No, You Shouldn't Wipe Your TV Down With Anything But These Gentle Screen Cleaners


Most TVs with LCD displays and touch screens are sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals and abrasive cloths. These everyday products can actually damage and/or scratch their delicate surfaces. Luckily, the best TV screen cleaners get the job done without issue.

When it comes to screens, there are a few different cleaning options to consider: wipes, scratch-proof microfiber cloths, and kits that come with a microfiber cloth and a screen-safe solution. No matter which route you choose, it's a good idea to avoid ingredients that might damage your screen's coating including ammonia, acetone, and ethyl alcohol.

Cleaning your TV is a quick and easy chore, but it yields the best results when done properly. First, you always want to turn it off prior to going in with your chosen cleaning product. If you want to use a spray (one without any of the aforementioned ingredients), avoid spraying any kind of solution directly onto your TV. Simply spritz a little on your microfiber cloth beforehand, then wipe like you normally would. Not only does that technique protect your device, but it also helps prevent unwanted streaks.

Below, find a quick list of the best TV screen cleaners that'll keep your screen free of dust, fingerprints, and streaks.


Best TV Screen Cleaner Kit

Why it's great: The Screen Mom screen cleaning kit is a safe, cost-effective, and chemical-free cleaner that'll work for any TV screen. The solution itself is odorless and made without alcohol. Each bottle contains 1,500 sprays, so it's bound to last awhile. Because it's a kit, you also get an extra-large microfiber cloth that requires just a few sprays of solution to wipe a screen clean.

What fans say: "I never thought that I would find a product that would bring my beloved Samsung TVs back to their original luster. I have tried multiple cleaners, but they all left annoying streak marks that really made things worse than better."


Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths For TVs

Why they're great: MagicFiber's microfiber cleaning cloths are another great way to clean TV screens — and you don't even need to pair them with any sprays achieve a streak-free shine. Each oil- and dirt-absorbing cloth measures 6 inches by 7 inches, and for the price, you get six total (five black ones and one gray one). However, if six cloths seems like too much, they do come in two-packs. Thirty-packs are also available if have lots of screens to clean.

What fans say: "This plus distilled water will clean your TV without damaging any coating. Try these first before using any type of cleaner. Worked great on my Samsung KU8000 which are notorious for people damaging the finish on while cleaning them."


Best TV-Safe Wipes

Why they're great: These disposable Windex electronic wipes are a quick and easy option if you want some gentle cleaning solution but don't want to deal with sprays and cloths. Unlike traditional Windex, they're formulated without ammonia and phosphates (two ingredients that can harm screen coatings). They come in a resealable pack of 25 and, according to the manufacturer, won't leave any residue behind.

What fans say: "These work very good for our soft TV screens! No streaks! The first time I used these it took awhile to get the screens clean and many wipes but I attribute that to the screens being very dirty and/or having residue from other cleaners, but now I just use one for each TV to maintain. A little bit of lint leftover but a quick wipe with a duster takes that off."

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