The 3 Best Wireless Earbuds For Running


Working on your fitness is easy when you have the best wireless earbuds for running. When choosing the best buds for your go-to workout, you'll obviously want superior sound, wireless capabilities (no annoying cords, please!), and a fit that won't annoy you as you hit your stride. And don't worry, these earbuds exist.

The Best Wireless Earbuds: What To Look For

  • A customizable fit. Multiple ear tip sizes will ensure you get the best fit. Ideally, your earbuds should feel snug and secure in your ears.
  • A resistance to water and sweat. This is particularly important if you plan on running outdoors. You'll want earbuds that are weather- and sweat-proof (i.e. with at least an IPX 4 rating).
  • A quality sound system. Noise-reduction and Bluetooth connectivity are superior features that'll boost sound quality and eliminate distractions.
  • Optional (but awesome): A personalized coaching feature. Some earbuds have personalized features like heart monitoring and distance tracking — and some will even connect straight to your favorite fitness apps.

Ready to shop the best of the best? Read on for a look at my picks, which are all conveniently sold on Amazon. They range in price, and trust me, there's a pair of the best wireless earbuds for running for you here.