let boiling hot water sit in it for a few minutes before putting in soup. I read on other reviews that it helps to keep stuff hot longer. I also heat the soup up to extreme heat and 5 hours later, the soup is still pretty hot. Great value."

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