Calling All Runners: These Are The Best Wireless Earbuds On Amazon


Working on your fitness is easy when you have the best wireless earbuds for running. When choosing the best buds for your go-to workout, you'll obviously want superior sound, wireless capabilities (no annoying cords, please!), and a fit that won't annoy you as you hit your stride. And don't worry, these earbuds exist.

The Best Wireless Earbuds: What To Look For

  • A customizable fit. Multiple ear tip sizes will ensure you get the best fit. Ideally, your earbuds should feel snug and secure in your ears.
  • A resistance to water and sweat. This is particularly important if you plan on running outdoors. You'll want earbuds that are weather- and sweat-proof (i.e. with at least an IPX 4 rating).
  • A quality sound system. Noise-reduction and Bluetooth connectivity are superior features that'll boost sound quality and eliminate distractions.
  • Optional (but awesome): A personalized coaching feature. Some earbuds have personalized features like heart monitoring and distance tracking — and some will even connect straight to your favorite fitness apps.

Ready to shop the best of the best? Read on for a look at my picks, which are all conveniently sold on Amazon. They range in price, and trust me, there's a pair of the best wireless earbuds for running for you here.


The Overall Best Earbuds For Running, All Things Considered

When it comes to sound, Bose's SoundSport earbuds bring the bass — literally. They're designed with advanced audio technology that's fully controllable via the Bose app. Compatible with most iPhones and Bluetooth-enabled devices, these earbuds have everything a runner could need, from a "find my buds" feature to a water-resistant shell with an IPX 4 rating. Plus, to ensure maximum comfort and a secure fit, they even come with three different kinds of ear tips. The best part? Charging them is super easy, thanks to their included magnetic charging case.

What fans say: "From the standpoint of a person who uses these almost exclusively for running, they are perfect. I've owned a long string of running earbuds, and the sound quality of this pair far exceeds anything else I've tried. They're also much more comfortable."


Also Great: Budget-Friendly Earbuds That Get The Job Done

If you're after a cheaper option, the WOWOGO Bluetooth wireless earbuds are a solid pick. With a similar aesthetic to the Bose buds, above, these in-ear earbuds feature similar audio specs including noise cancellation for clear sound and built-in mics. What's great is you can use them in a variety of ways. Choose to pair them together, or opt to only connect one of them. Like the others on this list, their included case functions as a charger with a 450 mAh (milli-Ampere per hour) battery.

What fans say: Some Amazon reviewers noted that too much sweat could affect the lifespan of these earbuds, but given their price point, that might not be a total dealbreaker.


The Best Earbuds For Race Runners With A Wraparound Design

For outdoor or long-haul runs, the Aftershokz Trekz Air earbuds are ideal. Unlike other buds, they have a wraparound design so your ears are completely free to hear your surroundings. And if you're a marathon runner, in some countries, like England, these headphones are considered to be the only race-legal pair you can wear — though it's not always legal to wear headphones during races, so be sure to double check. Boasting up to six hours of playtime, these sweat-proof headphones are Bluetooth enabled and compatible with both iOS and Smart Android devices.

What fans say: "The Aftershokz sound great and I can runwith them without touching them and after a few minutes you don't even know they are there. They haven't skipped a beat and the battery lasts forever. I don't understand how they can sound so good but they do."

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